The Twilight Saga

Inspired by the classic tale of Beauty and The Beast and also by Beastly (which was inspired by BatB). 
This is the story of Bella and Edward. But things are changed up a bit. Edward is the popular guy at school. He's selfish and shallow. What happens when he is cursed by his friend's new girlfriend? What happens when he is turned into a monster only given a year to live and find love or he'll be cursed forever. He meets Bella then and falls in love. But will she except him?


Edward Cullen (Main character)
Bella Swan (Main character)
Emmett McCarthy (Edward's friend)
Rosalie Hale (Emmett's girlfriend)
Alice Cullen (Edward's sister)
Jasper Whitlock (Alice's future boyfriend)


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Chapter One:

I walked into school everyone staring as usual. But it wasn’t one of those “You’re a freak!” stares. It was one of those “I worship you” ones. I was a god. Well to every student at Forks High School.
Geeks, fellow jocks, chicks, all of them would kiss the ground I walked on if they could without looking like total freaks.
I finally arrived at my locker where my best bud since sixth grade was standing waiting on me. He was probably the only person at this school who didn’t care for my popularity. But I considered that true friendship.
“Hey, Eddie-boy,” Emmett said with a cheesy grin.
I shoved my things into my locker. “How’d you spent your weekend?”
“Well, Saturday night, I went to Seattle and I met this girl.”
I rolled my eyes. This was how all his stories began. He always claimed whichever chick he met was the love of his life. Then, a week later he would either meet another one or figure out she was such a bimbo.
“You’d love her. She’s beautiful. Beyond beautiful. And just listen to her name: Rosalie. Now, that name belongs to a beautiful girl.”
I started walking down the hall as he followed me. Still talking of course about his new fixation.
“…And Friday night, you can meet her,” he said giving me a hopeful look.
I made a face. “Emmett, I don’t know. I might be busy.”
He stopped me standing right in front of where I was walking. “Please, Edward? Don’t make me get down on my knees and plead. I don’t want that reputation. But please come to meet her.”
I sighed finally giving in. I really didn’t want to make Emmett look like a fool in front of all of Forks High School. “Fine.”
“Yes!” He sounded in victory and let me continue walking.
As we passed, I noticed a girl staring at me extremely hard. Like she was concentrating. Concentrating on what? If I had had any plastic surgery or something to make me look this good?
She quickly turned away as she caught my eyes looking back.
I remembered seeing her around here. I couldn’t remember her name. Something with a B. She was the police chief’s daughter. Big brown eyes. Always too curious. But she was quiet and meant no harm.
She wasn’t in any crowd really. She hung around with the kids like Mike Newton (super annoying guy who got on my nerves all the time and was jealous but scared of me), Jessica Stanley (girl who knew everything going on and had a massive crush on me), Angela Weber (a quiet girl who was shy and could never form full sentences around me), Eric Yorkie (total nerd that I knew nothing about), and a few others who I guessed weren’t important enough for me to remember.
But this girl. She stuck out from the crowd. She was different. I could tell that from her depthless eyes. She had secrets. But of course I would never get to know them.

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