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Associated Press story: Edward Cullen "A repeat female abuser!"

Do you agree?

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I think that you are exactly right. Edward spent all of his time protecting Bella. Yes she did get a couple of bruises when they made love, but he tried so hard not to hurt her. And to her, their love making was the most wonderful moments of her life. ("Even more wonderful than when you decided not to kill me," She says.)I think that when girls marry supernatural beings that "things" like that can just happen. Thank you for sharing with us Doc. Don't you think most girls would be understanding if they married a supra-human being like Edward?

Hi Doc,

Did this lady ever really read the books? If she did then she would know that they were not and are not female abusers. In the case of Edward and Bella they were both virgins, they didn't have a clue as what was going to happen or expect. Yes he left bruises BUT she never complained that it hurt, didn't realized she was even getting bruised. That was from the vampire half of him that she was marked, not the human in him. I notice she mentions nothing of the beds being damaged or the pillows. If he was such a female abuser then why did he refuse to touch her after that first time? My answer is because he wasn't a abuser of any sort. If anything Bella was the agressor, constantly hounding him for sex, but of course she doesn't that.
As for Jacob, well he was wrong to kiss Bella the way he did, but he is a teenager, who didn't really have any experience with girls. But he is not a female abuser. He was simply thinking that if he didn't tell or show Bella exactly how he felt he would regret it. He wanted her to choose him. He realized he was in love with her and he thought she might feel the same way. Bella held her ground and punched him to let him know that was not okay. I think he knew in the back of his mind somewhere that the kiss was wrong of him to do.

This is just my opinion. Fran
I am in total agreeeance with Fran. They are NOT abusers. It is quite obvious that this person NEVER read the books....if they did, they are blind. Edward always warned Bella what would happen if they did engage in sexual contact. It was HER choice to heed the warning....she knew the possibilty of her getting "hurt" was there. An abuser doesn't warn his "victims" first. As for Jacob, he is a young hormone raging teenage boy who just took a shot to see if he could win his girl. It wasn't like he held her down and forced her. What is wrong with you? Try and tell this to a REAL abused woman and see what her thoughts are. I guarentee she will tell you your opinion has no leg to stand on.

Dear Nickie, Your observation that: "Abusers don't spend their time trying to warn their potential "Victems." Is so powerful, Point well made , Thank you for sharing with us, Doc

Dear Fran,
"Did this woman even read the books?" Wonderful, I feel the same way. "When all that you have in your tool box is a hammer the whole world is nothing but nails." ( Q, Doc)
I am glad that you brought up Jacobs forcing himself on Bella. The thing that I was most disturbed about was that she was ENGAGED!!. To me that is the same as forcing your self on a married woman. Thanks for sharing, Doc

Yeah, I really hope I don't get banned for saying this, but if the woman is OKAY with the sexual violence, then it ceases to BE sexual violence. That's how S&M and all that works, I assume, cause I don't really know, but generally the rule is that if one partner doesn't have a problem with pain and/or injury, then it is okay. And if people want to get up in arms about how Bella only *thinks* she's okay with it, well then, that kind of defeats the purpose of feminism.

But yeah, Edward WAS a little too controlling in Eclipse, but he realized this and relented. No one's perfect. And Jacob DID assault Bella by kissing her, and it was way out of line. But he apologized for that too and she forgave him. Case closed.
I will agree with Rain, and I don't want to make anyone upset, but she took the words out of my mouth.

Dear Rain,
What an interesting topic. As a physian I have not seen cases where people who significantly hurt their partners last for a long time, But each couple has different levels of physicality in their love making that is right for them. I once saw a very carring physian, who was a friend of mine, on cruches from a broken ankle after his honeymoon. When I raised my brows, he simply said "Don't ask, don't tell. He always reminded me of Dr. Wilson on "House." Do you think that those rummors that Taylor used anavolic steroids could be true.

I don't think the rumors are true. 90% of Twilight rumors are lies, so why should this one be true? I prefer proof before I assume the worst of people, but that's just me. I'm too nice, I suppose. Plus I don't really care if he did use them, even though I doubt he did.

I wonder though, if couples who engage in....well, S&M like activities, don't just lie about it to doctors, so they don't run the risk of a psych referral?


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