The Twilight Saga

This is a story about bella as a baby and the Cullens find her in a car crash with her mom.
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Chpt.1 Edward's p.o.v.

Emmet, Jasper, and i are going hunting today. I went downstairs and asked them if they were ready to go. They both said "yes" and then i asked "do you want to race to the river?" Of course Emmet said "YEAH!" and Jasper said "sure." As soon as he finished i started running towards the river and Emmet said"no fair, you got a head start!!!" I laughed and in seconds i was at the river. Emmet and Jasper got there and Emmet said "i would've won but you got a head start!" I then sarcastically said "sure you would have."

When we got done arguing we all jumped over the river and let our vampire sences take over. I smelled some elk and deer about 3 miles into the forest. I was running towards them when i heard crying. I let my ears lead me to where the sound was and when i was right next to the crying sound i opened my eyes and saw that it was a woman in a car with her baby in the back seat. The front end of the car was destroyed by the tree that they hit. I could barely hear the mom's heart beat, but i could hear the baby's. I knew the mom was going to die so i was going to help the baby. I opened the back seat door when i heard a faint wispering noise. It was the woman in the front seat.

She said " please take care of my baby." After she said that her heart stopped and i knew that she was dead.

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plz keep me updated and will you check out my story because i think yours rocks
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Chpt. 2 part 2
Edward's p.o.v.

Her skin felt like silk. I saw a piece of hair in her face so i took my finger and lightly brushed it off of her cheek. I was putting her on the ground to sit and play with the sticks around her but when i sat her on the ground she cried. I looked down at her and she was holding her arms up towards me and still crying. Oh i get it she wanted back in my arms.
I bent down to pick her up and when she was in my arms again she immedeately stopped crying.

Carlisle got off of the phone and came over to me. he said "we cant keep her." Then i said " we have to!!! i just dont feel right giving her to some family who cant take care of her!!" He said "were a family of vampires and you want us to raise a human baby girl." i said "it would be nice for esme to raise her!! we would all love and adore her the rest of our existence!!!" Then carlisle finally caved in. He had one condition. His one condition was that she had to live a somewhat normal life."
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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww bella is sooooooo cute!!!! loveeeed it!!!!!!!!!!!
Chpt. 3
Edward's p.o.v.

Once Carlisle was finished talking to the people that came to get the car and the woman he came over to me and said that the baby girl's name was Isabella Marie Swan but they said her mom called her Bella. She was 3 years old and her birthday was coming up soon.
I thought to myself bella... bella .... what a beautiful name to match a beautiful baby.

He also said that she had no family left. So we would go tomorrow to adopt her.
i will in about 10 minutes.
Chpt. 3 part 2
Edward's p.o.v.

Once everyone left we took Bella to her new home. We ran trough the forest and were at the house in a matter of seconds. We walked in the house and everybody was in the living room. Em and Jazz were playing the wii. Esme was playing chess with Alice and Rose was watching Em and Jazz.

Everybody turned towards us and they all asked me why i had a baby. I told them the story of how i found her, her mom, her name, her birthday,and that we will adopt her tomorrow.

Everybody was so excited!!!

I looked down at Bella and she was looking at me and smiling.I smiled back at her. Then Esme came over and asked if she could hold her. I said sure and i handed Bella over to Esme and when she left my arms she started to cry. Esme rocked her and she wouldnt stop crying so she handed her to Alice and still wouldnt stop so Alice handed her to Rose. Bella wouldnt stop crying so rose handed her to Em and she got a little quieter but didnt stop so he handed her to Jazz but she wouldnt stop finally she was passed to me and stopped.

I laughed and said "she likes me best haha."
I looked down at her and she yawned. I asked them what time it was and they said it was 9:30.
I said "i bet she's tired. shes had a long day!" I took her to my room and sat her on my king sized bed and put her under the covers and her head on a pillow.After that she was asleep in minutes. I watched her sleep that night and she is very interesting to watch.
i cant tell you that!!!
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