The Twilight Saga

some of my friends hate when i mention anything about twilight it's like then don't join the discussion i'm having

p.s. thanks everyone for all your responses (when will our friends ever learn?)

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Yes they are very annoyed rotfl
my two closest friend are also really into the series (although not as much as i am) but when ever i bring it up with any of my other friends they just give me blank stares because they have no idea what i am talking about. a lot of my guy friends give me a hard time about it and even my parents roll their eyes and mock me whenever i bring it up. i just tell them all they wouldn't understand the obsession unless they actually took the time to read the amazing series. they just don't get it
thats one friend got me addicted..and i tried to get my other one but she says she wants to be "different" psh......
totally know the feeling, being a guy and liking twilight really isn't easy is it? lol =] gotta love it though!
most of my friends havent read the series. i only know 1 who is reading it right now. whenever i talk about twilight they roll their eyes and say im talking jiberish. i tell them the same thing as 'twerd4life' but they just ignore me an say im a weirdo.
my dad and my brother read them but didnt like them that much my brother is the must anoying person in the world when i even mention twiligth
My friends used to be that way, but all of them eventually gave in and read the books. Now they are as obsessed as me. Hang in there guys!
lol. all of my friends get so annoyed when i talk about it with other people because they dont know what im talking about. lol. its kinda funny
yeah everywhere you go everyones like quit talking about twilight and im like no
all my friends r annoyed with my twilight addition. one of my best mates r makeing me read her books to try and get it out of my head. i think its manly cuz every one stereotypes every one else so vampires are stereotyped as emo, gothic, dark and loads of others making people not read it :(
Yeah all of my friends are SUPER annoyed with me talking about Twilight. On my b-day a girl I rarely talk to came up to me and handed me a gift, when I opened it it was a Twilight shirt!!! So even though people don't know me that well they can tell from far away that I'm obsessed with Twilight and of course Edward!!!!
i know what you mean!! i learned not to talk to my friends unless they bring it up or they freak!


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