The Twilight Saga

some of my friends hate when i mention anything about twilight it's like then don't join the discussion i'm having

p.s. thanks everyone for all your responses (when will our friends ever learn?)

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yes yes yes and yes like everyone i talked to about like sometimes yells at me cause i talked about it and i talked about it in a good way not a bad
Yes D: None of my friends like it and one of my friends were talking in class about it...It took all I had not to start yelling at her x3
yeh my friends are sick to death of me loving twilight they tell me to shut up. but its normal i think

BFF...... l She HATES TWILIGHT shock ain't!!!  So since Breaking Dawn is coming out i've been talking to ppl who likes twilight... but she don't want to even give it a chance... so after i forced her to watch the 1st Twilight movie i asked her what person you like most Edward or Jacob... she said i like Seth and Alice they would make a perfect couple... and why did Edward have glitter on in the sun... the glitter is far from my mind when i watch a vampire movie... and why why why why.... i was happy she had question... even tho she was talking about Edward and stuff... at least she gave it a chance...      

Yes, my friends hate it when I annoy them with twilight. But, now my friend is obsessed with it since I turned her into a Twihard

my friends get soooo anoyed when i go all twilight on them! they make it obvious they want to change the subject! (which i dont!)

yeah. i get that too. i know my friends are haters of twilight, and whenever they make fun of it i just laugh and smile along, pretending to be a good sport and all that. it really sucks to know that you're the only twihard in a circle of friends who are hunger games fans. i don't open the subject of twilight because i will only get the responses "gay" or "i don't know what sucks more, bieber or twilight." and of course i know people who are twihards, but we're not THAT close to start a conversation *socially awkward* 

Yes my friends had to beg me to stop reading it and stop talking about it... they said I'm pretty addicted ... I went though withdraws after I fineness breaking dawn! But I got over it sort of.:)

really? you got over it that easily? nice. i couldn't get over twilight, no matter how much i want too. hihihihihi

lol I have two besties and I forced one of them to read twilight so he would know what I talk about

the other one just gets annoyed and wont learn


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