The Twilight Saga

Mandy is a girl that was engage to be married to a boy name Mitch. They been dating for two years at the time. Then he up and left with out a word. She was destroyed after that.


Mitch is a werewolf he almost took his fiancé's head off when she ask could they go to the movies. He could not take that risk. So he left for 4 long years now he come back wanting her back. He watched her for days from afar till one day she did not go to work and when he found here she was in the woods covered in blood half dead


Mandy: Tonks




and you can make ppl from there wolf or human plz



Carter Light  Mandy best friend 


 Carly Ann wolf

Shay Burris wolf

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Mandy:"Ok"I say standing

Mitch:"You know you don't have to be scared of wolf, not all is bad. " I told her.

Mandy:"Prove it."I say

Mitch: I called shy and early in my mind like and told them to come to me in wolf form there the only one's I trust.

Mandy:I wait.
(I used Mandy for Sara.Sorry.)

Mitch: They showed up coming out the trees " see" I told her

Mandy:My eyes widened in fright but I quixkly recover."Their so cute"i say

Mitch: I bend down to pet one still holding her hands

Mandy:"Can I?"

Mitch: I lowered my head and gave shy a working look " yea sure"

Mandy:I reached out and touch the one he looked at."What's their names.?"

Mitch: " I think we should get back don't you?"


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