The Twilight Saga

This is the story of what happened after Edward and Bella adopted Luna and changed her into a vampire. Luna's character is based a lot on my own experiences because I was adopted, too, and I am now very happy with my life. Here is the link to the prequel, First Light:

Chapter 1

I could only feel pain, like every cell in my body was ablaze, turning me into a pile of ashes. I had felt this pain for who knows how long, but each second felt like a year. I waited for the fire to burn itself out, but it never did, and I wondered how long it would take before I died.

The last thing I remembered before the agony had come was my new mother whispering in my ear. She looked far too young to be a mother, and she was pale and beautiful like her also too-young husband. However, they acted so mature for their age, and I had trusted them. For as long as I could remember, I had lived in the Forks, Washington orphanage, because both of my parents had been killed in a car crash. I had no memory of them, as I was just six months old when they perished, but I wanted a family more than anything.

I had no friends at the orphanage because of my quirky behavior, and I had pretty much given up on getting a family on my thirteenth birthday; it's very rare that a teenager is adopted. So you can imagine how happy I was when the Cullen couple said they wanted to take me in. I had just walked in the huge house before my new mother, Bella, bent down close to my ear and whispered, "I'm so sorry," before I felt the skin on my neck being slashed and I was engulfed in flames. I have always been optimistic, but now I think my life will come to an end.

My parents sat by my side the entire time, Edward holding one hand and Bella the other. I had decided not to call them Mom and Dad because I already had those, and they could never be replaced. I thrashed and screamed on the table I lay on and the young couple squeezed my hands at the same time. I did not know why they had brought this pain to me, but I wasn't sure I trusted them anymore.

Suddenly, the pain ended, and I sat there for a moment in shock before i opened my eyes. Everything was in pristine clarity, and I could see every plane on every little particle of dust in the air, but the first things that caught my eye were the shining faces of Edward and Bella.

Bella was looking apprehensive, slightly worried, but it looked like the face of a concerned mother. Edward was smiling encouragingly at me, and then he looked to his wife. "She's fine, Bella, just a little stunned," he told her gently, and I could hear his lips brushing together as he talked. Then he turned back to me. "Luna, I know you're really confused, but we'll explain everything, I promise. First, do you want to hunt?"

I noticed then that there was a flaring pain in my throat where the fire hadn't been doused, but this time it felt like I was parched! I needed blood! I nodded furiously, and Edward took me by the arm and walked me through the kitchen to what I assumed was the back door. It opened up to a river with the forest behind it, and he let me go and took a running start to the river. He cleared it in one jump, almost flying over it, and I felt my jaw drop. Edward landed gracefully on the other side and turned to smile back at my stunned face.

Then, it clicked. My years of reading every book I could get my hands on had taught me about every manner of imaginary creatures, and the family I now belonged to fit one of their descriptions.

Vampires. I had been adopted into a family of vampires, and I had been transformed into one. That was why they were all pale, why I thirsted for blood, why they had amazing agility. I was a monster.


I had always dreamed of joining the world of the supernatural, to be able to do amazing things and escape from the orphanage, and now I had finally gotten my wish.

With a smile, I ran at the speed of a bullet and shot over the river to my waiting father.

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You are a great writer, is too bad you hadn't continue with this story.

It was totally worth it coming here to check every word you wrote. But I guess if you didn't feel it in youheart to continue, you just can't push it. Because at the end, it would've turn out to be something you hated it and the chapters turn to be a disapointment, because you been doing this to just continue and please other, rather than continue because that is what you felt in your heart.

This is extremely awesome!! I just finished reading Fisrt light! this is greattttttt

awesome sauce~!

please continue


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