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ok so abby was my first pick

Heres my 2nd Claire

Here's My 3rd kara

4th Tributes

ok guys would should be voting now
Okay, I'll put it up ina sec, I'm going through all my mail. brb

Can anyone vote? Maybe if you post links to the artist's shop at the top of the page it would help get more voters... i mean like there are proobably a lot of people that  are confused between Claire's Banners and Claire Bear's Banners or don't know that Juliee has Enchanted Spice Banners or that Zanica is Crazi Cullens


Nikki's Banner and Graphics Depot

►♥Enchanted Spice Banners.☼◄ (Juliee)

Claire Bear's Banners (Claire J Draling)

Tribute's Banner Shoppe! <3 (reopened)

CraziCullen's Banner Shop (Zanica)

Amour Toujours ❤ Sisters Banners! {Come and Get 'em while their hot!}

Pretty Little Darling's Banner Shop

Beautiful Remains Graphics Shop (Scarlett aka Bleeding Out)


Yes anyone can vote :)
wow with school starting everyone is too busy to vote... so I'll look at stuff but I've got class and I have to drive like four hours tomorrow so I'll do what I can today
Okay, thanks Annie
Vote People!

is it too late to vote?

i know i should have voted first

no, not at all


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