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Bella Acts With The Self Controll, And The Desires, Of A Vampire Decades Old, Not Hours ! But Why ?






Bella Acts With The Self Controll, And The Desires, Of A Vampire Decades Old, Not Hours ! But Why ?



After Bella is converted into a Vampire, Edward and the rest of her new family is stunned that she doesn’t have the self controll of a "New Born Vampire," but rather that of a vampire who is decades old. And Bella is surprised too. Because Edward had told her that “for the first few years the thirst shall be so intense that you won’t be able to think about THAT”! (That being an erotic desire, to be physicaly intimate with him) But she is surprised to find that not only is she attracted to him, she is physicaly attracted to him with an intensity that is far, far beyond anything she has  experienced before.






White Rose Question: What is the reason (or reasons) that this is true ? 




Doc B


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Dear Gemma and Tara,
I love the moment in the wedding: "Charlie put my hand into Edward's and my upside down world turn right side up." Doc

Dear Gemma,
What a sincere pleasure to hear from you. I know that you have been busy lately.
You make a powerful point about a topic that I have just been studying. You say "a lot of the Twilight Saga is about fate and Bella from the moment she was born to be a vampire." I have just been reading Meyer's (coincidence) new book on a study of Tutor England. He says that, after Henry the eighth died, the English people wrestled with believing Luther's belief in "predestination.' Where your fate is determined even before you are born. Or Calvin's belief that "free will" is the key to understanding our destiny's. Stephanie keeps talking about making free will decisions. But I agree with you it seems as if Bella is fated. My college roommate was a Christian Science follower and he believed that: "Your life is fated from the moment you are born, BUT you can alter fate by using your free will to make decisions. Kind of like Alice demonstrates when she says: "The future is always changing as people or vampires change their minds about doing things.

I certainly agree with you that every thing about Bella screams vampire. Meyer's admitted that she may have subconsciously given Bella some vampiric traits. She certainly has a touch of something about her that isn't human.

Wow! What a great point, you say that since Bella has so many things in common with vampires that maybe that is part of the reason that control was easier for her. WHAT A GREAT POINT! (Very insightful no one elce, myself included picked up on that point
And your point about LOVE giving her control, I believe is also so true. Remember how Edward used his love for Bella to give him the strength and control to stop feeding.
Thanks for another one of your great analyses, as usual. Yours, Doc

Dear Gemma,
A couple of other thoughts about the topic of Bella's being "fated" .Remember when Bella was telling Edward that if it hadn't been for him her fate (death) would have been sealed twice. And he replied "Your fate was sealerd the moment I laid Eyes on you."

Exactly, our life is fated but you cn alter the course on how you get there! Edward WAS the one who would seal her Fate,her life was always connected to him and they were foted for forever, she was never going to be anything or anyone elses! Even when she was close with Jacob it was alway Edward she wanted and essentially needed because their fate is so connected! Edward's fate was also changed the day he laid eyes on BellaFated to be alone i think and then fatethrough them together in everyway.. Bella Swan was always going to be a vampire and always a Cullen
Well to tell you the truth, women have more self controll than men. so maybe that has something to do with it

Dear Devin, You make an excellent point. Thank you for sharing, Doc
Bear Story
I had a friend who was a manager at the GE bulb production plant in Kentucky. I asked him "Vernon why is it that I see literally thousands of women leaving your plant and very few men?" His response was "Because study after study has shown that women tend to have more self control than men have. Point well made Devin.

Everything in life all comes down to perspective.
The circumstances in which most people become a vampire are usually pretty horrific. They have no idea what is happening, nor do they have any time to prepare.Suddenly they find themselves powerless against this supernatural being with blood red eyes, unimaginable strength and speed, who is intent on either killing them, or turning them into a monster to suit their own sadistic needs. They have no idea what is happening to them, who or what this monster is that is doing it, nor do they have any way of knowing what is happening to them as they feel this unimaginable, excruciating pain that is like a million white hot pokers burning at them from the inside out. The fear, confusion and pain that is involved with the transformation is bad enough...but then to wake up in a brand new body with this mysterious speed and strength, a strangers beautiful face, foreign rock hard skin, and this unbearable thirst...all the while having zero point of reference as to why any of this is's enough to drive any sane person over the edge. And in most cases, they don't even have anybody to help them understand. They either wake up alone, or they wake up to someone like Maria who changed them on purpose and only want to encourage their newborn tendencies. Becoming a vampire really was a death to them, because they instantly lost everything they ever was before that moment; their family, their friends, their home, their whole life. They were left with nothing but a thirst.

Carlisle had an easier time than some for a couple of reasons. First, he knew exactly what was happening to him. His father had been fighting a battle against vampires his whole life. So while he was surely terrified, at least he had a point of reference. He knew what he was becoming, and he knew exactly what he didn't want to become. And Carlisle was such a good man. The strength of his goodness outweighed the strength of the monster inside of him.

I'd say that Edward, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett had an even easier time with the transformation because they were never alone. Although for each of them the transformation was a surprise, they had someone or somones right there beside them the whole time, holding their hands, explaining what was happening and what would happen to them. And after the change was complete, they had people there who had been there, done that, knew exactly what they were going through, and how to help them. And just having people there telling them "you don't want to be a don't have to be a monster. I know it's hard, but you can do this." That alone, I'm sure made all the difference in the world. They still each went through their newborn phases, but I just don't think it was quite the same as it was for Bree and the others. For each of them (except, perhaps, for Esme) becoming a vampire was still in a way a death. They lost everything they had before, and they didn't choose it. But it was also a new beginning. They weren't left with nothing, they had this whole new family to start fresh with.

And then there's Bella. Bella has a whole different story, unlike anyone else in existence, I imagine. Bella had two years to prepare for this moment. Not only did she prepare for it, she fought for it. Unlike every other new vampire before her, becoming one wasn't a death to her, it was a birth into the life she so desperately wanted. As much as it is possible for anyone to know what they were getting themselves into by becoming a vampire, Bella knew. This fate wasn't handed to her, she made a calculated choice. She knew exactly what she was giving up (which really boiled down to Charlie, Renee and Jake,) she knew about the burning pain she would feel during the change, and she knew about the intense thirst afterword that would take over everything she was. The fact that she knew what to expect made it controllable. It's like...if you are standing on the beach, paying absolutely no attention and a sudden gust of wind hits you unexpectedly, it can easily knock you flat. But if you know it's coming and brace yourself for it, you remain upright. I think another big part of Bella's successful transformation was the fact that she had this whole new life she was eager to begin. No silly thing like thirst was going to stand in the way of her starting her life with Edward and the rest of their family. And finally, and probably most importantly, is Renesmee. Bella had one final thing that no other newborn vampire ever had; a newborn daughter to take care of. There is nothing in this world stronger than a mothers instincts...not even, it would appear, a newborn vampires thirst. They say a mother could lift a two ton automobile to get to her child. Well if that is the case, of course this mother was able to control her thirst to be able to get to her child. Renesmee grounded her in ways that nothing else could. Her need to care for her daughter outweighed her newborn need for blood. Mind over matter.

I hope this makes sense and isn't too rambly! I have so many thoughts about this one it's hard to channel them all! :)

Dear Tara,
You start off with an excellent point: "Suddenly they find themselves powerless against this supernatural being with blood red eyes" In virtually every case this has always been true. Unless you are one of the rare few, who found themselves under the Cullen's care. It makes you wonder if there couldn't have been a lot more Bree's out there, if they had only awoken to see supportive souls. As you say they have "zero point of reference" great point. You bring up a point that has interested me, you say; "Becoming a vampire really was a death to them." Your reasoning explains how Bella was able to say: "NOTHING had changed, I was still me" Her preparation and PERSPECTIVE as a loving new mother and wife, change every thing.

You make a great point about Carlisle, at least having a point of reference when he was changed. It would make a huge difference. Poor Jasper was just trying to be cautious to "some ladies" on the road. And the next thing he provably thinks is that he is burning up in hell. (What else could he think that he was going through?)

And you make an excellent point, that when Edward and Esme were changed, that Carlisle would have stayed with them the whole time. He had been contemplating making a companion for decades. So I'll bet that he just quit working all together and cared for Edward. Rather than ever leaving him alone by himself. And Esme had Edward AND Carlisle to comfort and support her.
You said "becoming one wasn't a death to her, it was a birth into the life she so desperately wanted." What a GREAT! point." She truly was unlike anyone before her. You make another good point about her thirst. Being prepared as she was, she didn't even notice her thirst at first. Of course she was kissing Edward. (Bella seems to have changed from a danger magnet into a KISSING magnet) And your "Mother's instincts" observation is also a good point. Bella had TWO BIG, BIG reasons to inspire her to control herself. Thanks for sharing your excellent analyses with us, Doc

Which shade do you like better, for these double exposed photos?

Dear Doc B,

I was even shocked the first time I read Breaking Dawn...Bella is really different.
It also bothered me why?..why does she have the self control?even Edward was practicing that for
almost a decade.Well here is my own explanation;

Remember what happened in the clearing? when Bella's shield burst?
Exactly, she was clinging so hard to her human instincts that at first she have had a hard time controlling it.
so that was it..she was still clinging to her human instincts and maybe also because of her mental shield..maybe
her mind had protected everything she has in mind...that's all...


Dear Spegs,
I love your new Avatar honoring Stephanie. You are so right she is the true hero of "The Twilight Saga." GREAT CHOICE. And you make an excellent point about Bella's special mind and her shield. Thank You for sharing, Doc

Dear Reading Bear,
I am not certain what the answer to this question is. But I have a theory. And that is that, it was Bella's powerful ability to love (even before she transformed into a vampire) that allowed her to have so much control after her transformation. She did say, "When I examined my self (to see if there was anything special about me) to see if I had a trait that could be converted into a vampiric gift, but the only thing different about me was my ability to love. (PP*) Then after she "transforms" she says. "IT was as if my ability to love have simply expanded" IE: She could love Edward just that much more.

We discussed martyrdom recently. It is the gift of dying to save someone or something. And we found that Martyrdom is simply an act of love. So if love can give you the strength and discipline to even accept death, to me, It would seem only logical, that it could also give you the strength to control your vampiric desires.
Doc B,
*PP means quote paraphrased or " this quote may not be word for word accurate, but is fairly every quote I make is PP lol DB, adding quotes can be a powerful assistant to strenghten your point, by using PP it allows you make a quote with out taking the time to get your book out and looking up the quote)

I believe that is one of the many "gifts" she brought from her human life. Renee stated that she was never a child, or in other words acted like one. So why would she act like a newborn vampire? It really is not her personallity. She was always the grownup when it came to her mother, and when she moved in with Charlie it was in some ways similar.( She did the shopping, the cooking, the laundry.) Of course Charlie was more mature than Renee. Bella had two parents, but in a way she was the parent.


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