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BANNERS IN HERE! COVERS TOO! Anyone wants one? (AVAILABLE- who wants one?)


I love making banners and I just found a really good way to do them! lolz
Umm had a discussion with banners but im re-opening it! LoL
I know im working in two fanfics, but making banners can be really interesting! XD
Hope you want one!

To request a banner, you should add:

Pic: (if u want sth in particular)
Quote: (if u want)
Shory Summary: (if u have one)


My FanFics:

Unexpected: a story about Jacob & Leah

" />

Breaking Sunset: a story about Bella & Edward


Here are some of my banners :)

p style="text-align: left;">

So I made us a banner and a cover, hope you like them! If you think they need editing, just let me know.


I've been nominate for Best Banner Maker! If you like my work, PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!




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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy goooooooddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XD thank you thank you thank you!
Hey can u manke one for me?
Title: Between two Tribes!
Author: CoCa Wolfe
Quote: My life had been confusing form the moment i was two, witch is when i first meet Quil

if u wanna read it here is the first part i dosnt give you a relly good idea but Quil is how do u put it specical hes a demon and then he leaves the pack to join the demons so now Clarie has to choose Quil or her family-
here is the banner!

Like it / Hate it / Edit?
I LOV it is really nice!!!! thanks!!!!
XD thank you! glad you liked it :)
Can you make me a banner? If it's not to much trouble =]

Title: Sunshine
Author: Sarah
Pic: (if u want sth in particular) nothing in PARTICULAR
Quote: (if u want) i dont have one yet, if you could think of one tha'dbe gret!
Shory Summary: (if u have one) After her parents are killed in a car crash Analee, Quil's cousin, must move to La Push. While everyone acts strange around her, and Seth will never leave her alone. Soon, she meets Joshua and Kirsten. Two bestfriends, with big secrets. As she starts to uncover the truth about her new friends she also meets Alex, and Brooke two very strange people.

Looks Like:

Analee- Taylor Parks the site model
Alex- Alex Evans
Joshua- At the bottom
Kirsten- At the bottom
Brooke- Brookelle Bones


can you not use JUST this pic^ though?
Here is yours!

Like it / Hate it / Edit?
here is yours!

Like it / Hate it / Edit?
Oh here is bigger if you prefer :)

Is ok like this? I don't mind if you want to edit it, just let me know!
Guys I'll continue with the rest tomorrow, kk? I really need to sleep!

Thanks for the support! =D


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