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Welcome to the banner effects class!

I'm Nikki and I will be your banner effects mentor this term.

I know I may not be the best mentor on the site, but I do my best =)

My overall goal is to show everyone the simple, yet fun ways to make your banners POP within your blending techniques and texture.

Now somethings I know you know. And other things you may THINK you know (xD, JK)

But maybe I do something differently whether that is technique or pressing a different button.

Again, I know I'm probably not who you were expecting for teaching such an AWESOME class, but hopefully I'll grow on you =)


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S  T  U  D  E  N  T  S

Well, I have a list of you below, and I will check your name off on the list regularly.

What I mean is, every time you complete an assignment or just respond to a tutorial, I put a check reminding me who has been "handing in" assignments. Every week will be a different colored check so that way you will be able to think: "Oh, I'm missing the red check. Let me do that assignment!"

Unlike school, there is no punishment for not turning in homework, I just recommend you do it so that it may help you in the future =)


Pupil List

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This is just where the links to tutorials are because it is just more convenient to post them here rather than you going through the whole discussion to find your assignments.

(Click banners to go to lessons. You may have to scroll up or down depending on when I posted the link)

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A  S  S  I  G  N  M  E  N  T  S

Okay, so I'll be posting all of your assignments here at the bottom of the discussion so it is the last thing you will look at and it sticks in your head.

I hope to have 1 to 3 assignments per week, depending on how long it takes to teach each tutorial.

I generally like posting assignments in Word Documents (it just looks neater to me)


This way, I can post them in a different format.


Now, your assignment(s):


Assignment: Complete the form I have posted as a comment to the discussion. Basically tell me what you know, and what you want to learn. =)

Assignment: Say what you think banner effects means. Include if you can find/download brushes.

Assignment: Complete the tutorial. Find an image that you can use your gradient on. Feel free to use layer modes if you know how to use them. If you cannot do the image thing for any reason, just post a screenshot of your gradient and I'll give you a check. I also ask, do you know how to use layer modes? Answer that question along with your image.

Assignment: Complete the artificial gradient tutorial and share your results. Preferably: Post a before/after product =)

Assignment: Do your best to complete this tutorial and share your results. IF and only IF you are a person who CANNOT download brushes, you are excused from this lesson. Just leave a little comment reminding me so that I can give you an orange check =).

Assignment: Okay, so I know Claire taught you Layer Modes with text, and I showed you gradients, and most of you knew what Layer Modes were already.

So, in this assignment, I want you to combine the two.

The twist? Your text can only be ONE SINGLE WORD.

This is a banner effects class, not text, right? Oh, and you must use at least one gradient. Excited?

Assignment: I want you all back in the habit of making textures. So, this will be an ongoing assignment. Once a week, I want you to make a texture and share it. At the end of the term, you'll get your yellow check even if you only did it once =) But, I'll give you guys something really cool if you do one a week til the term's end!!

Assignment: Create a "crack brush" effect with only ONE image.

I'll show you the two image one tomorrow.

Don't forget to make another texture going towards your yellow check assignment!!

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Replies to This Discussion

Um I used to know how to? Lols. No really. Hunter forgot how to download brushes and fonts. I used to, when I was figuring out how to use GIMP i downloaded so many, but ... I haven't in ages >< lols ~ Um What Banner Effects means? Anythign to make thigns pop and look nice haha ^^

Haha that's fine. I'll post a tutorial for you =)

Your Name:Risa/Sara Either is fine.

Your Username:Beyond♥The♥Eyes.

Can You Open Word Documents?:Yes

What do you prefer I post tutorials as?: Anything is fine 

What do you wish to learn more about?: I want to learn anything I can.

Your Favorite Bands/Singers?:Taylor Swit,Neon Trees,3 Days Grace,3 Doors Down,Shaggy,Katy Perry,and Cady Groves. 

Your Favorite Actors/Actresses!:Sophia Bush,Bethany Lenz, Birttney Snow,aloot more

Your Celebrity Crush?:Sean Faris ;)

Favorite Color?: Black&Purple

Welcome! I'll get your name up there.


This lesson is intended to help Hunter, but anyone is welcome to look at it =).

(Click all screen shots for their FULL SIZE)


Go to

Next, click, "Resources and Stock Images". I circled it in hot pink.

Then, to narrow it down, go to "Application Resources".

Last, click GIMP Brushes. Make sure it is set to All Time at the top.

Now click on a brush. As long as it says ZIP file, you should be fine.

Now, before downloading ANYTHING, open your windows.

At the bottom where it says "Search for Programs and files", you type in "brushes". Your brushes folder should come up.

Click on it and leave it open. Now click download file on the deviantart page.

Then click OK.

Now a folder will come up with all your new brushes. Highlight them and right click. Click copy.

Now exit out of that and go to your brushes folder.

Right Click and then paste them in your brushes folder.

Now the next time you go to GIMP your brushes will be available for use.



Easy Right?

Just let me know if you got it. I'm not going to count it as a check, since most of you knew how to do it already, but it seemed easiest to post it here.


<3 Haha Thanks Nikki <3 Totally Get it again ^^

Haha, you're welcome =P

I hope that everyone can get in their "purple check" assignment so that I can post the tutorial on how to make a gradient.


Thanks Nikki, this really helped alot. I was all good up until the end, when it started to download it asked for the parental password and my parents won't give it to me to download anything :/

Oh that is ABSOLUTELY fine!

I'd try your birthday or their anniversary, a pet's name... haha, I've figured out most of my parent's passwords =P.

I think it would be different kind of effects you can use to make your banner stand out or better, in some way. I do know how to download fonts and brushes i also know where i can find them :) Sorry i've been so far behind i'm trying to catch up.

Good answer. I agree. =)


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