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Well it's Sep 13;Friday the 13 ironically. This day is also known as Bella Swan's birthday to the Twilight fans. 26 years ago in the fictional world of Twilight a beautiful character was born. Yes, I know it's fictional but I LOVE Bella and would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite literary heroin! She's not real but she's become so real to me and I can relate to her on so many levels. Since Bellas on the brain, I would like to know what you think. What would Twilight be without Bella?

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I love Bella enough I bought this to drive round in... I know it's not exactly the same, but then the movies and the books don't agree anyway. So, it is fun to drive around. Obviously I named her Bella.

awww omg it is so cute i love it! i loved Bella's truck so much it fit her character so well. 

Wow. I love your truck.

Thanks! Unfortunately, it's time for Bella to go. I have this progressive muscle disease that well, makes driving a manual steering very difficult. I thought about having it converted to power steering, but to expensive. I really wish I could have bought the original. I understand it was sold on ebay and is somewhere in Texas. Oh well. Glad you all like her. I hope to drive her a few more times before she's sold.

Aww that's too bad I live in Texas maybe I'll see her

Last I heard, you can rent it and drive it around. You should look into it, it would be so cool to drive the actual truck!

Omg really?! Totally looking that up.

Wow I love this truck it's so me and Bella


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