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Summary: Bella ,who is quite happy in Forks, with a boyfriend and good friends, meets the “Beautiful Stranger”, Edward Cullen, who messes her life up and makes her dark secrets come out, who will she choose?

Chapter 1: Getting Ready

“Wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy. . .”  My alarm clock, pre-programmed to play my favorite song in the morning, was doing its daily duty.  “Alright, alright, I’m up!”  I sat up too quickly in my bed and looked over at the clock. “7:30” it read. Time to start a new day.

For some reason, I felt wide awake. I went to my dresser to pick some clothes to wear.  I went with grey skinny jeans and my favorite V-neck, dark blue blouse. Quickly, I threw on a pair of earings and slipped on my Converse. 

Bzzzzz…..Bzzzzzzz. Oh how could I forget? My phone. It lay on the floor still connected to its charger. I flipped it open. 4 NEW TXT MESSAGES, it blinked at me. The first one,

From: Alice7:15a.m.

Bella! Wake up sleepy head! I know u like to sleep in, but come on! A little birdie told me…Peter is going to get to school early! So get your butt over here!

I went to the next one.

From: Alice 7:19

Bella? Are you up? You know I only live 10 min. away! Don’t make me drive over there and get you!

I didn’t even bother to open the rest, sure they were going to be from Alice again. Alice is the sister I will never have. We have been best friends since 6th grade.  And Peter? He’s my boyfriend. We’ve  only been dating 2 weeks, when he finally got the nerve to ask me. I really do like him, and I’m pretty sure he likes me too.

A pounding on my bedroom door woke me up from my daydreaming. “Bells? Do you know where I put my sneakers?”  I heard Jasper say from the other side. “Um, I’m pretty sure Emmett took them.” I replied. “ ‘Kay thanks, by the way, hurry up! We have to get going!”

Jasper was my older brother, he’s a senior. Emmett is Alice’s older brother. They’re best friends so Emmett’s around my house so often he’s practically my brother too.

I looked at my phone one last time. 7:55. Time to go.

Chapter 2: Accident 

Jazz didn’t say much in the car. He listened to his iPod, which I took as he didn’t want to be bothered.

We got to school with 2 minutes to spare. No one was in the parking lot, so that must of meant class had started. Oh no.

“Bye, Bells!” “Bye, Jazz!” We said at the same time as we got out of the car. We shared a quick smile and then it was off to class.

In the school, it was warm and dry so I took off my sweatshirt and draped it over my arm. I wasn’t exactly running but I wasn’t walking either. I was about to turn the corner when BAM! Something hard and solid ran right into me. “Oh!” I exclaimed as we both fell to the ground. Papers and books were everywhere.

I tried to scramble up quickly but my head was still dizzy. I sat up, closed my eyes, and tried to clear my head. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to. I didn’t see you coming.”, said a man’s voice. I wasn’t anyone I recognized but the sound was so beautiful. The voice was soft and alluring. Did he do that on purpose? I opened my eyes.

If his voice was beautiful then there was no way to describe the way he looked. He had bronze messy hair, green eyes, perfect full lips. The only thing I could do was stare at him, looking stupid.

“Um, here let me help you.” I watched wordlessly as he gathered my books into a neat pile and then he silently gathered his small pile of papers into a stack. 

“I-uh—Sorry, I didn’t mean to run into you.” I stuttered. He stood up then and held his hand out to me. I took it and he helped me up.  He gave me back my books as he said, “No it’s not your fault. I should be more careful.” He smiled at me and I went into shock again. How could one person be so perfect? It wasn’t fair.

He held out his hand again, this time to shake mine. “My name is Edward Cullen, by the way.” There’s that smile again. “Bella Swan. Are you new here? I’ve never seen you before.”

“My family just moved here, it’s my first day here.”, he explained. I realized now that we were walking. This was my chance to make up for looking stupid before. “Would like to sit with us at lunch? I mean if you wanted to, I just thought, you know since. . .” He cut me off, “I’d like that.” 

He opened the classroom door for me, I went in looking down, my face sure to be bright red. I blush easily.  Class already started. “Oh how nice of you to decide to join us.” I hate teacher sarcasm.

“I’m sorry it’s just that I. . .” But Edward cut in. “I got lost. Bella was just kind enough to point me in the right direction. I’m new here.”  I don’t think the teacher believed him, it’s very hard to get lost in a school of this size, but he let it slide anyway. “Alright, well take your seats then. Oh, Edward, here’s the textbook you will be needing.” He handed him a book.

I went to take my seat behind Alice and next to Peter. The only available seat would be next to me.  I must keep my cool!



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Chapter 11

Was this how dying felt? If so, wow was it painful.

Maybe I had to go thru all the pain in the world just to go to Heaven...Or maybe I wasn't going to heaven at all.

But I was pretty sure I was going to heaven because if I wasn't I wouldn't of heard Edward's voice with me.

"Bella." He moaned. His voice was in obvious agony. "Don't..please...I'm sorry, Bella..come back."
Why was he apoligizing? I heard him break down into sobs.

I couldn't see or feel anything. I could only hear Edward's voice.
The voice became panicked, "I'm not leaving her. You can't make me." I realized he must of been talking to one of the abulance guys.
"Bella, I love you..don't leave me. Please. I love you..I love you..." I wanted so much to say something or do something but I was trapped in my mind.
Edward's voice became fainter. I was slipping in and out until I couldn't think anymore.

I had strange dreams. First I saw Edward beaten up and broken. Then he was kissing me. Then he told me loved me. Then he was running away from me and I couldn't quite keep up.

"I think she's awake. Look her eyes are fluttering." It sounded like Alice.
"Bella? Can you hear me?" It was Edward again. I felt pressure on my hand.

I used all my might to open my eyes.
I saw everyone around me; Alice, Jazz,Rose,Em, but most important Edward.
"Bella!" Everyone yelled. "I'll go get Dad." Edward said. Edward's face went from relief, like someone offered him water after walking around in a desert, to pain, as if someone punched him in the gut.

"What happened?" I asked.
"It was a terrible, Bells." Emmett said.
"Someone hit you with their car." Rose said.
"And kept going." Jasper growled.
Alice was close to tears.
"And Edward?" I asked.
They all exchanged a glance. "He was...not so good. Actually we don't have to talk about this right now." Rosalie said.

Edward was back with Carlisle. Carlisle told me nothing was broken, surprisingly, just bruises everywhere and scratches.
"Um, can I have some time with Bella?" Edward asked.
They all filed quietly out of the room.
He stared after them for a long while until he finally turned back to me.
"Edward what has been going on?" I asked. His face was contorted with pain he tried to hide but I knew better.
"Bella, we have to talk." He whispered.
I straightened up in my bed.
"I..I think..I..our relationship."
My heart froze. "What about it?"
"Bella, I don't think its gunna work out."
My heart was frozen, but then it shattered. This could not be happening.
"Bella I'm breaking up with you. Your not right for me."
"Edward, no, no, NO. I heard you that day of the crash. You said you loved me."
His face paled and his mouth popped open. "Bella, you were unconscience. You hallucinated."
I shook my head.
"I'm sorry Bella. I hope you recover okay. I promise I'll leave you alone."
"Don't leave me." I clutched at his arm.
He removed himself swiftly. "I'm sorry. Goodbye Bella." He turned and stode out of the room.

Life was over. My heart, my mind, my everything was gone. And it was never coming back. He took it all.

I was vaguely aware of when everyone came back in the room. There was a lot of bright light. I remember walking into my house. I shattered every picture of Edward and I in the room. I thru my phone out the window. I thru out every gift he ever gave me.

I was wrong before...this was how it felt to be dying.

I was constantly surrounded by my friends. At first it was akward with Rosalie, but I told her I didn't blame her for anything. They were smart enough to not mention his name.

Sunday night, Alice and Rose were sitting in my room. I suddenly remembered something.
"What did you mean?"
They stared in confusion.
"After I asked you how he all looked weird. What happened?"
There was that weird glance again. "Bella..."
"Please. Just tell me." My voice was expressionless. As it always was these days.
"He um.." Rose started but broke into tears.
"He tried to..kill himself." Alice finished, looking down.


My mind had trouble comprehending this. It just didn't make sense.
"Why would he do that?" I asked.
"He felt guilty." Rose said.

My brain was spinning.
"We found pills. He was in the bathroom about to shove 14 in his mouth. I pray everyday in thanks that we found him in time." Rosalie said.

The world just didn't make sense anymore.
I laid back onto my bed, closing my eyes, trying not to scream.

A/N: ahhh!! this was so incredibly hard to write! anyways next chapter will be in Edwards point of view. finally get to see what that crazy boy is thinking! lol tell me what you think!!


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