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let me know :) cause his quotes r deep....

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i can't dissagree :D
Do you truly believe that you care more for me than I do for you?
Heaven...Carlisle was right. This is how heaven feels....Hihihihihiihihi
I agree.
" Look after my heart, I've left it with you"
a dream, what every girl wants to hear. Whispered by RPatz himself. I would melt.
His music is amazing. Him playing the piano sweeps you off your feet.
it would take too long for me to write them all down. but maybe "marry me first"
and of course, how sweet is the moment in MS when he pulls out her lemonade cap as a souvenir of her first yes?
That moment and when he officially proposed. The exact way and words, makes you wish it was you.
everything about him make me wish i was her
wow!Edward has a very well quotes :)
I love "What choice have I? I cannot live without you,but I will not destroy your soul"
"That's practically an insult, the way you look right now. You're much more than beautiful." - Edward

"You're my life now." - Edward
I love those quotes,but,I love these too!
"No,I don't care if you bite Jacob.That's alright".
"You'll always be my Bella only more durible".
"I perfer Brunettes".
"Bella, you've never been merly pretty".
"Goodbye,Jacob,My Brother...My Son"(I love this one because it shows that there's no more hard feelings between Edward and Jacob).
"I promised we'd try,if I do something wrong,if I hurt you,you must tell me"
"You're awfully small to be hugelly irrating".
"Penguins Lovelly".
"I hate driving slow".
"No blood,No Fowl"
"Aro,could you ask Jane to stop attacking my wife"?
"penguins lovely"
I love that one from Jillian :)


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