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Okay, this is a little awkward! Okay, very awkward! But I just have to ask!

I was talking to a friend of mine. She is a Twilight Fan, too, and she posed this really awkward, but well-deserving question. So I decided to create this discussion to ask you guys what you think, because honestly I have no answer whatsoever.

So here is my question: Vampires are frozen in time, right? So their bodily functions are virtually non-existent. They don't eat so they don't digest, they can't produce tears, they don't 'visit the bathroom' and so on. So, how was Bella able to conceive a child? I mean, isn't the production of semen one of those bodily functions?

I hope you have an answer because no matter how many times I've thought this over I still come up empty!

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it's also like does their hair allow itself to be died. esme's hair changes colors in eclipse and alice's hair deffanitly changes.

That's only the movie version!! You can't expect Alice's wig to stay the same! How could they possibly pull that off?
by using the same wig from movie to movie
Can a wig last that long? Besides they said that in the first movie they had to keep cutting the hair on the wig till they reach the length they wanted, but since the directors were different for each movie maybe they desired different lengths of something....

i thought for the first movie they all died, cut and bleached their own hair since the budget was so low?


Stephenie Meyer explained this on her website. I think it goes along the lines of the venom acts for a lot of bodily fluids.
Oh okay!!I didn't know that!! Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to take a look at that yet. I will though. As soon as possible! Thanks anyway!!
Wow Georgia! You have an excellent point there as well as your friend. It was explained in the movie and in the books that this was actually a myth. It's seems since Bella was still human when she mated with Edward. Edward was frozen in time at the age of 17. So he never alerted his body to the emotions of feeling so this part of him was kept dormant until Bella began to make him feel. There is a part in the books that state the love of two vampire immortals bonding will awaken the emotions twice more powerful than when they were human. This is why their love lasts forever with one person like Edward said there are no divorce rates in the Vampire world. So Bella being pure and Edward being pure in his frozen state caused the miracle of life to happen even though it was believed to be a myth in the Vampire world. Please note even in our human form and having a child is a gift and a miracle out of love. There are many couples out there who love but don't have the bond to produce this special gift. This is why we consider it the miracle of life. I hope I was able to answer your question?
What an incredibly conceived idea about reproduction!! I always tend to think of pregnancy that way, but with current circumstances one tends to have rather flexible views about everything! Thanks a lot about your answer! I dare say it has been the most surprising interpretation yet!!!
haha does it matter? bella and edward r happily in luv and they got pretty "busy" so it was only a matter of time before something like pregnancy happened!
Good point! Still curious though!!
They explain it in Breaking Dawn. Edward ask the same question. It is like when a man dies his sperm can still be pulled out to us at a later date It was explained shortly after they got back from their honeymoon


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