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Hey guys this is my first fanfic  I write and I know it might be bad but Im trying my hardest to make it good !!!! :)


Summary- Edward and Bella are friends since the fifth grade when suddenly in the first year of highschool Edward suddenly disapears (ps Edward is 17 now and still best friends with Bella. ) Bella now a senior in highschool spots Edward in the cafeteria with 5 other beatiful godlike people. Bella goes up and talks to him, Edward suprised that Bella remembers him talks to Bella but avoids her as much as possible.  Will Bella and Edward fall in love with Bella? or Stacey? ( sorry i didnt mention it but Stacey is another vampire that the Cullens meet shes a vegetarian to)






authors note: do ou think I should do this or another one please comment!!



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Thanks a lot :)

Chapter 3 EPOV


I went over to Bella who was packing up to leave and handed her the last note. She looked up at me annoyance in her eyes "Edward I Swear if its another hi or wats up I will punch you !" Bella threatened I snickered considering that f she punched me it would break her hand. "It isnt its my cell phone number it seems we have a lot of catching up to do " and I walked away I got inside my car and then followed Emmett "Why so happy bro?" asks Emmett I was now annoyed "Emmett cant a vampire be happy ??" no Emmet thought I rolled my eyes then Alice got in "Dont you dare do that Edward Cullen !!! You are a crazy perverted vampire stalker !!! "Alice yelled at me Emmett made a face "What is he going to do !!"Emmett asked excidetly Alice showed me , me going to Bella's house and watching her sleep . "Thats not so perverted " I defended even though I knew it was. Once we reached home both of them went up to their rooms Stacey another vampire who Carlisle rescued 4 years ago has always had fantasies about me even though she knew I could read her mind she always thought of them even when I was around I went up to my room trying to let myself have some peace and quiet (almost) when suddenly Bella's face appeared in my mind MY bella MY chocolate brown eyed beautiful Bella MY.... wait My Bella ? she wasnt mine but to think of it, it wasnt such a bad idea .... I shook my head I knew it was impossible me a monster falling for a human a beautiful fragile delicate human. I smiled love such a beutiful word. I thought about Bella the rest of the afternoon when suddenley Stacey came through the door "Knock much??!!??" I hissed at her I was having a daydream about Bella she looked sad very sad . "whats wrong are you o-" I couldnt finnish what I was about to say because her lips crushed against mine she pulled away "remember that when you leave to go see your human" and left I sat down on the couch and thought for a long while then when it became midnight I left to Bellas house .......


Authors note : hope you guys like  


aww a cliffie ur killin me alex plzz stop the cliffies pwease

thanks !!  :)


lol i think ill post Chapter 4 on tuesday im still writing it in my notebook im more careful now not to write in it during Bio but lunch !!

New reader!!!!!!!! Love it!!!! Could you please add me & update? That would be wonderful!!!!!! Please write soon! I don't like Stacey already!!!!!! Lol :)

that would be just awsome !! i will and i kind of dont like her either but i think that makes the story more exciting :)

k u can call me eclipse if calipso is hard to spell alot of people spell it like calypso it makes me upset sometimes but ya ugonna post but plzz hurry im on the verdict of goin nuts srry im scarin u im just addicted to this story it so good ps im really happy that u read my story ps im not sure how tol finish it a little help :)

calipso ,

its okay i know how to spell your name and im posting probably today or tomorow im thinking today but im just checking for spelling errors which I always have but ill post today

Chapter 4 EPOV

I climbed through the window to Bella's room. Bella was on the bed curled up on her left side covered up in a blanket. I walked over to her then the most amazing scent hit me, my throat ignited I steped back and started to climb out the window when I heard "Edward dont leave me please..." I turned around worried did she see that I entered her house? she probably thinks I'm a perverted stalker but she wasnt awake she was still sleeping I smiled she talks in her sleep and she was dreaming about me... leaving I walked closer and again my throat ignited but I didnt care I wasnt going to hurt her right? I knelt down and whispered "never Bella I'll never leave you" she smiled and mumbled "I love you Edward " I smiled she LOVED me !!! she LOVED me !!!! I was happy but then ruined as I was having thoughts about being to close and the monster inside me would would bite her beautiful neck but still I said the words that changed it all "I love you Bella"and I leaned down to kiss her forhead her eyes flew open oh crap! she blinked twice and touched my chest to see if I was real "Edward??" she asked. I was just paralyzed cursing at myself for being so stupid "Edward what are you doing here??" she whispered I smiled "Uhhh .... hi ??" she smiled "Uhhh hi!?! " I got up and said "I should leave" Bella's face was filled with worry "Edward please dont leave me" she then muttered "stupid dream" then she got up "If your leaving and if this is a dream can I at least still do this?" she whispered her warm breath was in my face and she got on her tip toes to kiss me. I leaned down so she didnt have to stretch. Once our lips touched her fingers knoted in my hair and my hands were at her waist pulling her closer. Her heartbeat was beating frantically but I didnt care and neither did she. She parted her lips andher breath was in my mouth, venom started pooling I pulled away and kissed her lightly on the forhead she let go of my neck and hair and sat down on her bed. Bella looked up at me confused "this isnt a dream right??" I smiled about to say no Bella this isnt a dream also I love you, but I didnt instead I said "yes this is a dream" she looked up at me sad "I love you" she whispered. I wanting to jump in  her bed and lay down next her said "Goodbye" and jumped out her window. I ran all the way to my house were everyone was acting like I never left Emmett was smiling ear to ear How were Bella's lips?? He thought while making his eyebrows dance I growled "shut up" Stacey's thoughts werent as nice as Esme's and Carlisle's  he still picks her over me!!!  I went up to my room and got ready for school it was 7:00 ,Alice smiled and started thinking When can I meet her ?? OMG were going to be best friends !! OH and Edward she is going to ask you about last night she's going to ask what did you do last night better come up with a good excuse!! Edward!!! those jeans do NOT match your shirt !!! go change!! into the black ones!!          I rolled my eyes and changed then got into my car I was waiting in the parking lot of course Alice was with me and Jasper Alice kept critisizing people  for what their wearing then she finnaly said "Bella will be here in 7 seconds!!" I started getting out of my car when Bella's red truck came up and parked right next to my car .....


Authors Note: Hey guys hope you like it !! :) and sorr for the cliff


Alex ♥♥♥


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