The Twilight Saga

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Vanessa is turning seventeen, and is out with a bunch of friends.

One dares her to go into the Weeping Willow Woods, the woods in the small town of Rosewood that are rumored haunted. So on an unwilling dare, Vannessa goes in the woods, and meets a werewolf, Ben, who falls in love with her, in fact imprints on her, and if she loves him the same, he can become only human again. If not, then he will be in wolf form forever. She only has 6 months to fall for him! So it's a mix of Beauty and the Beast and Red Riding Hood, modernized!



Vanessa's POV

I rushed down the old trail behind my best friend Kate St. Clair's barn. Kate, her boyfriend Matt, Cora Beth, my cousin, Mike, my apparently hot older brother, Ken, Kate's cute brother, and Valery, extreme popular who Kate probably paid to even show up to the party.

We made it to the edge of the property line, which led down to the Weeping Willow woods, which no one dared go near. Well, because it was supposedly haunted. And the last kid who went in, Chris Everdeen, was supposedly choked by a shadow man, well, no one saw his face.

"Kaitlynn, mom will shoot us personally if she knew we were here!" Ken said sternly. "Chill dude! All the demons are just phsyco visions." Kate barked. "Kate, you sure about this?" Cora asked, hanging on to Mike's arm tightly, she was only 9 after all. "Listen Cora, if you're gonna be a baby, then run on up to your mommy." Kate said mockingly.

 "I'm with Kate on this one." Matt said. "When aren't you on Kate's side?" I joked. "Nessa, I'm gonna take Cora back up to the party." Mike said. I nodded, and Cora's little face flushed with relief.

"I dare one of you to go down there." Valery smirked. "So not me." Matt said. "Chicken." Kate murmured. "I'll bail on that." Kate and Ken said at almost the same time. "That leaves you birthday girl." Valery winked. "Oh no. I'd rather not..." I said. Before I could react Valery pushed me, letting out a popularly loud laugh.

"Val!" Kate said. That's the last thing I heard. When I hit the ground, I blacked out. I saw nothing but darkness. My lips suddenly quivered. I felt a hand. It covered my mouth. I awoke screaming. This someone was only wearing black. The shadow man.


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Chapter 4. Partner in Crime

As I saw the Shadow Man come closer, I ran faster. I had to get away, and now. Of course I was ten times slower, and weaker, so running was the best I could do. I finally found the motel. Dark, vampire time. As I put my hand on the handle, I felt a cold hand. I was pulled back.

 I turned to find the Shadow Man, and a girl behind him. “So Vanessa, you thought little Benny could save you from death?” Shadow Man asked, putting his hand over my lips, almost suffocating me before I could even answer.

 The female walked over, blonde hair slumped over her shoulders, and scarlet eyes that glimmered in the small moonlight. “What are you going to do to her Will?” She asked, and licked his neck jokingly.

 “Jessie darling, please wait for my explanation.” He grinned at her, his teeth shining, and his dark British voice that honestly gave me a chill beginning again. “Well, truth is Vanessa, I could kill you.” Will, the shadow man began. “But then again, I’ve already had my dinner.” He laughed a booming laugh, and I noticed a large dripping of blood on one of his fangs. “Besides, she could be of use to me. To mock the stupid puppies that have killed many of my kind.” Will said. I had no idea what he was talking about, but kept quiet about it.

 “William, it’s not like you not to kill.” Jess gave a kid like frown. “Jessica dearest, I promise this one will soon be yours.” Will gave her a poisonous grin. “How much can I have Will?” Jessica asked excitedly.

 “Your call. Feel free to rip her to shreds. But it could benefit us well to change her.” Will looked at her in an evilly loving way. Why were they saying this all in front of me? I shrugged in my brain.

 “I say keep her awhile, we can always toy with her if we get thirsty.” Jessica smiled. There was a blow of crisp air. It felt nice to kind of breath. There was a howl in the distance.

 “I think the dogs heard her pain.” William clasped his hands to my lips tighter. I screamed at how hard he was pushing. “Poor little baby.” Will said in his creepy British accent.

 “No one can hear your cry.” Jessica laughed loudly, more powerful than William in some ways. I heard a quick gasp, which made me jump. Will and Jessica looked around, they probably knew it wasn’t me.

 Then I saw the oversized wolf again. To tell the truth, this scene seemed more creepy here in the back of the motel than in the forbidden Weeping Willow Woods. There were two wolves, one was the black one that I had seen before, the other a dark chocolate brown.

 They growled and William sneered. Jessica’s eyes widened. She rushed away, scarlet eyes now seemed flushed with fear. Will uncovered my mouth, and took a quick bite from my right, now almost translucent wrist.

 Then he rushed away, following Jessica’s path. I started feeling a bit woozy, and decided to close my eyes. My entire arm burned in unexplainable pain. I now weakly wondered why people even think of becoming bloodsucking killers like William and Jessica. Why not think of being human forever? Why not think of being the mother of a few of the most precious children in the world?

 I sighed in my mind. I was in agonizing pain, and slipped to the autumn leaf covered ground. Suddenly, I saw Ben running toward me. “Vanessa!” He shouted. I could now only see blurrily.

 I had to think positive. But what was so positive? I mean, bad enough to even think, but at least I wasn’t bitten in the neck, right? Then I’d be a demon right now, and only think of the death of others.

 All of my hearing seemed tuned out. I could barely see, but my skin was pale, like almost sick. My wrist was now numb. “Hello?” I shouted. “Vanessa!” Tori shouted back, I recognized her voice. I was in a room with dimmed lights, and was placed on some sort of futon.

Tori ran in, another girl came in behind her. Tori looked at me. “It’s a miracle you woke up! Are you alright? Did the bite hurt much?” Tori asked. How would she--, I must have been out, so I wouldn’t say anything.

 “Fine. Not really.” I said. Tori sighed in relief. “Everyone else left a while ago. My mother is at work, and so is Ty. Xavier and James are in detention. Ben… he went to the store I believe.” Tori said.

 I nodded. “Melissa, mind watching Vanessa? I’m gonna go get in contact with Ty.” Tori ordered more than asked the other girl. Melissa smiled. Her hair was a caramel blonde, and her eyes some kind of blue-green hazel.

 Tori rushed out, and I heard two doors slam. “You must be Vanessa. I’m Melissa. Melissa Rosenberg, Tori’s friend. We were just studying.” She smiled. She was very nice, and suddenly reminded me of Kate.

 God I missed her. A tear escaped one of my eyes, I hoped Melissa just thought it was sweat. “Yeah.” I answered. “N-nice to meet you as well.” I said. “So, hear you’re falling in love with Ben.” Melissa smiled.

 “I wouldn’t say love.” I smiled back, even though I figured she knew I really would say love. “I dated Ben like two years ago almost. Too, I don’t know, mysterious for my liking. He always, I hate to say ditched me in the middle of dates.” Melissa sighed.

 “Me too! And then one of us--” I began. “Gets utterly attacked.” Melissa finished my thought. I nodded in agreement. “I mean, I understand that he is cursed and all.” Melissa said.

I suddenly shook my head. “What curse?” I asked.

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