The Twilight Saga


Bella was going to The Volturi to save Edward but she got attacked by Victoria in the sqaure and got turned. A new member of the Volturi Benjamin, who is from Egypt and rather mysterious as no one talks to him, finds Bella and he takes her to the Volturi. The Volturi keep Bella with them. Edward is shocked to see Bella as she is but she can;t remember who she is as she is a new born and lost her memory with the change. Edward willingly dies, As time passes Bella and Ben talk and she falls for him. What will happen?


Preface: Bella's Pov:

Death. As scary as that word sounds, I knew my end was coming, I knew it would come, like it does for everyone else, everyone fragile and human. Even animals, some have a short life span, some long but Death never loses.  I never really much feared death as I pictured my self dying old and alone on a death bed somewhere in a hospital or at my own house.  I never thought my end would come like this, or so soon, Never in the hands of my enemy Victoria. The day I died, was the day I started to live. I was re-born, given a new identity. The identity of an immortal, a Vampire. And this is my story


Preface (Above) 

Chapter 1~The Volturi

Chapter 2~Bella's First Hunt

Chapter 3~Jane Strikes

Chapter 4~Benjamin's Past

Chapter 5~Bella's Power

Chapter 6~The Visitor

Chapter 7~Forks

Chapter 8~Making Plans

Chapter 9~Charlie's Visit

Chapter 10~Jane's Arrival

Chapter 11~Anger

Chapter 12~Victoria Strikes Again

Chapter 13~Alice's Vision

Chapter 14~Angel

Chapter 15~Deal

Chapter 16~Peter and Charlotte

Chapter 17~The War



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I know :( Poor Charlie.

I know, I was laughing at that, I found it funny, Crazy Bella.

I know, bless him :)

awwww poor charlie i feel really sorry for him, he must be really confused:(

hahahah i laughed so much at bella :DDD

awesome chapter <3 update soon :D

Same I feel bad for him

Same, it made me laugh while writing it

Wow, this was great! Ha, Bella and her little 'episode' was hilarious.

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Thanks and yeah it was rather funny :)

Poor Charlie!

I know :( it really does suck. He must be devastated over this

Omg this story is awesome keep me updated

I will do :)

I know hehe :) Bella is a bit nuts in that chapter

Wow poor Charlie!!!

Umm Bella really sold that!! lol

Loved all the chapters!!!

Yeah :( I know that made me laugh lol. Bella the crazy girl


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