The Twilight Saga

summary: this story takes place during breaking dawn. bella and edward have come back from their honeymoon, and bella is not pregnant. edward has changed bella and they are off to see the volturi.


(Bella POV)

   i hatted the fact that we had to go see the volturi. i was changed now and bounded to edward forever, why did we have to go to italy to let them no that. my family and i have been on this plane for almost 2 hours now. i felt fine untill a woman had to goy to the restroom. with all this space on the plane why did i have to be in the one place as this women. she was about 30 with short black hair. everytime i look or think about her the flames come to my mouth. jasper has benn trying to keep me under control. we will be landing in a minute so i put all my energy into thinking about my edward. i kissed him many times and herd his hand and smiled at him. then carlisle told us it was time to get off the plane. when we all got off there was felix, and jane at the airport to met us. the sun wasnt shining for the first time here. jane shown us to the car we would be in. we would be staying with the volturi for three weeks. i really didnt want to but after they saw i was changed the would hpoefully leave me alone.

   as we walked into the throne room i saw aro and his brothers sitting. then i saw a small smile on aro's face. i wondered what he had to be happy for. he didnt have a reason to kill me now. then he spoke.

"carlisle... my old friend. i've missed you so much. i see u have brought your family."

carlisle opend his mouth to speak the he looked at edward. then edward spoke.

"aro we are here to show u that bella is now one of us"

"how wonderful. dose she have any powers as you and i have?"   "no but i still cant read her mind"

what a shame i was hoping to ask bella and edward to join the volturi with me. i now edward said no but maybe edward could be persuaded to join by bella

"aro why would i join the volturi i love edward and i would never leave him"

did i say that out loud? no i didnt. ha bella dose have a power. ha bella can read minds like edward

"what i dont have i gift like edward. and what do you mean did u say that out loud i herd you"

"ah young bella you are still a newborn, that why you belive you dont have a power but you do. bella i would like to try something is that okay?"

i nodded my head.

"jane please come hold bella's hand"

she had edward let go of me then she took my hand. when she did i felt i i had just gotton slaped.

"jane you may let go of bella's hand now"

she let go then i dont no why but she was trying to attack me. edward jumped in front of me and then edward was on the floor in pain i was reall med and not just normal mad i wanted to hurt jane. the edward was next to me and jane was on the floor in pain. the aro started to laugh. i stoped hurting jane and she looked really mad. i looked at my family and they were all in shock.

"young bella i told you. it seams that you have a gift of copping. any vampire you touch with a power you copy it for yourself."


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i like it add me as a friend

(edwar POV)

i love and hate bella's new gifts. i love tem because they just make her more special to me nd i hate them because they mite chance her. every since we found out about bellas powers carlisle and aro have been with her trying to teach her how to control her power. another reason i hate her gift is because it is keeping me away from he. we have been with the volturi for almost three days now and ive only seen bella twice.i really miss her and hope i will see her soon. im also kind of conserned that aro will try t get bella to join the volturi.i can even imangine how life would be with bella out of my lifr and in the volturi's.

"edward i would never join them, i love you to much, pluse i'd miss you"

"bella maybe we should leave. i no aroasked you to stay so he can help you with your powers, bu carlisle can do that.

"i understand why your worried, but i love you sooo much and would never leave you for the.i just like having people teach me how to use them right."

i didnt say a word, but i new the next question she would ask me.

"edard can we pleas stay with the volturi for a while. i promise as soon as i learn to control my powers right we can leave."

and there it was bella asking me to stay here with her.what if she gets to attached and dosent want to leave.i cant lose her.

"edward you wont lose me" she looked at me with the most beautiful red eyes i had ever seen. they were turning gold alittle like mind. then i was so calm out of nowere.i tol;d bella yes, but not to long...she was so happy she jumped on me and started giving me kisses saying thank you.i laughed at her then she stoped.

"edward lets go starving" itook her hand and we jumped out of the window 

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i love it. please keep going. please keep me updated

Love it
thanks...the next chapter will be better hopefully!!!!!!!!
luv it keep me updataed
thanks i will
gotta finish some proofing of my book and then read
Love it keep me updated
looking forward to reading more and see what happens

(bella POV)

 ive been in a room with aro jane and carlisle for almost two hours now. they were tryin to find a way to make me angry so i would use my powers, but every time jane tried to attack me she just ended up wasting her time. right now ther was only one think that could make me mad and the longer they keep me in this room the mader i get. aro had jane try to hit me but she missed. that made me alittle mad, but i was just worring about getting out of this room, then it came to me if i used my power they would let me got. as soon a the thought entered my mind i  had aro and jane flat on there back in pain. then i made carlisle very calm. when i stopped the pain they said we would try again tomorrow. i ran out of that room as fast as i could and went to find edward.

*i no its short but my mom is making me get off the computer*

love it!!


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