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BANNERS IN HERE! COVERS TOO! Anyone wants one? (AVAILABLE- who wants one?)


I love making banners and I just found a really good way to do them! lolz
Umm had a discussion with banners but im re-opening it! LoL
I know im working in two fanfics, but making banners can be really interesting! XD
Hope you want one!

To request a banner, you should add:

Pic: (if u want sth in particular)
Quote: (if u want)
Shory Summary: (if u have one)


My FanFics:

Unexpected: a story about Jacob & Leah

" />

Breaking Sunset: a story about Bella & Edward


Here are some of my banners :)

p style="text-align: left;">

So I made us a banner and a cover, hope you like them! If you think they need editing, just let me know.


I've been nominate for Best Banner Maker! If you like my work, PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!




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thank you! it's perfect =P
Hey tomtom here it is, was this what you were looking for?

Like it / Hate it / Edit?
Thanks tomtom! Sure don't worry i'm gonna try to fix that right now
Here it is... what do you think?

GOD I've been trying to load this like for an hour!! grr well I could :)
Idk what happened I'll try again

Hey, I really like the last one u made so could you make me another one?

I sat in the corner, shaking with fear. Phil came into the room, holding the bloody belt.
“Bella, you ugly brat! Come here, you need to pay.” I whimpered, I hadn’t meant to drop the cup! I was only four, it was really hard for me to wash glass dishes.
I looked at the cuts on my hand from trying to hide the glass before Phil could see it.
“Bella.” Phil sneered coming closer to me.
“STOP.” A little voice yelled as Cameron jumped in front of me. I tried to push her away, my sweet little two year old sister, Phil was too drunk to notice that it wasn’t me he was about to strike, her hit her across the face with his metal belt. She fell to the floor, blood gushing from her head.
This is my life now, this is how I live.
Here it is Amanda

Like it / Hate it / Edit?
that is so amazing!!! thank u so much!!!!
Tittle: The unkown
Author: Juju
Pic: I want to include a sad bella with jacob next to her and edward looking away
Quote: He is back now and everything will have to change
Short Summary: I dont really know where the story is going to end up, but i know i want to keep all the original characters alive. Is about the first time Edward left and in my story he decides not to go back to Forks right away. This will affect everyone.
Here is your banner!

Title: Southern Love
Author:Susan Cullen
Pic: Nothind special maybe something southern or country
Quote: "I love you" He said "Forever" I asked "And always"
Shory Summary: Its just a southern twilight all human with drama

title: two worlds come together author: mysty
quote: little did i know that after tonight my world was going to change forever
summary: bella was adopted by the cullens and they move to forks. they have to meet with the wolf pack and that is when sam imprints on bella.
here are a couple pics you might can use:


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