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This is a story about Bella as a child read to find out what happens next.

please enjoy.

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Baby Bella




Somethwings can't be explwained. And they do seem out of order. I kinda wemember how i ended here, but I'm happy here. All that i wemember was mommy singing to me and reading me books. And daddy cooking downsstwairs. I do miss her so much, and daddy to. I was two or three when they went bye bye up to heaven. And all that fire that was here. Mommy told me to run to save myself so i did. She told me everything was going to be ok. So i left running to find help.To save mommy and daddy. But i couldn't. That's when some very stwange lady found me. But I'm happy with my new family they love me and i love them well most of them do. Even though one thinks I'm a snobby bwrat, i still make fun of him. Wich is funny. Me, mine name is Bwella. But my full name is Isabwella Marwie Swan. I'm thwee years owld. I lost my parents they went bye bye, to heaven.

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Chapter 9


Alice pov


“Bella get up time to go to school.”  I said.


“I don’t wanna get up. I don’t wanna go to school.” Bella said.


“Come on Bella I’ll let you pick out your own clothes if you want. Come on Bella, your gonna be late.”


“Ok then get out then. Wait Alice whats gonna happen to my birthday party.”


“Don’t worry ive got everything under control for  next week ok just make sure you make a lot of friends at school so we can invite them.”


“Ok then.”


I walked out the room her birthday was gonna be the best there ever was I cant believe she is turning 4 already.

“Edward I need you to drive Bella to school cuz ima go buy supplys for next week.”


“Ok got it.” He sad.


Edward’s pov


“Bella are you ready your gonna be late. You need to eat breakfast.”


“Ok im coming.”


She came down the stairs with a hello kitty rain coat and umbrella, pink rain boots, black jeans, with a graphic tee and a cut little hat.

“come one bella eat your gonna be really late on your first day of school.”


She ate as quickly as she could and she finished.


“OK ready to go?”




We drove of to Forks Elementary.


“Ok Bella here we are. Are you ready for the first day of school.?”


“MMMM NO I don’t wanna go I wanna stay with you. Can I please?”


“NO Bella you have to go to school.”

“But I don’t wanna.”


“Bella don’t argue with me you have to go. Come on I”ll walk you to your class. And then I’ll pick you up from school.”


“Ok then.”


I walked her to her class. All the others were making perverted comments in their heads. Gross.


“Look its Angela.” Bella said.


“Then go play with her.”


“Ok then, Bye Edward ill see you later.”


“Bye Bella have fun and don’t get into trouble.”




She gave me a kiss on the cheek. Something about that kiss sent like a heat wave through out my body. It was a weird feeling. I drove back home.


Alice came in with bags of supplies but a lot of them.


“Alice how much thing s did you buy?”


“Oh just the inssentials.”


“What, all of that is the inssentials.”


“Come on Edward its Bella’s 4th birthday and her first birthday celebrating with us.”


“MMM I guess you have a point.”


Bella’s pov


School was really fun. I cant wait to go back to school tomorrow. I made a lot of friends and I invited them all to my birthday party next week. I waited for Edward to come and pick me up but I guess he was running a little late.


“Look its Bella the one that doesn’t have real parents.”


I turned and it was Jessica and Lauren laughing.


“Leave me alone.”


“Why don’t you go running off to mommy and daddy. Oh wait you don’t have anyone.” Lauren said.


“Shut up.”


“Go run away go cry like a baby.”


I got up and ran. I ran as fast as  I could.



Edward’s pov

“Look Alice I helped you putting away your bags. And now im late for picking up Bella.”


“Go hurry up go pock her up.”


I drove to her school she wasn’t where she told me she was gonna be. I went looking for her in class but it was empty.


“Excuse me have you seen Bella?”


I asked this too little girls that were laughing.



“Umm and you are?”


“Im her older brother.”


“OH well I don’t know where she is at.”


“Oh ok then thanks anyways.”


I read their minds they were laughing at the fact that Bell went running away crying because they made fun of her because she had no real parents.


But which way had she gone. Maybe she is at home.


I drove of to the house.




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This is so cool! And I feel sorry for Edward too: He walks around the school, hearing thoughts of peverted minds :/

Anyways, I love it!


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