The Twilight Saga

This story is inspired by Back To December by Taylor Swift!

Okay so Edward and Bella dated a long time ago in high school but, something drastic happened and they broke up. Now 4, years passed and they meet again at a little coffee shop in town. They've both had thier fair share of good and bad experiences but, now they're going to go on another wild ride. Will they get back together? Will everything fall apart right as things are getting better?

Should I write this? 10 comments before I write the first chapter!

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I love it! he is really married? pls keep me posted!
like it update soon
It's amazing. Love it :)
Chapter 2

I left the coffee shop and walked to the studio a few buildings away. I walked in through the glass doors and immediately faced the elevator. It lifted me to the 24th floor and I went on the hunt to find Alice and Rosalie.
Alice and Rosalie are both 24 just like me and are my best friends. We were roomates in college and surprisingly, we all had the same major. After graduating, we decided to open Fashion Disasters Go Good which is our fashion label name.
When I saw them I grabbed them by the cuffs of their sleeves and took them to my glass office.
"My god Bella. You work in the fashion industry and you wear that to work?" Alice asked.
I looked down at my deep pink silk shirt, white blazer and white pants with white and rhinestone heels and shook my head. "It's perfectly fine Alice."
"No it's not! You need to get some accessories!" Alice exclaimed.
"Bella, what's going on?" Rosalie asked "Why did you drag us in here?"
"I saw Edward." I said.
"What?" They asked.
"Edward. The guy I told you guys about. Edward Cullen."
They gasped and immediately started asking questions. "What did he look like? Was he married? Is he cute? Is he single?"
"Guys chill!" I said "He looks the same as he as he did before and he was cute. He's married though. He gave me his card and said he wanted to get together for coffee sometime. His card said he's a music producer."
"Of course he would be in the music industry Bella! You said he was obsessed as much as you. By the way, put the headphones away!" Alice said.
"No, I like them and what should I do? Should I call him?"
"He's married though." Rosalie said.
"We could....we could still be friends though." I said.
"Do you still want to be friends with him after the break up though?" Alice asked.
I looked at the picture I had of us on my desk and sighed "I don't know." In the picture he was holding me from behind and we were listing to music. It was right before we broke up.
"You should Bella." Rose said. "Just so it. Who cares. You need to live alittle."
"I guess so." I said.
I looked at the glass doors and saw that one of our top models were here. "Guys! It's Jessica Let's go."
We walked out of my office and I hugged her. "Jessica!" I exclaimed. "How are you?"
"Good,good." She said still typing on her blackberry. "I have a fashion shoot downstairs In 2 hours. I need hair, make-up and clothes ASAP."
"Okay let's get started then! Alice, hair. Rose Make-up and I'll do clothes. Over here Jessica." I said moitionig towards a clothing rack. "What's the shoot?"
"It's a winter shoot." Her photographer Angela said.
"Okay perfect." I said. I took out a plaid jacket, gloves, scarf and hat to match,
Boots and black skinny jeans and held them up. "How about this?" I asked.
"I love it!" Jessica exclaimed "This is awesome. I'll be wearing this." she pointed out to Angela. Angela nodded and took the clothes while Jessica walked over to hair and make-up.
I walked into my office and sat down. The business card was sitting right in front of me staring me in the face. I tried typing on the computer but, felt like it was burning a hole in my face. Finally, I picked up the phone and dialed the number.
"Hello, Edward Cullen." I heard.
"I, um, hi Edward it's Bella, um, Isabella Swan." I studdered.
"Oh, Bella hi how are you?" Edward asked.
"Good and yourself."
"Pretty well."
"Yes, well that's good. So, I-I was wondering if I could take you up on that offer about dinner." I said. "Is it still good?"
"Invitations to you never expire." Edward said "Why don't we meet for lunch?"
"Sure." I said "Where at?"
"Why don't you come to the studio in about an hour or so and we can go? I'll bring you." He said.
"Sure." I answered. "Ill see you then."
"Ill see you then." Edward said and hung up.
I put the phone on the receiver and put my head down. I could feel trouble coming up.
I got to Edwards work and walked into a secretary desk. A woman with dirty blond hair, leather jeans and a ruby red shirt chewing gum was there. She looked a few years younger than me.
"Um, im looking for Edward Cullen?" I asked.
"Do you have an appointment?" She asked.
"Oh, Um, I don't know. He said to meet him here." I said.
"Bella Swan."
She looked down at the desk then back at me. "Follow me." She said "You must be important. You're at the top of the list."
"I guess so." I said.
She stoppe at a door and peaked into a room then came out. "Go ahead in." She said.
"Thank you." I answered and walked in.
Edward was recording someone sing and was controlling the noises. He looked at me and motioned for me to sit down next to him. I looked around an saw various record labels and pictures of him with celeberties. There was almost one in front of him with what looked like a happy little family. He had a son, who looked almost exactly like him, a wife and a dog. The music stopped and Edward took the headphones out that he had on.
"Good job." He said "Tomorrow we'll do some more lessons."
I looked at him confused and he smirked. "I'll tell you during lunch."
I nodded and the person recording came out. "Thank you Mr.Cullen. Ill see you later."
"Bye." He said.
The door shut and he looked at me. "I'm glad you called. Let's go and I'll explain everything to you."
OMG their going on a lunch date! Write more soon!
new reader: omg...i love your story...its something very possible. omg. music she like a top notch name brand fashion designer? that would be could she have not ran across his name if shes so in love w/ music...well thats beside the point please let me know when you update!
love it
but im sad edward has a family with someone that isnt bella
update soon please
cant wait to read the next chapter
explain what? can't wait for the lunch sad he's married though :(
Going out to lunch with a marry man...not good. Its awsome.
I am so sad.. Edward has a family now..
love it


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