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Bella needs to choose . In Breaking Dawn she gets pregnant for Edward , but Jacob is still in the love triangle. Then Jacob imprints on Renesmee . I am on team Edward because Jacob is too ... hot-headed always mad and he can't get over the fact that he isn't right for Bella . 

  I what to know what u guys think?!?!

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huh? is this for a story?

Um... no . I am talking about all the sagas and Jacob in all the movies , and the love triangle.

Oh! sorry. I think Bella is exactly right for Jacob. And both of them KNOW that he's right for her, which is the reason it's taking Jake such a hard time to let go. But the fact that they are practically made for each other doesn't matter because Bella is madly in love with Edward and vice-versa. Bella's love for Edward is stronger than her love for Jacob. I'm team Edward too but I also like Jacob

i totally  agree with you. just like what jacob said, if vampires did not exist. they would be together and live a happy normal human life. no vampires, no wolf. but bella attracts anything hazardous so she ended up being a vampire, which of course is not bad.

I'm also on team Edward but because its apperent that Bella is just made for Edward. Even when she was human she showed that she was ment to be a vampire... she was born for Edward.

You're so right ! Thanks 4 the reply!

i never liked Jacob he was just in the way more of a pest, i mean when Bella told him that she loved Edward that sould of been it  in the first book as soon as Edward walked into the lunch room you knew Bella was locked on him

You are so right ! Thanks 4 your in put!

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Bella and Edward definitely belong together!  Jacob had a role to play, but he was always more of a protector and a friend. (Maybe a watchdog?)

more like  a stray dog

Right ! i was thing more of a * stray wolf *


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