The Twilight Saga

Popular girl Rosalie Hale is determine to face off her ex-boyfriend Emmett McCarty in a country's biggest music competion.But she needs a band.That brings in Edward Mason.He knows about everything about music,just like the back of his hands.But all he needs is friends.And a rebel gutair player Be5lla has a wicked voice but is in a very dark part in her life,all she needs is someone to beleive in her.Will they find love,friendship and winning or just let rock n'roll past them?

Mostly in Edward's Point of View.


Chapter 1-Dear David Bowie-


I was typing on my Mac Laptop my Mother Esme, got me for my seventeeth birthday.It was the best gift anybody got for me.It was also a sorry gift for her options of dating guys and for my Dad.Who I don't really like talking or even thinking about.I was ofcourse writting for David Bowie.Like I do everyday.He was the only friend I had.And I was ok with that.Even when he doesn't write me back.It kinda made me feel like I was a girl writting a diary or a journal and he was the person I was writting to with that 'Dear Diary' crap.


"Dear David Bowie,


Well,it's monday moning,which,let's face it,in Forks,is redundant,I'm getting ready for school,or as I like to call it,Guasntanamo with a lunch period.My Mm says that's seeing the glass half-empty.Personallu,I just hope one day to actually see that glass."My Mother stopped me but I was still tyiping about how life in Forks was a waste of a teens life.


"Edward,you're going to be late"I heard her opening my door,she walked in with her lipgloss in one hand and her motherly smile on her face.Me and my Mom act like friends but when it comes down to it she is actually a Mom.A caring one at it.


"Edward?"She asked.Probaly worried I was watching what teenage boys are actually into these days.But no.I'm writting.I bet you I already wrote five novels just by writting to Mr.Bowie himself.


"Are you writting another letter to David Bowie?"She asked sincerly.She didn't want me to write because,she didn't want me to cry in my room about how he maybe returns my mail or something.But that wasn't going to happen to me.I was a strong guy.Without a girlfriend but oh,well.


"Doesn't it bother you that he never writes back?"She asked.She was more worried about this from the beggining.And she started it.With her acting like a theropist.My Mom actually decorated houses.Even though in Forks wasn't getting a lot of money.I shrugged with my eyes still on the laptop.


"He knows that would only intimidate me."I said.


"See,why can't I take rejection like that?"I shrugged again at her.I felt her walk by me and kissed the top of my toussled bronze hair I got from my father.I didn't respond back.She sighed.


"Come on Edward.Let's go.Another day of high school"I rolled my eyes and started printing out my letter and got my backpack and headed toward the coat rack and got my coat.I then relized I needed my Ipod.The one thing that makes me live.I ran to my room and saw my Ipod on the iHome and took it off and ran off to another day of people calling me names.Being in school wasn't worth it at all.Just having teachers baby-sit you and hope that one day you would finally process of algebra and Moby D***.But then again school isn't gut-wrenching awful.Mostly,it's just some kind of novocaine for the soul.At the end of the day I was waiting to get on the bus.One step closer to writting another letter.I looked around the atmesphere.I tend to make snap judments about people based on what kind of music they listen too.Like kids who ae into hip-hop lite,the kind where some rapper does one verse of Cristina Aguliera song.Then theres the "Trustafarians",rich suburban white kids with knit caps and $2,000 dreadlock extensions.Who are mostly take n by the male population at this school.The indie-rock cliwue is made up of me and one other kid I refuse to meet because he flats his hair by his hand and it's greasy as heck and also needs to bathe.I think I missed the memo about how to fit in Forks,Washington.

I then get shoved down by some moron.Who was the football caption who was probaly into Pop music.


"I'm sorry that was an accident.Dewey"I never wanted to be called that.That was the worst thing in my eyes ever.Flashbacks of my Father came in my head.Edward Sr. Mason.Driving drunk.I got out of it and got up.One wise musican once said "I have become comfortably numb"I wish that was the case.I then felt wetness on top of my head.Happens every day of my life.


I got off the bus seeing my mother.She looked worried at me.Ofcourse she would be she was my Mother.She sighed and kept walking like she was a stranger until the bus left.She then stopped me.And sighed again.She shook her head.She pulled me into a hug.


"What's one thing I could say to make all this pain go away?"She whispered in my ear.


"You quit your job and we're moving out of Forks"I stated.I felt her smile of my shoulder blade.She pulled away and I saw her smiling like I just got into Harvard.


"I quit my job and we're moving out of Forks"She said.I chuckled and kept walking.She catched up to me.


"Mom,you're just a cat and I'm your play toy"I said.She groaned.She wrapped her arms around her chest.


"I mean it.Edward.New Jersey.I got an offer.I am going to take,where you like it or not.You hate here.Just say.Scream if you want.We are moving"She said.I then smiled.I felt like a child when their parents say they got them a huge desert and could stay up all night.


"It's perfect.More money.Flexible hours"I smiled.I couldn't beleive we were moving.Out of this place.I went to hug her.


"Your the best mom"She shrugged and pulled away.


"Ofcourse I am.And you won't be that new.Because,the semester starts later than here."She was the best.I don't know how I got a Mom like her.But then I stopped my excitement.It was going to be the same.It wasn't like my past was going to go away.It's been like this forever.Since I was tweleve.


"It's not going to be any different there"I said.She sighed and bit her bottom lip.She was going to start acting like a Mom again.Which was very rare for us.


"Okay,there's the Edward Mason,I know and love"She said.I laughed and rolled my eyes.She wasn't looking so that saved me another lecture.I started walking home.I knew she was following me.Like one inch apart from me.


"Gosh,for a mintue I thought you were actually possessed!By a happy,well-adjusted teenager."I looked at her.She always did that.I sighed.


"It might actually be different.Different place,kids,familes,lives."She said.I nodded and kept my eyes straight forward.


"But the same me.The same us"I said.She groaned.She wrapped her arm around my shoulder.


"If you want we can change identiys.But I still think and will always think.Your are not the problem.You are terrific.Any Mother would want you.I'm happy I got something good off that marriage"I nodded and stopped.She took my hand and kissed my forehead.


"Come on Edward.Just like my Mom always said.If you miss out on life,they win.And no one wants others to win.That's human life."I laughed and nodded.


"Fine.New Jersey"She smiled.We walked home and started to pack.I coudn't beleive I was actually getting away from her.We got in my Mom's Edge and we started to drive toward New Jersey.We were now mintues away from being there.Away from the mess.We were listening to my iPod.Me and my Mom kinda had the same taste in music.We were singing along to a song.I had my viedo camera in one hand and my head banging up and down while my Mother was driving.I stopped and turned to my camera.


"Okay,Mick Jagger recored this with Peter Tosh.It's almost ska.It's like reggae,but it pops more,and they don't sing about Jah."I said.I turned off the camera and looked at my Mother.She looked confused a little.She just didn't understand music at all.


"You have no idea what I'm talking about do you?"I asked.


"No"She said.I laughed.


"But I'm happy that my son is happy"She said.I laughed and rolled my eyes.I then saw the sign.The memo saying we were there.Lodi,New Jersey.My Mother exclaimed.Once we got there I started putting things away.I put up all my posters of Lou Reed,Mick Jagger and David Bowie.I looked around and smiled.It was complete.My room.


"Edward,honey,big day tommrow get some sleep"My Mother said from the other room.I sighed.


Chapter 2-The Five Is Slient-

I woke up and got ready.I was finally at the school.I wish I could stay home and just listen to my iPod and type to David Bowie.I was on the phone with my mother.I was telling her about my enterance and her just making sure everything was ok.The bell rung.And I saw all types of the going around.


"Elvis is in the building"I said.She asked me all types of questions like if I was safe,and did it look historic.But the one question that made sense was.


"Unharmed?"SHe asked.I smiled and chuckled.


"Completely"I heard her sqeual.I rolled my eyes.


"See,,told you it would be different"I then  saw the boy that changed everything.The boy that was just in the same clique as me.Flating his hair.Smells horrible.Great.


"Night and Day"I whispered in my phone.I hanged up.I was sitting down typing on my laptop.It was nice I didn't get in trouble yet.


"Dear David Bowie,


There's one big advantange to my new school and my old one.All those years of whising I could make myself invisable?Turns out,all I had to do was move to New Jersey.Perfect right?"I turned off my laptop and turned and saw a beautiful girl with long hair that went to her back.She had chocolate brown eyes.She was eating a sandwhich reading Pride & Predjuice.It looked worn out.I saw a Coke can with a twizzler looking like a straw.She was now slurping the Coke.She turned toward me.What do I do?This beautiful goddess just turned to me!I looked down.Then a voice came up.


"Happy New Year,Van Buren!What's up?"I turned towards the stage.Some guy with a micophone was talking and people started screaming.


"I just have one question for you"He stated.I saw the beautiful goddess.She kept her eyes in her book now taking a bite of her sandwhich.She looked flawless doing it.


"What's going to happen in 3,600 hours from right now?"He screamed into the mic.People started yelling  "BandSlam" I had no clue what that was.I felt like an outsider.But I always was.


"And who is going to bring home the gold?"He asked again.But this time not really screaming.It seemed like the goddess didn't care.


"Give it up for Emmett McCarty and the Glory Dogs!"He yelled.Then the curtains went to the side and a guy in a orange shirt jeans and converse was on the gutiar infront of the mic singing.People ran up the the stage like we were in a concert not school.I opened my lap top again.And started typing to David Bowie again.


"Lunch today was like Nuremberg rall produced by MTV.Out of nowhere people were acting like maniacs.Over something called BandSlam."I closed my laptop once again.I turned toward the stage.He was ok.For some kid who lived in New Jersey.I scooted toward the goddess.


"How big is this whole Bandslam thing around here?"I yelled.She kept focus on her book.


"Texas high-school-football big"She said.She took another sip of her Coke.And looked at me.Her lips were pursed.She tried to smile but it looked like she had a hard time doing it.


"You new?"She asked.I nodded.She put down her book.She held her hand up.


"Schedule newbe"She said.That nickname never came to anybodies mind.I looked though my bag and handed it to her.I felt electicy run though my veins.She frozed and parted her lips.She shook it off and looked my schedule.


"We have Biolody and Human Studies together"She said.I nodded.That's great.We get to be so close to each other.I was actually kinda in love with her right now.


"What's your name?"She asked.I sighed and cleard my throat.


"Edward Mason"She nodded and got out a peice of paper and a pen.She wrote down something and slapped it down on the table.Her nails were painted black and she had a beautiful pink ring on her pointer finger.On the paper it said Be5lla.


"The five is slient"She said.I was really in love with her now.She then got up and left.I stared at her as she left.I wanted her so badly.Like she would date me.I ate my lunch and got ready for Human Studies.My favorite subject now.


When I got there I gave my schedule to the teacher.She seemed perky.I sat down in the back row and saw Be5lla.She sat down and seemed like she didn't see me.Just then a guy came up to her.He had blonde hair and had a jersey.


"Bella,do you want to go on a date one day?"He asked.Bella looked up and sighed.


"Sorry  Mike,I don't date guys who are stuck up and who are just trying to get in my pants"She said.He left shocked and a group of guys started laughing a goofing around.Then the teacher started talking.The two words I hate the most.


"Buddy up"I gasped.It made me flinch.I hated buddying it.It was like sucide for me.I groaned.So did everybody except Bella who just sat there.


"This semester,I want you to pick someone in the class and create a presentation that will show us who that person truly is."I saw Mike smiling and grining at Bella.She was just staring and gimcing at the way Mrs.Grason was smiling.


"You can do anything you want photos,poetry,ciedo.Get creative,people"She said overly excited.


"Get together after school.Know each other in ways we never expected"Mike came up to Bella.He was smiling ear to ear.He was very excited about this project.


"Be5lla,you want to be my partner"Every guy went up to her.Ofcourse she was going to choose one of them.No one came up to me.I just sat there.Staring into thin air.


"Sorry,but Edward's my partner."Mike stomped away so did every guy.She turned to me and sighed.


"I'm serious.Meet at the mall at five.Over by the stairs"She then left.I was paired up with the most beautiful girl I ever met.New Jersey was getting better and better.


We were in the mall now.She didn't say anything.She was just reading.I saw girls walk by with Juciy bags and guys walking with Abcroimbe bags kissing and snuggling with their girlfriends.I turned to Bella who hasn't put her book down.


"Do you want to start?"I asked.She kept her eyes on the book.


"What's your favorite color?"She asked me.Brown.I thought in my head.Because it's your eye color.But that made me typical.Be5lla was beautiful really beautiful.It's hard not seeing her head cheerleader or dating Mike.


"No,I mean,we have to dig a little deeper than that."I said.She put her book down and sighed.


"Project counts half our grade"I said.She nodded.She put her book in her purse and squared her shoulders and took a deep breath and sighed again.She bit her bottom lip.


"Why don't we show each other our favorite spots.Most favorite spots.And the ones we hate.In the whole world"I said.She nodded and tried to smile again.But failed.


"Least favorite?"I asked.She looked around and giving me a look.The one with it's pretty obvious look.And it was.She seemed tensed here.Guys came running kicking each other in the butt and grunting.


"Done"I nodded.I actually agreed.I hated it here more than Forks.


"Most favorite?"I asked.She shrugged.She looked away from me and thought about it.


"Can I get back to you on that?"She asked.I had to ask about how she talked.She sounded so depressed.It made me want to cry.


"Why do you talk like that?"I asked.SHe looked at me.She had killer and hatred expression on her face.


"Why do you look like that?"She asked.I shrugged.


"I just do"SHe nodded.


"Same here"She said.She then went back to her book.I sighed.That wasn't successful.I don't think I will past this Human Studies at all.Oh,well.She then looked at me with sad eyes.


"I used to stutter.My Mom died.That's when it started.But emotions are overrated."She said.She looked forward.That was sad.She lost her Mom.I don't think I could live without my Mother.But that was because she was nice and great.


"There is a middle ground"I said.Then a girl walked by and threw a smoothie in a trashcan and it splattered a little on my right shoulder great.


"Idiots"Be5lla whispered.


"Morons"I said.She nodded.We looked into each others eyes.I smiled she smirked and got up.


"I got to go.Bye"She said and left.I probaly scared the girl off.Perfect.

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Like the storyline, please post more soon!!
yo,guys!!another awesome story,huh?? it!!!!its so interesting!!!
Aww! I love this :DD
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
Chapter 3-I Don't Do "Whys"

After school the next I was about to walk to the bus.Bella didn't show up to school today which was scaring me.I really did like her.But then she showed up late in Biogly.Which let me be relaxed.She didn't talk the rest of Biogly which was ususal.People were talking on thier phones or texting.I was trying to listen to music.But then somone shoved me.

"Open.Right now.Right now,right now,right now"I heard a deep voice.I turned and saw a guy who was buff with dark curly hair.A football came but he crashed into a girl with a celio in one hand.

"I'm sorry are you ok?"The guy asked.She looked angrly at him.

"Do not come near me"She said.She was really angry.The guy just nodded and got his football and left.Typical jock.But wait that was the guy who was singing for that bandslam thing.Emmett McCarty.I walked over to her.I leaned over.I was such a nice person.Talking to strangers.I got that from my Mother.

"Are you alright?"I asked.She groaned.She buckled the latch of the cello case.

"If anything happened to my cello,I'm going to sue his parents"SHe said.You could totally tell she was passionate about it.I looked at it and squinted my eyes.

"Seems alright"I said.She shook her head and stood up.

"It's impossible to tell until you play it.It's not like it's a viola"She said and left.Her hair was in a pony tail and it bounced as she walked away frsutrated.I stared at her as she walked away.Looks like I'm not the only werid kid here.I started to walk to the bus again.I kept thinking about Bella the whole time.And it was a first to think about a girl.

"Hey!Hey,Good Samartian,do you like kids?"I heard a beautiful voice.I kept walking.I heard the voice come closer and closer to me.Two girls since I came to New Jersey.New record for me.Even though girls did sometimes throw themselves at me.But stopped when they learned more about me.

"What?"I asked stopping.The voice came.She had long straight blonde hair.It was up with chopsticks.She had on a blue plaid shirt and a black tank-top with a peace sign necklace.SHe had her arms crossed and she was shivering because it was cold and she didn't have a jacket.

"Do you like kids?It's a simple question"She said.I looked at her.SHe sighed and shook her head.

"Forget it.Ofcourse you do.All good Samartians like kids.It's in the handbook.Come on,we don't have enough time"Enough time for what?She said it like it was urgent to follow her.And why did she think I was in the related ethinic group called Jewish.I wasn't.Not that I know of.She then headed to leave.

"What?"I asked again.She motioned me to follow her.So I did.I hope she didn't want me to do some crazy thing.She opened the door and I walked in.Seeing little kis probaly in kindergarten or Pre-K running around in an art room.They were screaming and yelling.

"What is this?"I asked.She sighed and looked around the room and smiled.

"A daycare program.Our fair school set up with Lindsay Elementary around the corner"She said.She turned to me and smirked.I saw a kid eating paste and a little girl painting a boy's leg green.Then they started yelling out Beef Jerkey.The beautiful blonde girl turned to me with a bag ofcourse Beef Jerkey.

"Beef jerkey.Teriyaki flavor.They love it!"She said.They kept chanting.She finally ran around handing and throw beef jerkey to the kids.I then saw a guy who was looking at a sports magazine with his feet on the desk.

"Who's that?"I asked.She turned toward me and pointed at him.

"Mr.Berry he "supervieses" "She put qoutation marks around the word supervieses.I guess he doesn't do a good job at that.Probaly just trying to make extra money.She then threw me a shock and put on herself.

"Allright,everybody,sit down,Come on,monsters"She said.The kids then settled down.Wow werid.I put my backpack down and my coat.I put on the smock.

"Name?"She asked.

"Edward.Edward Mason"I said.She nodded and smiled.

"Rosalie Hale"She then hugged me.I smiled and she pulled awy.She turned to the kids and smiled.She looked like she loved to volunteer here.It seemed like a nie way to get out of the negative engery without doing yoga.

"Ladies and Gentlemen,Edward Mason is in the house!"She said.All the kids cheered.She then licked her teeth and it made a sound.SHe turned to me.

"ipod?"She asked.I was speechless.Why?She then grabbed it and went to an iHome dock and instered it.She turned to a boy with a hairstyle like the Beatles with blonde hair instead.

"Hey Rory,do you want to listen to some of Edward's music?"She asked in a sweet gentle motherly tone.He smiled.He hardly had any teeth left.

"Is it like your band?Glory Dogs rule!"He said.Rosalie then dropt her smile and turned serious.

"ex-band Rory."She then turned it on.Wicchita Lineman played.I was shocked she would put that on.Did a cool girl and pretty girl like her like my music?

"They don't want to listen to that"I said.I tried to go get it but she stopped me with putting her hand on my chest.

"Halt."She turned me around.Slience came in and the kdis started doing art sliently.Rosalie smiled and put her arm around my shoulder.

"Way to soothe the savage beast.You are a werido aren't you Edward Mason?"She asked.I shrugged.After helping Rosalie out.I learned she was pretty cool and into Rock-in roll like I am.In the same way.I finally got home and my Mom and I were eating dinner at the coffee table.One time for the rest of living here.We were eating Califonia Pizza Kitchen.

"Wait,she wants you to do this every week?"She asked.I nodded.I finally got a friend.Suprising.She took a bite out of her pizza crust and took a anpkin and wipped her hands.She got up to throw the box away.

"Just because,someone tells you to do something,doesn't mean you have to do it"Yeah I did.With her.She always got mad at me for not listening to her.

"What about your day.You mention meeting a guy at the supermarket.Name?"I asked.She sighed and crossed her arms around her chest.I took a bite out of my pizza.

"Carilise Cullen.Doctor at the hospital we have a date tommrow"She said.She then paused and sat down.

"When are you intrested in daycare?"She asked.I chuckled.

"Since when do you like doctors?"I asked.She shook her head and went to throw my pizza box away.Since I was done.I took a sip of my Sprite.

"Since when did you get good at changing the subject?"She asked.SHe was right.I was awful at changing the subject.I sighed.Then her phone went off.She went to it and smiled.She answered it.

"Hello Carilise"I laughed.She was starting to act like a teenager again.Which was very rare.She started to talk to him.She turned to me asking Carilse to hold on.

"So,what's this Rosalie like?"She asked.I shrugged.She was amazing and kind.She was a lot like Esme.Except she was into music like me with my Mom it was just trying to make me happy.

"Not,only is she the coolest person who's ever spoken to me,she's potentially the coolest person on the planet"I said.She smiled.

"But don't make a big deal out of it."I took another sip at my Sprite.She then came over to me.

"Is she pretty"I groaned.She was on my borderline.I looked at her with pleatful eyes.She took it as a stop it.

"We are not going to paint each other's nails and talk about crushes.Not gonna happen"I said.She nodded and went back to talking on her cellphone.I went t my room and laid on my bed and sighed.

The next couple of weeks went by and me and Rosalie were really were taking it well.I didn't stutter infront of her and she didn't get all girly and started flirting.It was great.But I also started thinking of Bella more.I was walking home listening to my iPod.Coming home from Daycare duty.I saw a old red mustang next to me and in the driver seat was Rosalie.

"You walk home from school?"She asked.I shook my head and took out my ear buds.

"Bus waits for no one not even art class"She laughed and nodded.She then stopped the car and leaned over to open the passanger door.

"Come on.I am going to show you the coolest place ever"She said.I sighed and nodded.I got in and closed the door.She then started driving.It was scary driving in her car.She was so firece.We arrived at this spot that over looked New Jersey.It was beauiful.Rosalie put down the roof of the mustang and sat down next to me on the hood of the car.

"My dad used to bring me here"She said.I freaked out.Two girls had parents die.Great.

"Did he die?"She gasped and pulled away from me shaking her head.

"Take it back!"She said.I nodded.I felt so bad now.I was such a loser.I just wanted to leave now and actually talk to my mother about Carilse.She loved that man.She was falling really in love with him.

"I take it back.Sorry.Just the way you talk about him"She nodded adn sighed.She turned around.I saw tears come down her face.She sighed.

"Last summer he got sick.I don't like putting stuff like that into the universe,you know?"She asked.I nodded.She smiled a little bit.She got off the hood and went back behind the wheel.I hope she wasn't planning on killing me here.I then felt like asking her a question.

"Can I ask you a question?"I asked.She laughed.

"Was that the qeustion?"She asked.I shook my head.I sighed.

"Your a senior.Why are you hanging around with me a Junior?"I asked.I asked someone about it at school.They said she was a senior.And I felt like I was in this prank that she was going to do something to me.Something that would make every Senior praise her.

"Don't do whys.Okay.The Velvet Ungerground.if I'm going to teach you the basics,we might as well start with the best"I already knew about it.She held ou the cd case.I took it from her hands.

"If we are gonna start with the Velvets,I'd rather listen to the 1969 self-titled The Velvet Underground"I said looking at the cover.Brilliant.She looked at me oddly.And shocked.

"Unless you think the band went downhill when Lou Reed fired John Cale"I said.She was even more shocked.She probaly thought I was a dork.

"Who are you?"She asked.I shrugged.

"Edward "I said.She laughed and nodded.SHe smiled at me.

"Do you know a lot about music?"She asked.I shrugged.I did.But not all of it.I know my favorite music.Not Justin Brieber or Miley Cyrus stuff.I nodded.

"Why hasn't this come up before?"She asked.I shrugged again.

"We didn't have a before,really"I said.She nodded and smiled.

"Good point"I nodded.I handed her the cd case.Here comes a lie.That would totally haunt me forever.

"My dad's a muscian"I lied though.She smiled and took the CD case.

"Really?!No way.Have I heard of him before?"She asked.I shook my head and turned around.I hated lying.Escpiecally to Rosalie.A senior.She could make my like a living he**.

"He's a sideman.If the Who need a keyboard during their tour,or Sonic Youth wants a synth part on track.."She gasped and ran over to me.

"He travels with the Who?"She asked.I nodded.Lying nod.

"It might sound cool.But I mean,he's hardly home a lot.That's why my Mom divorice him"I said.It was a good lie.It made up of why I was this way.I had to get rid of lying more to Rosalie.

"So,what's the deal with the whole Bandslam thing?It's like the town is obsession."I said.She turned to me and smiled.

"THat's because,the winner gets an actual bona fide record deal"She said.That was so cool.She threw a rock into the sky and then threw it forward.That was awesome.

"Seriously?"I asked.She nodded.I got off the hood and headed toward her.

"Seriously"SHe said.She then started moving her head and closed her eyes to the sound of the music.She looked so beautiful.I was falling in love.Her head went to her face.I had to get the images of me kissing her.I just needed Bella to satisfie my hormones.Didn't need Rosalie.

"Do any body esle of the school compete"I asked.She opened her eyes and stopped.She stared at me and shook her head.

"Going up agaisn Glory Dogs would be like buring the American flag"She said.That's great.I guess.She then headed toward her car.I stared at her as she walked away.

"Why did you quit"She sighed.

"Told you.Don't do whys"She said.I nodded.She got in her car and I did too.She but her seatbelt on and I followed her.

"Besides.I'm thinking about starting another band.Hey,maybe you can hear us jam on Saturday.Give us the benefit of your vast musical knowledge"She said.She wanted to hang with me on a Saturday?This town was getting werider and werider now.But then I thought about the thing that scares me the most.

"I don't do well in groups."SHe sighed and nodded.

"Always do the thing that scares you"I nodded and she started to drive off.
awesome job!!!!!!!:D
omg i love it!!!!! post more soon!!!!
love itt !! ,, keep me updated plz :)

omg post more soon!! =)
this is really good
Chapter 4-A Bodyguard For His Riff

My mom dropt me off and I walked though the house to the garage where Rosalie told me to met her and the band.I heard her singing.She was really good.SHe was singing "I Want You To Want Me"but the band didn't have a drummer.I walked in and stood in there.My face was grimced.

"Hey who is this?"I heard the short guy who had the eletric gutiar in his hands.Rosalie smiled and went to put her guitar on the stand.

"Hey,this is the coolest kid ever!"She exclaimed.A senior called me cool.I am totally loving New Jersey.A senior didn't even talk to me and a hot girl who was a senior was calling me cool.

"Knows abouslty everything about music.Guys,this Edward.Edward,this is guys"I nodded.She slung her arm around my shoulder.

"What's up"A guy with blonde hair that kinda looked like Carlise.My mom showed me pictures which made my whole existance seem like I was just her teddy bear for her to spread gossip about.

"What do you think?"Rosalie asked.Another guy with brown hair who was the short guy.He had glasses.I shrugged.I didn't feel comfortable talking to them about this.What if Rosalie hated me afterwards.I didn't want that.

"It was pretty taste right?Did you catch how,like,my bass line,it shadowed his lead guitar?"The guy with brown hair and glasses asked.He was a total nerd.

"I mean it was almost like I was a bodyguard for his riff dude.He was like.."He then started imatiating the guitar.He was werider than I was.Was that even possible.And he kept saying was "And I was like..." for about four times.In my head I was already typing to David Bowie. Dear David Bowie,how do you tell Pinocchio he'll never be a real boy?I then had to get out of his annoying imating.

"Okay,okay!"I exclaimed.He stopped.I sighed and Rosalie gae me a thank full look.I smiled at her and she smiled back.I sighed.

"Look,I know you're going for this kind of Thin Lizzy,dual guitar,third-adove harmony.But,I mean it's tough,sonically,to pull off,because you can't get the bass sound fat enough,or even in the same octave to create any real presence.Especially if your instruments aren't exactly tuned to each other"I said.They looked at me shocked and Rosalie nodded.

"I told you!"The guy with blonde hair that looked like Carlise said.The glass nerd looked at him gapping and shook his head.

"Did you?When?"He asked.They then started to fight and I stood there.Rosalie went to them and put a hand on both their chest and pulled them away from each other.

"Hey,wait,wait,whoa,whoa.Can it.We were afriad of sounding to slick"She said the last part to me and walking toward me.I nodded.

"No, you're safe"She cracked a smile.

"What else?"She asked.I sighed.I hate rubbing this knowledge on her.I didn't want her to hate me for tranforming her band.Even if they did need help.Like a lot of help.

'I mean,they don't really want to hear what I..."She shook her head and put a hand on my shoulder.

"No,what else?"She demanded.I nodded and sighed.I hope she wouldn't yell at me and un-friend me.

"I can't stress how badly you need an actual drummer."Then the short guy came up to me and asked about himself.I sighed.He sucked but I'm going to have to use him some way.I sighed.I would never used my mean part of myself.But I had to help Rosalie with this band.I could tell it meant alot to her to beat Emmett.

"No offense,but it seems like you're trying to hard to be Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers"I said.He looked at me like I violated his house.

"I am not."He said.I nodded and squinted my eyes.I ran my hand though my hair and tugged on it to pull me to be like a manger.

"Okay.It's just with your jumping around and the shorts..."He moaned and then fixed his hair.It was kinda like Zac Efron.It was werid that he was into that.

"Come on,man.I don't want to be Flea.I don't even like Flea"He said.Yeah he did.He probably had a name that was like Flea.That was kinda simlar but no that much.

"What's your name?"I asked.He sighed and looked down.

"Bug"I nodded.Rosalie laughed and Jasper did too.I tried to smile but didn't really show it.He then headed toward his gutiar and hit Jasper on the arm.I turned to Rosalie.

"What's the bands name?"I asked.Rosalie smile dissapeared a little.

"Glory Dogs"What the heck?It couldn't be Glory Dogs.There was already a Glory Dogs.And they kinda sucked if you asked me.I asked Rosalie the question that would probably make her mad.

"Isn't that the the name of the other band?"I asked.Jasper interuppted.

"No.They're Emmett McCarty and the Glory Dogs.Like Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band,or Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.You get it?That way,he can fire whoever he wants whenever he wants to,and it stays his band"He said.I nodded.I guessed.But still they needed a new name.

"Look are we through here,because I'm straving"Bug said.Rosalie nodded.

"Yes,come on.So,Edward,every Saturday at noon,right here"She said.They then left and I got my bookbag.We headed to eat and I went home seeing my Mother was watching the Notebook.The next say I was sitting down next to Bella while kids were doing their project.Ours was the last one thank goodness.I was doodling names for the band.I couldn't come up with one.And I was also thinking of the sound for the band.They can't have the same sound as Emmett McCarty and the Glory Dogs.

"Mike Newton is a puzzle.An enigma"Me and Bell tried to hold our laughfter.She turned to me with a smug smile on her face.

"A sphinx"He said.There was a picture of Mike Newton.He winked at Bella and she gagged.I bit my bottom lip.Then the school bell rings.I sighed.Thank goodness.Mike left after dropping his number on Bella's desk.She gave it to Jessica Stanley who was giggling over Mike's picture.She turned back to me and smiled.

"So,I guess we should get together again"She said.I put my stuff on my backbag.

"Okay,sure.What aboout you house?"Bella and I walked out of the classroom.

"Can you have friends over?"I asked.She looked at me and shook her head.

"Friends.Don't have those.But I do watch the show."I nodded.She walked infront of me.I didn't have them either.I said that and she smiled.

"Maybe we can not have friends together."She said.She was smiling but looking down.I sighed.

"Acutally,I might have one friend.You know Rosalie Hale?"I asked.She laughed and nodded.She looked at me.

"Since I was ten.She's a senior"She said.So I wasn't the only one overracting about the senior part.I nodded.We got to my locker and I put my books away.

"Yeah,I thought that was weird too.So there;s a 50% chance that I might be a punch line to some elaborate practical joke,but she seems pretty sincere.Are you friends?"I asked.She leaned on someones locker and crossed her arms around her chest.

"Ever heard of a stutter laugh?Ha.Ha.Be careful Edward"She said.I closed my locker and looked at her.

"Why?"I asked.She sighed.

"Leopards and cheerleaders don't change their spots"I said.She was a cheerleader?!Wow!I might be hanging out with high school princess.This unbeleiveable.I asked her to make sure I heard clear.She nodded and rolled her eyes.

"Was.Last year.Junior prom queen,too."She shook her head in disbelif.I went up to her as she was walking away.I touched her arm and I felt electricty.Did she feel it too?But it seemed like she ignored it.So I tried to,too.

"That's amazing to me.I mean,she seems so..Not"Bella looked at me like I was an indiot.

"She has her own Wikipedia page"She shook her head.She left and I sat down on a bench outside and typed in Rosalie Hale on wikipedia.I saw it.She was a cheerleader.That was werid.There was an image of her.She was smiling.Her hair was straight and she was showing a cheerleader move.I could not beleive this.I closed my laptop and went in the living room.My mom was going on another date with Carlise.She kissed the top of my head and left.I deicded to watch the Runaways.Since it was the only movie that I would be intrested in.But I fell asleep instead.


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