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Bella was going to The Volturi to save Edward but she got attacked by Victoria in the sqaure and got turned. A new member of the Volturi Benjamin, who is from Egypt and rather mysterious as no one talks to him, finds Bella and he takes her to the Volturi. The Volturi keep Bella with them. Edward is shocked to see Bella as she is but she can;t remember who she is as she is a new born and lost her memory with the change. Edward willingly dies, As time passes Bella and Ben talk and she falls for him. What will happen?


Preface: Bella's Pov:

Death. As scary as that word sounds, I knew my end was coming, I knew it would come, like it does for everyone else, everyone fragile and human. Even animals, some have a short life span, some long but Death never loses.  I never really much feared death as I pictured my self dying old and alone on a death bed somewhere in a hospital or at my own house.  I never thought my end would come like this, or so soon, Never in the hands of my enemy Victoria. The day I died, was the day I started to live. I was re-born, given a new identity. The identity of an immortal, a Vampire. And this is my story


Preface (Above) 

Chapter 1~The Volturi

Chapter 2~Bella's First Hunt

Chapter 3~Jane Strikes

Chapter 4~Benjamin's Past

Chapter 5~Bella's Power

Chapter 6~The Visitor

Chapter 7~Forks

Chapter 8~Making Plans

Chapter 9~Charlie's Visit

Chapter 10~Jane's Arrival

Chapter 11~Anger

Chapter 12~Victoria Strikes Again

Chapter 13~Alice's Vision

Chapter 14~Angel

Chapter 15~Deal

Chapter 16~Peter and Charlotte

Chapter 17~The War



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lol. I will post soon Rach

Brilliant chapter yet again, but an angel: I know I didn't vote and sorry bout that but most voted angel, but I can't see how they can work together in a personality angel/vampire. One kills the other protects surely they will conflict with each other, but still great writing can't wait to see how this goes now especially against Aro and his group :) keep up the good work

I know, but Ben is a different Vampire, you know how good he is and Angel is all good and it's okay you didnt vote, some people didn't, I needed a few votes to decide lol. Anyways I am glad you liked the chapter and yes it will be rather intresting to see how things go down with Aro now that Ben is Angel/Vampire

you are a wonderful writer!  this story is amazing...can't wait to see how this goes!

Aww thanks :) I am glad you like it so much

Interesting revelation. How will the two sides of Ben work together and what will he be able to do because of it?

Also: interesting situation with the Denali's.  It must really be difficult for both Tanya and Irina.  Luckily the others are on their side.  Will they be divided or will all of them work together?

I am definitely interested to see what happens next!

I know, it is bit odd but Ben's a good Vampire so his Angel side some what suits him well. Wait and see :) he is an interesting Person developing in this story.

Yeah I know, they all had mixed reactions to the Bella/Edward/Ben situation and yes it might be hard for them but I am sure they might think of something

I'll post soon

Wow!!! Awesome!!!!

Ben's an Angel!!!

Can't wait for more!!!

Yeah Ben is an Angel as well :)

Chapter 15~Deal

Ben's Pov:


I looked at Bella on the floor and she looked at me in pure awe and wonderment. I looked behind me and saw huge, white wings. Well....I was not expecting my other skinwalker side to show up now, but Tanya just made me angry and it just spurted out of me like a tiger.

Bella got up and she walked over to me and she ran her fingers down my wings "Beautiful" she murmed looking into my eyes and the others just stood there gaping at us in shock, no one expected this.

I smiled at her warmly and held her close and heard Tanya snarl "Oh for god's sake" she said and Bella looked at her and the room began to tremble.Everyone looked at Bella in shock and I rubbed Bella's arm and held her close to me, my grip around her tight and protective and once Bella was calm the room stopped shaking

"What just happened?" Bella asked confused, did she have a new power? I then noticed Alice looked a bit spaced out, like she was having a vision "Alice? Alice..." no response "Alice!" we all yelled and she snapped out of her haze

She blinked, even though she did not need to blink seeing she was a Vampire and all "Bella has more powers then just the shield, she has different types of shields, a mind shield to protect her enemies from reading her mind that can protect others also, a physical shield and shields that can harm and destroy enemies, and also she can start earthquakes if someone makes her mad."

"So she made an earthquake?" Taynya asked and she sounded resentful and full of envy.

"Almost, few more seconds and it would have been done." Alice said.

Tanya frowned "Well I am not helping." she said and sat out

Irina looked at Tanya "Tanya, I know you liked E...."

"Don't you dare talk to me about Edward." Tanya yelled "He's dead and I am not protecting either of them." she pointed at me and Bella.

"But we are," Carmen, Kate, Irina and Eleazar said sticking by our side leaving Tanya on the other side of the room glaring at us especially me and Bella.

"Fine, sounds like a deal." Tanya snapped at them "I don't see why you have to defend them, especially this freak of nature." she said looking at me

"He's not a freak." Bella yelled at Tanya.

"Who asked you?" Tanya said and walked to her "You think you're so perfect huh? Miss I got few powers." she said and grabbed Bella by her shirt "Well let me tell you something, you're nothing but a fake. I don't see what Ben can see in you." She was about to let her go but Bella kicked her into the wall mad.

"Leave Ben out of this." Bella said now even more mad.

Tanya jumped back up and ran at Bella and slammed into her and they flew through the wall making a hole in it and skidded across the snow outside wrestling.

Kate ran outside and she pulled Tanya from Bella who looked she wanted to rip Bella's head off and shoved Tanya away "What's the matter with you?" she yelled at her own sister "I can;t even call you my sister anymore, Bella done nothing wrong and you treat her like she's the enemy."

"She is." Tanya spat

"You want to shut up before I rip your head off?" I snarled at Tanya, now really mad and Carmen, Carlisle, Emmett and Jasper pulled me back.

Tanya laughed and smirked "Now that I'd like to see you try."

"Don't you dare touch him." I heard Esme, Bella, Alice, Rosalie, The rest of the Cullens and the other Denali's say at the same time all stood around me and glaring at Tanya

"You pick them over me?" Tanya shrieked 

"They are family." Eleazer said

"Well." Tanya smirked then walked off leaving us there outside the house and Bella bit her lip and sighed as she looked at the hole in the wall that she and Tanya made

"I am sorry about that." Bella said

"Don't worry about it." Carmen said and squeezed her shoulder lightly

"Okay we should go and find Peter and Charlotte." and with that we were off again to find more help to fight the Volturi

I hoped you liked this chapter I just posted, and here is a trailer by Jesse Desplat for this story so enjoy :) and Oh few more chapters and this story will be at an end but there will be a sequel

Interesting turn of events!  I wonder what Tanya will do now that she is on the outs with everyone? 

thanks and yeah Tanya is a mystery for now..


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