The Twilight Saga

some of my friends hate when i mention anything about twilight it's like then don't join the discussion i'm having

p.s. thanks everyone for all your responses (when will our friends ever learn?)

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my dad is 'sick of hearing about twilight'. i could have hit him, how dare he!!
my mates just ignore me when i talk about it ):.
i dont care, they have no life if they dont read it.
they can't ignore us, as in my opinion there are more twilight fans than
harry potter fans,
he's gay (:
Edward is the best!!
coz one of my other friends is as obsessed as me, or even more. and we talked about it over and over again. And we imagined that we were vampires (we were 14/15 years old) and we said everything, when we weren´t vampires we put everything we said in parentheses. that was annoying but very funny!
hell no, my friends are just the same were all obsessed!!! x x x love u guys!
all of my guy friends hate twilight and go out of their way to annoy the girls about twilight, and the only reason they're going to see the new moon movie with usis because the director of americain pie is directing it *eye roll*
yea but i managed to get some of my mates to read and love Twilight but the others are ready to hit me whenever i mention it
yea my friends just dont understand what its like to have read twilight. i am so obesessed and they are all like god alicia why are you so obsessed. its like that saying that says(ITS A TWILIGHT THING YOU WOULD'NT UNDERSTAND.). because it totally is ture unless you have read twilight you dont know what its like.when i read twilight i changed and my sister feels the same way as a mater of fact we say that to my mom all the time cause she gets so annoyed when me and my sister talk about it so much and were like "you cant say anything untill youve read twilight" cause it changes everything.i know i sound lame but it is so true.
hm they are lol, although i try not to be TOO obsessed with it in their nearness xD
but they understand me, as much as they can lol
yeah....people are like that to me.
some ppl would be like ok we get it, and we don't care.
Then i would say, Then don't listen and then a whole argument starts
thats a bit of an exageration but they do make a big deal about it.
So basicly If you hate Twilight, which i don't get why anyone would hate a book so much
then don't worry about the whole Twilight fans scene and get on doing whatever you were before
ya 2 of my friends get all fed up whenever I bring up anything about twilight. but then another one of my friends is just as obsessed as i am. so we always talk about it. And then my parents and my brother and my sister get really annoyed whenever i bring it up.
God my friends hate it who havent read it. They just want me to shut up. And my best friend is always like ugh change the subject
Lol. My addicition was created by my friends.
lucky!!!! i only have 1 friend whos read it out of all of them,and she hasnt finished it yet!


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