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Post your best romance stories here!

Posting begins:
Today through November 1

No "in detail" description. Ex: He took off his clothes and I looked down.....
You get the

Story length:

You can post pictures with your story if u wud like, but u dont hav to. You can use them to describe the stting or person, but no innapropriate pictures please.

Voting will begin on November 2 and will go till November 15(five days till new moon!!!!:D)
Have fun, be creative, and make them big nail biters!!!

First entry: Soaring- Carmen E
Votes: I

Second entry: Memories of Dean- harcad004
Votes: IIIII

Third entry: Angelina Mio Amore- Angel-->

Fourth Entry: Torn- Me N Her
Votes: I

Fifth entry: Love after Life- Ellie
Votes: II

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haha ok!
that was beautifuL!!!
That was pure magic. So many lovely emotions, even the bad parts were good because it meant true love won out in the end. Very well done! Loved it.
fineally got a few min to catch up on some reading and i am glad i read this it was really good but then again everything i have read of urs has been awsome
Your fanfiction is soooooooooo awesome!!!
Great job. This was very sweet and I loved it. =]

Can't wait for a new post!
either. doesnt matter

I am writing it now
Memories of Dean
I would like to vote for Memories of Dean by Harcad004.
thx for voting everyone!! but keep voting!!!!


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