The Twilight Saga


When Edward leaves Bella she becomes depressed and hangs with the wrong crowd. Division finds her and trains her to be the best. What happens when it turns out that the Volturi are the leaders of Division.... Hang on for the ride...



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I like it.Please keep me updated.I can't wait for the 1st chapter! :)
I will :))
Sounds really good keep it up
I will :))
you are :)) I think I will use that :))
yeah Lauren Jackson did it :))
I just did :))

Chapter 1

I looked at the four walls that surrounded me. No windows just headquarters that I left once in a while when I was activated for a mission. I wondered how I got here.

Then I remember. They found me after the fire. Charlie was cooking which was as dangerous as it gets. I was in my room. High on the cocaine Jessica had gotten for me.

I had no idea the house was burning until I found myself under the bed cringing from the flames.

I could hear a scream but I had no idea were it came from. Someone pulled me out. Someone I found out was Michael. He was the head director of operations for Division. It was a government program run by Percy. He was the one who started it over ten years ago. They trained me to be what I am now.

I worked hard and now I was co director of missions and ops. I worked with Michael who had fallen in love with one of the recruits. Nikita. After she took over we started to veer off the bad path we had been on.

She was a legend. She single handedly with of course my help and Michaels and her inside man or woman, we took over and now we are not bought like we were before when Percy was in charge.

We now only killed those that needed to be killed. Percy was dead and Michael and Nikita ran the program. I was their right hand along with Alex who was Nikita’s prodigy while I was Michael’s prodigy. Tom was Alex’s husband.

They were both recruits and now run with the bosses. Amanda stayed. She was our finishing school teacher. She taught us manners, and was like our psychiatrist for all intends and purposes. She worked with the new recruits.

We worked with Homeland Security, CIA, and FBI. They helped us find new recruits who could join and succeed in the program. We are trained for maybe a year or less and we get activated to assassinate terrorists, and criminals that need to be stopped but the police couldn’t arrest.

The recruits are drug addicts or other horrible things before we help them and give them a new chance to start. Thanks to Nikita if you wanted to leave you could as long as you didn’t tell anyone who you couldn’t trust about us.

Recruits could now start families without worrying about someone hurting their families or killing their fiancées like what happened to Nikita. She gave us all a new clean start and now we worked guilt free.
I smiled and remembered everything that had happened since I was recruited. Who knew that him leaving would change my life forever? Now I could help those who need help and I was protected.

Our only enemy now was those that supplied the old Division with money. We had been trying to track them down but every agent that tried came out dead or just gone. Michael urged Alex, Tom and I to work together to track them down. We could only track them to Italy were the trail went cold.

That was until someone cam forward. Her name was Gianni. She knew who had helped the old Division and all she was asking for was protection. She was sitting in an interrogation room waiting for me to question her. I was the best. Even better than Michael to some extends. I could make her talk.

I am now an assassin. Killing is my specialty.
Really good
cant wait fo more
keep me updAted plz/
I will Jane :))
wow that's awesome


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