The Twilight Saga

This story is inspired by Back To December by Taylor Swift!

Okay so Edward and Bella dated a long time ago in high school but, something drastic happened and they broke up. Now 4, years passed and they meet again at a little coffee shop in town. They've both had thier fair share of good and bad experiences but, now they're going to go on another wild ride. Will they get back together? Will everything fall apart right as things are getting better?

Should I write this? 10 comments before I write the first chapter!

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i cant belive he's married!!! wow!
wow i wonder how Bella is gonna get in the picture?
this was great plees continue
post more soon i love it
Chapter 3

         "You might need these." Edward said handing me earplugs.
         "Why would I need these?" I asked confused.
         "You're the Bella Swan am I not right?" he asked confused.
        "The Bella Swan?"
        "The fashion label?" He asked.
        "Oh, that. Yeah, why would I need these though?"
        He shook is head. "Don't you have fans covering you?"
        "No, very rarely." I said.
        Edward shook his head. "You'll need them now."
        "No, I don't want them." I said.
       Edward smirked and put them away in a drawer. "Suit yourself."
       He went to the glass doors and flashes came out and we could hear screams as we walked out. "Edward,Edward,Edward!" Was all you could hear until people recognized me. "Bella Swan! What are you doing here?" Edward got me into a limo and then he got in and sighed. He chuckled and I didn't realize I was still clutching his arm. I blushed and moved away.
        "So you have to deal with this all the time?" I asked.
        "Not all the time." He said "I can go out usually with my family and no one will bother us but, if I'm coming in or out of work, recording, in Hollywood or downtown they usually do."
      "So, how did your family start? Where did you meet your wife?" I asked.
      Edward was playing with his ring and smiled. "Last year of college." He said "We met in the back of the room of a literature class. We dated for a little while then, we just clicked. After a year of dating we eloped."
     "You didn't have a big wedding?"
     "No, we didn't like being in the spotlight." He said.
     I raised an eyebrow and pointed outside. Edward smirked.
     "The crowds? That's not being in the spotlight trust me. That's....that's making an impact on people who like you and want to be like you. It's doing what you love for the people who love you. You of all people should know I never liked being in the spot light. I liked to be in my own space. How about you? Did you ever think about settling down?"
       I shook my head. "I stopped dating know. I couldn't get rejected or hurt again after that happened. After I gave up everything and you just dropped-"
       "I'm sorry Bella." Edward said. "I really,really am but, we're both doing good. Let's not talk about it please."
"It's going to come up sometime." I said as we pulled up in front of the restaurant.
I went to open the door and Edward grabbed my hand. "The driver will do it. Trust me on this one, you don't want to."
"Who ever said I trusted you?" I asked.
Edward looked away and my door opened.I stepped out and there were people and cameras in front of us. Edward led me inside the resturant and a lady led us to a table. Edward sat me down.
"What will um, your wife think about these pictures?" I asked.
Edward played with his ring and shook his head. "Jenna. She'll think nothing of them."
"Edward, what are you not telling me?" I asked. "I know when you're lying."
Edward sighed and put his wedding ring on another finger. "Bella, Jenna died. She's....she's been gone for three years now and....I told you I was married because I thought you were."
"Seriously?" I asked. "So, you lied?"
"I was married." he said "Just now....not quite."
"You have a son?" I asked "What's his name? Tell me about him."
Edward smiled. "Maxx." He said "He's 7 now. I saw you looking at the picture in my office. He was 4 at the time. I just can't replace it yet. He's a really cute kid. He likes music like I did and cars and books."
"He sounds exactly like you." I said.
"He probably will be." Edward said.
"So, how did you get to this level of awesome?" I smirked.
Edward laughed. "Hardwork and dedication. I'm so glad I did. I get to work with music all day."
"You do lessons?" I asked.
"Singing lessons, gutair lessons, piano like a goddess."
I laughed. "Same cheesy jokes?"
"They never change." He said "So, how about you? Fashion industry?"
"Crazy isn't it?" I asked "It was my friends' idea. I majored in art in college and fell into fashion somehow. I make the celebrity clothes and I have a store clothing line. My two friends help me."
"Five years ago I could never imagine you working in the fashion industry."
"Or you being a producer." I said.
"I guess people change for a reason." Edward said.
I hope they will get back together soon.. When will you update your other stories?
plz update soon.. i just love your stories they are awesome...
update asap
I love it
love it
cant wait for more
update soon please
sad his wife died:( but hope they get together soon... :)
awe poor edward =[ & hes right i wouldve never seen bella dealing w/ i love it....its not very expecting of them...
Cute how Edward lied that he was still married because he though Bella was married. Love it,


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