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Hey guys this is my first fanfic  I write and I know it might be bad but Im trying my hardest to make it good !!!! :)


Summary- Edward and Bella are friends since the fifth grade when suddenly in the first year of highschool Edward suddenly disapears (ps Edward is 17 now and still best friends with Bella. ) Bella now a senior in highschool spots Edward in the cafeteria with 5 other beatiful godlike people. Bella goes up and talks to him, Edward suprised that Bella remembers him talks to Bella but avoids her as much as possible.  Will Bella and Edward fall in love with Bella? or Stacey? ( sorry i didnt mention it but Stacey is another vampire that the Cullens meet shes a vegetarian to)






authors note: do ou think I should do this or another one please comment!!



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calipso ,


lol i will add more i promise probably up today in a few hours or  tonight depends on my computer because it is not working right now but i will have it up

hey k I'll be patient k sorry bout the freakin out onu most people dont keep wrighting anymore and leave u hangging will u read my story if u ind it its called Our Forever Dawn thanks

calipso , its okay and by the way i already read your story its really good :)

Chapter 2:


Edwards family got up from the table and left. Edward was still sitting down texting someone. I approched him as he slipped his phone into the pockets of his jeans,he looked up at me and I saw thecomplete beauty of his face his messy bronze hair ,golden eyes , and beautiful full lips. I looked directly into those golden eyes and blushed red because he was smiling a perfect crooked smile " Im Bella" i said to him  he smiled wider " Im Edward Cullen but if I get this wrong ill be so embarrassed but are you Bella Swan??" wow he remembers me " yea I am i guess you remember me from the fifth grade ??" he laughed " yes I do you were always falling" I laughed because he was right ever since i remember i was a klutz Edward was suddenly serious " Bella can I walk you to class??" I giggled " Isnt it supposed to be the other way around ???" I ask still giggling he smiles "yes you can my next class is biology" I tell him as I walk to the door but then stopped " Edward wasnt your last name Masen??" he stops and looks at me with a sad worried look on his face "It was but when I was 17 my parents died and I got adopted by Carlisle Cullen we moved to Alaska then to Forks now here I am " he smiled a little bit I touched his shoulder " Edward Im so so-" Bella its okay it wasnt your fault " he interupted me we were almost to the classroom. Once we got to my classroom he walked in with me and sat down next to me I looked at him while he said "didnt you know I have Biology too???" I rolled my eyes durring the whole period he was sending me notes that said things like wats up or hi or wat r u doing ?? I just rolled my eyes when class was over I walked to my locker where he gave me the last note i looked at it and said " Edward if its another wats up or hi I swear I will punch you!!" he snickered and said " it isnt its my number so you can call me we have a lot of catching up to do" and with that he just walked away . The whole drive back to my house I was smiling and thinking my best friend is back



Authors Note: hey guys sorry i posted late hope you like it!!!!! :)


-Alex ♥♥♥

so sorry its short  :( ill promise to try and make them longer

that was good thanks for reading my story im gonna finish it soon

Hey Alex,


Thanks for telling me about your story. It's an honor that I was able to inspire you to write. I hope you keep it going, it's good. I love the story idea. You are going to post more soon, right?




I like the datail about the notes that Edward passes to her, it makes it seem like they are having fun together like old friends.

It's good to Bella happy about her friend being back.

Looking forward to the next one.


Hey Delilah ,

 yeah i am its just that i was writing my story in a notebook and while writing chapter 3 in Bio I got my notebook confiscated that was on Thursday so hopefully Ill post it today or tommorow oh and thanks !! 

Hi taylor ,


Thanks :)

hey alex how u doin are u goin to post soon wright y/n if u are wright y if not wright n

 lol im writing write now i just need to find my notebook i forgot where i left it :/ ...... Oh !!!!!! Found it !! now im writing !!! :)


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