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Hey guys this is my first fanfic  I write and I know it might be bad but Im trying my hardest to make it good !!!! :)


Summary- Edward and Bella are friends since the fifth grade when suddenly in the first year of highschool Edward suddenly disapears (ps Edward is 17 now and still best friends with Bella. ) Bella now a senior in highschool spots Edward in the cafeteria with 5 other beatiful godlike people. Bella goes up and talks to him, Edward suprised that Bella remembers him talks to Bella but avoids her as much as possible.  Will Bella and Edward fall in love with Bella? or Stacey? ( sorry i didnt mention it but Stacey is another vampire that the Cullens meet shes a vegetarian to)






authors note: do ou think I should do this or another one please comment!!



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thanks kelly and Calipso!! I really missed your comments glad r back even though its just for a little while :)

Guys guess wat!!! I JUST got ungrounded!! So happy now i can write freely Buti have a big test coming up that im studying for so i wont be able to update as soon as possible by the way has anyone read wuthering heights before ?? We have to choose between that book or pride and prejudice thats wat r test is on btw again best friends chapter 7 i think is almost done Truth or Dare the emmett way is almost done to
Chapter 7 (I think) Ok everybody HANG ME!!!! lol not literaly, but I think you would want to after you read this :) Also SO SO SO SORRY I HAVE NOT UPDATED!! I am a very busy teenager actualy just a heads up guys Ummm I don't know how to say this but I am going on vacation well my BFF is turning 15 so she is going to have her sweet fifteen in Calofornia!!!! And I am going to California for a month!! I am so excited !! I havelived in Jersey all my life!! And ugh! I'm doing it again anyway ok to summ it all up I won't be here for a month cause I will be in California :) hope you enjoy this chapter!! ******************************* Chapter 7 BPOV As Edward and I walked in the class room everyone stared and glared and stared some more. It was very, very annoying. Edward was actualy very amused by it all. Mike Newton Ugh!! Just saying his name makes me depressed well let's just say he is a HUGE perv. Once I remember in my junior year in highschool well I was at my locker when he ( Mike) just smacked my rear!! Ugh But he got his payback! After all What goes around, comes around and slaps Mike Newtons face! Well Mike Newton got the nerve to come up to Edwards glorious face and yell "Get your hands off my girl you freak!" Edward just glared at him and said calmly " newton if Bella wanted to be yours then she would be, but she isn't so let's not get jealous ok?" and just walked us to our table leaving a baffled Mike Newton. *** Biology passed by quickly well for me, Edward just sat there next to me often kissing my lips lightly when the teacher wasn't looking. I went to my locker trying to come up with a plan to just go home and miss P.E. I swear I should not have Gym! I can barley walk on a flat surface without tripping, imagine running?!? It was Friday so today we had to play Volleyball which I hate the most because Even if no one hands me the ball I still somehow find away to injure somebody. It was already 12:15 I just grabbed my things and went to my car deciding to ditch when I suddenly over heard a conversation. I really am not that nosey but I heard the name Edward and decided to listen. I hid behind a blue truck " Edward what can she give you that I can't?" a girl yelled in a begging tone " Stacey I love Bella with all my heart! Why can't you understand that?" Edwards velvety voice replied Stacey whispered " Because I know that you love me Edward admit it you love me!" Edward said sternly " Stacey I do not love you get that through your head!" I saw Stacey get closer to Edwards face and say " After I do this" and she kissed him. She kissed him and he didn't do anything about it!! How could he!! Imediatly I felt tears starting to form and soon they spilled over as I saw Edward pull Stacey closer. I just began to sob loudly when Edward saw me. " You Cheater!! You bastard!! And to think that I told you how I felt!! I HATE YOU!!!!" I yelled and ran up to him and slapped him with all my might but heard a crack. That just made me sob louder "Bella please wait!! Bella Love please wait!!" he yelled after me but I was already in my car speeding away to the hospital. As I got near the hospital I couldn't control my sobs. When I parked my truck I regretted it because there was Edward in his Volvo with his head in his hands. Very quickly I ran right past him but when I entered the emergancy room there he was! How the hell did he get there so fast!! I ignored him and walked over to the front desk I really didn't know how to do this " How may I help you?" the woman in the front desk said to me "Er... I broke my wrist, and well I think I er... I uh.." " Is Dr. Cullen busy right now?" a velvety voice asked right behind me. I stiffened Why oh why did I have to go to the hospital were HIS father worked??!!? " So stupid" I muttered under my breath " No sir he is not" the lady said to Edward "Can I see him?" he asked " yes " the lady said and motioned for us to follow her. Edward wrapped his arm around y waist " Dont touch me!" I hissed at him he let go imidiatly. As we entered Dr.Cullens office I smiled sheepishly at him as I held on to my wrist for dear life. " Father, Bella broke her wrist" Edward said quietly Dr. Cullen chuckled " and how did you do that Bella?" Dr. Cullen asked me. " I er.... Slapped Edwards face" I said quietly Dr. Cullen chuckled Again " and why did you do that?" He said " I er... I don't think I want to share that" I whispered quietly. He nodded and went to fix my broken wrist. When I walked out of the hospital with a cast I ran to my truck but Edward grabbed me from the waist " I SAID DO NOT TOUCH ME YOU SON OF A-" " Bella don't Finnish that sentance " Edward told me "Let me go or I will scream " I threatened " You don't scare me Bella, scream right now then " he said. I smirked and breathed in deeply " AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! STRANGER DANGER! STRANGER DANGER STRANGER DANGER!! HELP IM BEING KIDNAPPED BY A PHYCOPATH!!!!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. Imediatly a bunch of police men ran out the hospital. " Are you afraid of me now Edward Cheating Cullen!!!!" I screamed the police men got to us and demanded Edward to let me Go. He finaly did as I said thank you to the police men who saved me. I walked to my truck Edward just staring at me hurt in his eyes. I started the engine and as he started screaming my name to stop I rolled down the window and stuck out my middle finger.....

Yeah, I remember my sister would yell that when we were out on the streets. She would just randomly yell "Stranger Danger!" I think she got it from a Tv show I dont know but I knew I had to put that In there


Love the chapter especially the end part... Updated soon can't wait 


Thanks Calipso !!! :) glad you like it

Chapter 8 Hey Guys my Bff let me use her computer and let me tell you something it is Damn fast !!! Everything is like beautiful here in California so I'm updating now from my friends super fast computer :) lol enjoy!! ********************************* Chapter 8 I rolled the window down and stuck my middle finger.... When I rolled the window back up, I looked through the rearview mirror and saw that he was just staring at me hurt writen all over his face. I imediatly felt guilty to the core just looking how he slumps to the ground face in his hands... The whole ride home I was assaulted with texts and calls from Edward. I didn't and I couldn't answer them. I was still remembering all the events that happened today .OUR kiss,how I catch Stacey and HIM kissing and how I felt my heart burst with sorrow and pain. When I parked my car I saw a silver Volvo parked in my parking spot. I got out and slammed the door just to show how angry I was, I walked right past him as he talked. I entered my house before he had the idea to come after me again. "Bella?" Charlie asked " Theres someone outside waiting for you" he said baffled. I guess because NO boy has EVER visited me or even came to take me out to dinner or something because I have never had a boyfriend. So I guess this surprised him ignoring a guy outside in the pouring rain. " Yes Ch- I mean Dad I am aware that there is a guy outside" I said coldly "Well, this is a first..... Why don't you open the door? You know what I'll open it" he said Before I could do anything Edward was in my living room looking more gorgeous than ever.

"DAD!! What the he-..."

I was interuptted by Charlie yelling at me to not curse

"Hello Bella" Edward said

I just nodded toward him not meeting his scorching golden eyes.

"Awkward silence" Charlie whispered

Annoyed at his comment I told him to give us some privacy.

" Ok Edward if you don't want to get a restraining order than I suggest you get out of my ... Now!"

I yelled trying to sound demanding.

"No Bella I won't I want to tell you what happened today in the afternoon"

he said calmly. I slumped down on the seat sucking in my cheeks and pursing my lips, this was my thinking face. I wanted to jump into his arms and give him a huge kiss but of course I didn't do that I was about to tell him something when I got a text ....from Charlie??? It said

" Bells come on forgive him for what he did :("

Charlie texted . I didn't answer and decided to try and talk to Edward and not look at his eyes.

" I don't know Edward I don't feel like talking right now I have other things in mind"

I said as started to put on my I Pod , earphones, and blanket. Except as I started to put in one of the earphones they disapeared.

" Give it back!!"

 I whined looking up at his face, Big mistake. He had my eyes locked with his..

"Bella I'm sorry I wanted to tell you this because I knew you would hate me even though I still love you." "No I don't love you... You know what?? I'm utterly and irevocably in love with you Bella!! So please forgive me??"

he pleaded suddenly we heard a big " Awwww!" from Charlie. I tried to ignore that

"Really?? I don't think a person who loves another person locks lips with ANOTHER person!"

I yelled and tried to run upstairs but his hands grabbed my waist.

"Bella, stop running away! I LOVE you Bella ! Your the only one for me!!" he said


" Oh!! Really!! Why don't you go tell STACEY that!! Apperantly you guys really looked friendly in the parking lot!!!"

I yelled and tried kicking him in the crotch except for some stupid reason I missed.. I looked up and his lips crushed mine obviously he had me stuck there. I couldn't move ,my hands moved up to his hair and I  pulled him closer. than I realized what I was doing I slipped my hands down to his face and pushed him again. this time succeeding he stopped kissing me and let go of me I took advantage of this and tried running back up to my room.

When he stopped me by grabbing me by the waist and pulling me closer to him. " Bella" he said as his sweet breath blew in my face I already wasn't coherent.

"please love.... I love you and I don't want to lose you Bella your my life and soul please forgive me" he whispered

" Also If I wanted Stacey she would have been mine already but she isn't. and she is a new member of my family so she has Three years living with us. And I have been denying her all these years..."

 Edward whispered in my face again and before I could stop my self the words slipped out....

" Edward, I love you.... you are the only person who I have loved and will always love of course I forgive you"

and then I kissed him well pecked him on the lips but he growled playfully and whispered in my ear

" Were are you going?? I'm not done with you" and kissed me pasionatly before I pulled away to breathe..... I layed  my head against his shoulder and sighed

" I love you........"





"OK shows over!!"

 Charlie yelled at us clearly not liking how Edward had me grabbed by my waist

" Bella! It's past curfew upstairs now!" "As for you Edward I am actualy glad Bella has a boyfriend because I started to think Bella wasn't interested in boys"

 Charlie said to my embarrasment

" DAD WHAT THE HELL!!"  I sceamed Edward chuckled and I shot him a dirty look. " Out now!!"

I said as I pushed him to the door giving him a peck on the lips before closing the door.

" Charlie!!!! You will never and I mean never! evesdrop on MY PERSONAL CONVERSATIONS!!!!!" I screeched and ran upstairs not before hearing what he muttered under his breath " Bella and her moodswings".......

thanks and I will


Loved the chapter! Thank you for getting Edward and Bella.back together! Stacey needs to stop bugging Edward, like seriously! Haha update soon, the chapter was AWESOME!

thanks We'llStartWithForever !!!!!

great update!  can't wait to read your next one!


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