The Twilight Saga

This story is inspired by Back To December by Taylor Swift!

Okay so Edward and Bella dated a long time ago in high school but, something drastic happened and they broke up. Now 4, years passed and they meet again at a little coffee shop in town. They've both had thier fair share of good and bad experiences but, now they're going to go on another wild ride. Will they get back together? Will everything fall apart right as things are getting better?

Should I write this? 10 comments before I write the first chapter!

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sounds interesting..... i want to read it!
write more :)
ooo... sounds good love all of your stories
Sounds good
i love it write more
oh please write this one.
WRITE NOW!!!!!!!!
i need u to write this and soon also plz update speak now sooooon
Chapter 1

Imagine your life being like a movie. Everyone knew you, you had the perfect snobby friends who made you popular, you had the hair every girl wanted, the spot every girl wish they had. What if that all changed? What if my perfect, snobby friends turned on me and I became unpopular? What if my spot got taken? My life would be like it is.
In High School you get split up. You get split up by your classmates by the way you act, the way you dress and sometimes by your leek on the old high school food chain. Of course with popular girls on top. Well, at my school, I was on top until my friends turned thier backs on me and I turned out being on the bottom with the wierd kids. Sometimes things happen for a reason and I believe that this did.
Being alone at lunch with no friends was hard. Everyone was talking and wanting to gossip about the latest relationships and crushes. I on the other hand, sat alone, outside, with a soda, iPod and sandwich, next to a vending machine that no one used and a wierd guy named Edward Cullen diagonal from me. Yes, I was officially a loser. Sometimes being a loser turns out to be fantastic though. That's how I met the guy who everyone thought was wierd, Edward Cullen.
Edward Cullen ended up being my one and only friend. He was a music lover just like me and really nice once you got past the gothic look. He was a really sweet guy. We switched off driving each other to school or home everyday and would always talk about music and art. After awhile we ended up dating and shocked the whole school. We were the couple everyone was talking about and the one that everyone wished they were in. That quickly ended two years later when we had to leave each other for college. We had a nasty break up a few day before we were both going our separate ways.
I had tears rolling down my cheeks as I was yelling at Edward. We were leaving for college and couldn't stay with each other.
"Bella it won't work out!" Edward yelled. "It won't work! We won't work!"
"You don't know that!" I yelled. "We never will."
"Bella, we need to forget." Edward said.
"I can't!" I yelled "I can't forget everything that happened to us. I gave you everything and you're taking that all away!"
"Bella..." Edward said coming near me.
"No!" I yelled "Stay away from me. I hate you Edward Cullen. I will never love you ever again."
I went to my closet and grabbed the box of CDs he gave me. One by one, I threw them all at him. "Take them! Take them all! I don't need any reminders of you. I loved you once and I don't need memories of it."
Edward shook his head and grabbed the box. "I'll bring your stuff back later."
"No. I don't want it. You have it now." I said "I never want to see you again. I hate you Edward Cullen."
It's been four years since I've last seen Edward or even heard of him for that matter. I'm now living in the city and I am a woman in the fashion industry. I design clothes for a lot of people but, I mostly do for girls who want to be unique and fashionable and not follow other people. For the girls like me who were quiet but always dreamed of making it big.
I was always being rushed around in the office and trying to make it around the world the latest fashion shows. The art of clothing captured me. I was inspired to make clothes. Living in the city you have to be ready for everything. Even the smallest things. When I woke up that morning, I wasn't ready for anything.
My apartment was an average size and had all hardwood floors. It had white walls and beige furniture. The rooms were big but light. The apartment was perfect for someone like me. On my way to work I always listen to my iPod. I never leave without it. With my briefcase in hand, I put my headphones in and walked to the main doors of the apartments. The doorman waved as I walked out as did I. Walking through the crowds of people was always hard in the mornings with the rush of workers. I needed my coffee every morning though.
I had heard of this new coffee shop a few blocks away from work that I decided to go to. I walked into a crowded shop full of people. A morning rush just like always. People were yelling but, I blocked it out and concentrated on my music until I saw the baristia waving to me. I walked over to him and someone cut me off. Angrily, I took my headphones out.
"Hey!" I said "I was in line."
"Oh I'm sorry here go ahead and-"
"Edward." I said "I, um, hi."
"Hello Isabella." He said "Um, go ahead. You look like your in a rush."
"No, I'm not. Go ahead." I said "Take your time."
Edward ordered his coffe and looked at me. "You look great." he said
"You too." I answered "So, what have you been up to?"
"A career, being married....the usual. And yourself?"
I looked down at my feet. "Running the fashion industry, looking for Mr. Right."
"You're not married?" He asked.
I shook my head. "You don't meet anyone with these earphones in."
Edward smirked and took his out of his pocket. "I always have mine too."
Edwards coffee came and he paid and looked at me. "Hey, let's meet up soon here's my card."
"No Edward I-"
He put it in the pocket of my blazer. "Jist take it and call me." He said and walked away.
I ordered my coffee and looked outside to see Edward getting into a black limo. Confused i looked at the card he gave me. I gasped when I saw what it said. Edward Cullen: Music Producer.
love it
cant wait to read the next chapter
update soon please


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