The Twilight Saga


I had grown up with vampires. I had dated a shifter. I had even had a fling with a necromancer. But I never expected I would become a vampire. I always thought I would die in a small white cottage in the country surrounded by my family.


The world we lived in now was different from a few years ago. All supernatural people were recognised and the whole human race knew about them. At first there was riots, but then everyone settled down and accepted it. This happened in 1989.


We all went by the same laws but there was a tiny bit difference in them like the limit you can drink before you go driving. Vampires and shifters have it higher because they can consume more alcohol and not get drunk or lets say tipsy of the amount it would take a human to get drunk or tipsy.


I was perfectly content in the world we lived in now. Though I knew my family wasn’t. They were rich snobs. They always thought we should exterminate the supernatural’s, but when they were around them they would smile and act happy. Basically all the rich snobs were two faced cows.


Last year when I turned seventeen I moved out of my families ridiculous thing of a family home and moved into a flat which I shared with my roommate I never saw because she was a vampire. I could not bare living in that house anymore not with my parent's both dead.


Her name was Zafrina Caprella and she was over three hundred. She was a gorgeous vampire. I mean all vampires are gorgeous I guess it has something to do with their genetic genes. She had long wavy dark blonde hair, a models figure, and natural tanned skin. With silver eyes. Me on the other hand was tall with nice curves, short curly-ish, dark brown hair which could pass for black, with hazel eyes and white pale skin.


Zafrina is kind of a party girl. I guess she is relieved that the myths about burning in the sun and not having a reflection are not true. However I know she hates the fact that being staked can kill her, therefore she is not really immortal.


Me on the other hand is quite glad you can stake a vampire and kill them, because then you have a about a 5% chance of actually beating a vampire, but a 95% chance your going to die due to there strength and speed, plus the fact they know how to defend themselves after a few decades, or centuries.


So the basic lesson in that is, don’t annoy any vampires or you will practically end up dead. Most of the time when you mention vampires you think about horrible vampires, that kill all of the time and have a grudge against the human race, however that’s not true, a lot of vampires are kind and sweet and just want to be accepted.


Although there is bad vampires, basically similar to your average gangster or charv however the difference is, the vampires tend to get away with their crimes better than the charv or gangster.


Out of all the supernatural people you could have, I was far more interested in necromancers. Mainly because they could talk, see, and raise the dead. Which is awesome because you could find old family members and find out first hand what it was like to live when they were alive.


I didn’t mind shifters but they always travelled in packs and would always be together and know what that certain pack member was doing with there partner, which was just plain creepy and weird for my liking.


From what I have learned of Zafrina of vampires is that they have laws for their own kind. They are also in groups, which goes by the cities they live in. The strongest vampire in that city will run the vampires there. The head vampire in charge of that city would go by Master of Sunderland, or Mistress of Newcastle and so on. There rules are….


1. Don’t change anyone under the age of seventeen.

2. Feed but don’t kill.

3. Don’t Challenge your Mistress of Master to battle.

4. Don’t threaten other creatures.


If any of them rules where broken the master or mistress of that city would have to kill the vampire of vampires that broke their law. Unfortunately they don’t kill any vampires who decide to make humans a vampire.


My name is Violet Andreev and this is my story.



“Sister what or shall I ask whom you are watching over now?” the boy said, he looked about nineteen years of age but his eyes said different.


“A young girl named Violet.” the girl said she looked exactly like the boy, for they were both identical twin. They both had a peaceful white light around them, which seemed to entrance every mortal being “She is a lot like me, Apollo.”


“How so Artemis?” Apollo said and sat down on Artemis place floor, high in the sky above Athens. He could not understand why his sister was so obsessed with looking through the mirror glass into the human world.


“She is brave and has a lot of courage. She saw both of her parents murdered right in front of her and fought off the attacker killing her. She fights for the people she loves, and I hunts down things on the mundane thing, Invernet?”


“Dear sister you mean Internet. I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T.”


“Quite right brother, quite right. I’m also looking out for her because I see something attacking her and I cannot see what it is! It is most frustrating.”


“I bet it is, now come along, we has Hades and Persephone’s party to attend.”


“Of course brother.” Artemis said and they bother went to the party.






Chapter one - Attacked

“Andreev, get back to work and stop gossiping with Caprella.” My boss Mitch said. He was a canny old bloke, he was in his mid fifties and was getting grey hair, though I am sure he dyes it. In Mitch’s appearance you would see he is quite a fat man, he was also a shape shifter, though he would not tell me what kind of animal he turned into. My best guess what a rat, mainly because he smelt of the drains a lot.


The job he had me and Zafrina working at was being waitresses for his little café.

“Sure, sure.” I murmured not really paying attention though I saw him role his eyes. “So, did you mean Jake the wolf shifter is dating Cheryl the vampire?” I asked Zafrina, carrying on our conversation.


“Yup, it is totally true, everyone in my house, and by that I mean my Mistresses coven was talking about it when I stopped by yesterday for my weekly visit. I nearly dropped down dead…… technically speaking again.” she said.


She looked up as someone entered the café and I saw her eyes grew brighter. I looked up to see what she was looking at. I noticed a nineteen year old boy, with uneven black layers had entered the café, he was naturally tanned by the looks of it and had a toned body.


“Can I? serve this person Violet?” she whispered.


“Nu uh, my site of the café, you stick to your side, dead girl.”


“Oh c’mon please, I’ll owe you big time! Please please.” she whined and I started



I moved out of behind the counter and walked over to the back corner seat where the boy was sitting. As I got near him I saw his head snap up and his nostrils flare, his eyes shone silver for a second then turned green.


“Hey, what would you like to order?” I asked with the most cheesiest smiles on my face.


“Umm, a hamburger, fries and a coke please.” he said. I noticed he had a Southern drawl, American.


“Sure, it will be right up.” I said cheerfully and practically bounced back to the counter where Zafrina was giving me death looks.


“Soo, describe.” she murmured as I went into the kitchen to place the order to Mitch.


“Mitch can I have a hamburger and fries.” I had to practically shout.


“Sure doll.” Mitch replied.


“Southern accent, my guess American. Green eyes. They flashed silver.” I said as a filled a glass of coke up and put it on the tray waiting for the food.


“Uh Oh.” Zafrina said quietly but I managed to hear her.


“Huh, explain.”


“Okay, only vampires eyes flash silver. Only master vampires can hide the silver in there eyes, my guess is buddy boy is a Master and is in town to see Sophia.”


“Oh damn, why can I never find any nice human guys.” I said and sighed dramatically, making Zafrina laugh.


“Well, I’m off shift now, am going to the night club so I wont see you until sometime tomorrow Violet. Have fun working darling. Night Mitch!” She shouted, she took her Black apron off and hung it on the wall. She then picked up her back, gave me a quick hug and strutted out of the café giving all the young males in the café to look at her ass.


“Orders up.” Mitch said and smiled.


“Thanks Mitch.” I said and placed the food on the tray.


“You know I wonder why I hire you girls.” he said smiling and shaking his head.


“You hire us because you love us and because of the fact we bring a lot of people in



“Yeah that’s true.”




I walked back over to the boys table and looked around the café and saw there was only him and four other people left in here.


“Here’s your meal, and drink, enjoy.” I said and placed it out in front of him.


“Thank you miss…”


“Violet, call me Violet not miss please.” I smiled.


“Okay Violet, I’m Andy.” he said, the more he spoke the more I began to really love his accent.


“Enjoy your meal Andy.”


“Thank you I will, Violet.” he smiled.


I picked my tray up and walked back the counter and started cleaning it. I could feel someone watching me as I moved around the café cleaning it.


As I got back round to the counter I realised the only person in the café left out of customers was Andy. I wonder how come I never realised the other customers leave. I always noticed before. It was coming up to eight a clock and we would be closing soon, I went into the kitchen and saw Mitch had already left. I went and locked the door at the back and made sure that everything that was meant to be off was off.


When I came back into the main area I saw Andy was still there, and he was starring at me in a kind of frenzy way. Which made me shiver in my bones. I walked over to him.


“How much for the meal?” he said drawing his accent out.


“umm, four pound ninety five pence.” I answered.


He handed me the money and I took the plate and cup into the kitchen and placed them in the sink, Zafrina or Kelsey can was them when they come in tomorrow.


I walked back out and took my apron off and hung it up, I picked my Gucci bag up and picked out the café keys.


“I’m closing up now.” I said, I looked around and saw all the chairs were under the table. A satisfied me went to the main door and held it open.


“Time to go.” I murmured.


“Okay, thanks for the meal. May I walk you home?” Andy said as he passed me going out the door. I flicked the lights of, then shut the door locking it.


“You are welcome and no.”


“Why not?”


I began walking down the street.


“Because you are a vampire.”


He began to laugh and started walking instep with me.


“No I am not.”


“Yes you are, I saw your nostril’s flare, I saw your eyes turn silver.” I said looking straight ahead. I crossed the street, we were nearing mine and Zafina’s flat so I stopped walking and stood on the street corner.


“Nothing ever gets passed you Violet does It?” he murmured.


“What do you mean?”


“Never mind, fine I wont walk you home. Goodnight Violet Carlee Andreev.”


And with that he left leaving me momentarily stunned. How would he know my full name? No one new my full name. I glanced around to make sure he was gone then walked home.


As I ended the building I saw the lobby was empty and the lift was not working…again. I sighed. I opened the old door which squeaked every time you opened it, like it needed oiling. I walked up the stairs to the third floor taking two steps at a time.


When I got to the third floor I opened the other door and walked down the hallway to our flat.


I had a feeling I was getting followed, I looked back and nothing was there. Nothing I could see at least. Which was starting to make me paranoid as hell. Not good.


I opened the flat and walked in. Just as I set my bag down on the chair, I felt something come down hard on my head. My legs buckled underneath me and I fell down. I saw spots of red everywhere. Something hit my back hard when I tried to get up.


“Such, such, such a shame, yes definitely a shame, to harm, this, to harm this, beautifully creature. SHUT UP. We will get our revenge soon, I know, her blood, is tempting me, me , me, I want, I want to lap it up. Drown in it. I must go.” a voice said.


The person sounded like he or she was psychotic. Something hit me on the head again and this time I blacked out. My body was screaming with pain. Wanting it to end. Wanting it to die now instead of being in this pain. I wanted to die to.





Chapter Two - Shock

As something stung my neck I began to stir out of the darkness and comfort. My body hurt, it felt as though it was burning, like my whole body was being incinerated. I tried to open my eyes but all I could see was darkness. I could feel something sucking at my neck, hard. I started to feel week, and began blacking out again, that’s when I felt a warm salty substances trickle on my lips and flow into my mouth. Oh my throat was dry, and whatever this substance was I was going to drink it.


I felt something start to grow inside of me. I started to feel stronger. My upper jaw began to hurt, I felt something sharp in my mouth then I realised something was changing my genetic structure. The thing that was growing inside of me was getting stronger and started to try and take control of my own body. I willed it to stop but it wouldn’t. My body started to burn, and my eyes flashed open. There was a bloody wrist in front of my face, I wrenched my head back, and hissed. I felt teeth extent. I looked up to see who the person was and saw it was Andy.


“WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!” I screeched at him.


“You were practically dead, I made you into a vampire. To save your life.” he



I bolted right up and faced him. I drew my right hand back and punched him in the face. He stumbled backwards to catch his footing when I advanced again he said.


“As you maker I command you to stop, Violet Carlee Andreev.”


I froze with my first in the air.


“Are you going to calm down?” he asked sternly.


“What do you think? Of course I am not! Why didn’t you just let me oh I don’t know

die! Did it ever pop into that head of your that I did not want to be a vampire!”

“I get that your upset-”


“Oh am not upset, I am angry no beyond that I am furious!” I scream. I dropped my fist to my side and walked over into the middle of the room where I picked up and cheep vase and through it square at his face. When the vase smashed someone came rushing in, she looked about five ft one and had long light brown hair, with light tanned skin.


“What just happened?” she blurted out, she looked me up and down “Oh I see you found hair….again.”


“McKenna go and fetch Erik, I wont be able to handle her myself.” Andy said, but he never took his eyes off me.


“Fine, but I am not and I repeat not your servant.” she said she flicked her hair then walked out the room.


“You will live with me and the other thirty five vampires at my house until you calm down.”


“Will I now? I am going to stay right here where I live with Zafrina.”


“You will live with me until you learn to control your blood thirst-”


“But I don’t have blood thirst-”


“Not yet but it will kick in, in the next few days, you cannot be around humans until you have it under control or you will kill them. Also you wont be able to stay in London anymore, it’s Sophia’s territory, and only her vampires can be on it with her

permission, you will have come up to the north east with me.”


“Excuse me.”


“You heard me Andreev.”


“How do you know my full name?”


He took his eyes off me and looked out the window and didn’t bother answer my question.


“Tell me.” I hissed. “How do you know my full name?”


“I just do. Do not ask me that again.”




“It is none of your business how I know your full name.” he said so low that it made

me shiver.




Zafrina came rushing in the room and hugged me, and stopping me from calling Andy.


“Ohmigod, I am so sorry, Violet, I should have been with you, then you wouldn’t have be turn, I am so sorry.” she cried.


“hey, it’s okay, we can still keep in touch right?”




“When this has all settled down, we can still take our vacation to Chicago.”


“Well you’d have to apply for permission with the head vampire in-” said Andy



“SHUT UP.” Zafrina and I snarled at him, it was then that McKenna and I presume Erik

walked in. Erik stormed over to me and slapped me full across the face pushing Zafrina

to the ground.


“You will not snarl to our master like that ever again.” he hissed, without thinking and

just following my instinct I drew my lips back and my teeth extended and I snarled. Then everything went black and I head Zafrina scream my name.



I woke up to feel someone carrying me. I opened my eyes only to see the figure who was carrying me was blurred. I tried looking around to get my barring but yet again only to see everything was blurred.


“Go back to sleep.” An angel like voice whispered in my ear. I didn’t fall asleep again but I felt my soul drift away from my body.


My body was rolling faster and faster down a hill until I feel into the pond at the bottom of it. I had a seconds warning before I closed my eyes and held my breath. I kicked to the surface and when I got to the top, opened my eyes and looked to the lands. I saw a goddess like person standing there, there was a white light around her body.


“Hello, my darling child. Come out of the pound.” The woman said, her voice was angel like and compelling. I swam to the land and pulled myself out of the water and stood

before her.


“Who are you?” I asked shivering.


“I am Artemis, Goddess of the hunt, and you are one of my meaning darling children.”


“Wha- what do you mean?” I said with shock all over my face.


“Well you see. A long, long, long time ago I created a race to hunt, to be top of the food chain. I called the Vampires. However after a few centuries they forgot who created them. See I am the goddess of the hunt so it only makes sense I made a race that hunt as has Athena who created the race of witches, they are smart and full of wisdom like Athena. All vampires have my blood in them, some stronger than others, but you. You hardly have any of my blood. I’ve watched you for a numerous of years, I’ve seen you have had courage in everything you have done, over come your fears, protected those you love, and hunt down people, you are a lot alike me, that’s why I brought your soul here. I wanted to talk to you in person.”


“Oh my goddess, I have gone loony I‘m in the mad house am sure of it am going completely insane, look at me, I am having an imaginary conversation with one of the Greek Goddesses. Oh life what would Zafrina say.” I mumbled to myself.


“I am not imaginary. Nor am I a figment of your imagination. I am a real goddess. STOP PACING BACKWARDS AND FORWARDS. It is quite annoying.” Artemis bellowed. I immediately stopped at once. I looked at her this, and I mean I really looked at her.

She had long wavy gold hair, with bright silver eyes, she looked about nineteen but something in her eyes told me she was way older.


“Now, my darling daughter, Tell me what attacked. You?” she said calmly.


“I don’t know, I got hit over the head and knocked out, all I remember is……… getting changed into this.” I said and sobbed for some unknown reason. Delayed reaction maybe?


“Shh, shh, it’s okay. Now.” I saw her pull out a knife from her gold gown and I saw she cut her wrist and pressed it against my mouth. “As your true mother, drink my blood to make you stronger.”


The blood started to seep into my mouth. I opened my mouth and sucked on the wrist drinking the blood. I should have been repulsed but I wasn’t and it scared me. After a few moments she pulled her wrist away and smiled.


“Good girl, now I’ll send your soul back to your body. I will always be with your Violet just say my name and I’ll come. Good bye my darling daughter.” Artemis said and kissed me on the head. I felt my body or soul body collapse and I fell into blackness.

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Will do though am busy at the moment so it wont be updated anytime soon
Love it love it love it!!!! ♥♥♥ Just some minor typos but it's still really good!! (:
thank you
Chapter Five - Secrets

I still couldn’t breathe and talking with Artemis made it all the worse. There was someone holding me but I couldn’t tell who it was. All I could concentrate on was breathing. My body convulsed when someone picked me up. Why couldn’t I breathe?

“What’s the matter with her?” A voice said.

“Well she cant breathe.”

“I know that but why can’t she breathe?”

“Well…. I don’t know.”

“What a lot of good you are.”

“Oh do shut up.”

I tried to open my eyes but I couldn’t my body was starting to stop functioning. I felt something soft underneath me. It felt comforting. I felt energy spill over my skin then I saw a face. A deadly pale face with black hair which would blend in with the night. The face smiled at me sweetly.

“Let the darkness claim you. Move on to the other world.” her words drifted over me. The darkness crept over my body like snakes. Then it claimed me fully.

“Crap, she’s gone into cardiac arrest.” someone shouted.


“What do we do?” Andy mumbled.

“Well I say let her die.” Mckenna said flicking her hair, and looking at her manicured hands. Nataile sighed stood up and walked
like she was going to walk out the room and turned round and slapped Mckenna right across the face.

“Stop acting stuck up. Mckenna Andreev. She is your, was, human bloodline. Weather you like it or not you are related nothing can change that. Why do you hate her so much?”

Mckenna looked at Natalie with eyes that could kill. She stood her ground in front of Natalie and hissed.

“Because she should not have been a vampire. MY GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER SHOULD NOT BE A VAMPIRE! Our family tree has ended now. The Andreev’s are finished.”

“Is that all you care about? You abandoned Abigail when she was a baby! God you daughter must have hated the fact her mother abandond her at birth, and now all of a sudden you care about her grandchild?”

“I had to give her up, I was only sixteen for crist sake! Then I got turned when I was nineteen, I could not look at her. I did not abandon her I watched over her while she was growing then when she got killed I watched over her child and then Violet. I should have been there to protect her, but I wasn’t!” Mckenna cried.

She walked over to where Violet was lying and sat beside her and started crying over her. Natalie looked at her then walked out the room. She walked grazefully out of the house and walked to the cemetery where she knew she would find them. She walked to the twin churches and kicked open the side door.

“Come out, come out where ever you are.” she laughed and they appeared in front of her.

“What are you doing here Natalie?” His voice said. She looked him up and down and saw he was not wearing his jacket.

“Well my darling Damian I need you all to help Violet.”

“Why should we help her?” Sarah said.

“What would Artemis say if she died? I know she has had her blood.” Natalie said.

“Artemis never gave her blood to any of us elders.” Requiem said.

“Yes well how many Gods actually made you from there own blood?”

“six.” Damian answered.

“Yes, I got a vision from Artemis and saw dear Violet in trouble and I saw her give her blood. Now which one of you is stopping her breathe?”

“It should have broke.” Sarah mumbled.

“Just stop it sarah. Andy saw your jacket be careful he knows you are here.”

“What could Andy do to us? Absolutely nothing.” Requiem scoffed.

“Are you sure about that?” Natalie said.

“Quite possitive, non of you vampires can beat the old ones, ah yes.

“But who has Violet?”

“Do not let Violet be brought into this. It was bad enough Andy got to her first and made her a vampire. Andy is a weak vampire, he practically has non of Artemis’s blood.” Damian said.

“Okay whatever.” Natalie said looking at her fingernails. “So what fell from the sky the other day then?”

“Another vampire.” Sarah whispered.

“Do you know where that vampire is?”

“No, Requim made it look like Damian and Damian sent it to look at Violet. The vampire said he was made to protect Violet.
Since The Gods and Goddesses think we are dead.”

“Okay, what was the vampires name? better yet what did he look like?” Natalie asked.

“He was tall, blonde hair, pale, wore what we are wearing and had a red moon with a panther in the moon on his forehead and
had silver eyes. He said his name was Ash.”

“Ummhmm great thanks. Be careful with your movements from now on, Andy’s going to be watching you all very carefully.”

“Thank you for the warning Natalie.” Damian said.


I knew I was dead, and it was peaceful until I felt a electric shot go through my body. Then I was pulled back down into my body. I
gasped in the air, and opened my eyes to see blurry figures all around me.

“She’s back someone shouted.”

I felt someone pick me up and hug me. My body felt lifeless and I couldn’t feel any part of it. Then I blacked out again, to be honest I was getting kind of sick blacking out all the time.

When I woke up again. I realised I was in someones arms. When I looked to see who it was. I was shocked. I mean what was Damian doing here? I tried to move his arms off of me and that’s when he woke up.

“Am I dreaming?” I asked as I looked up at him.


“Why are you here?”

“I had to make sure you were alright.”

“Whatever go back to Requiem and Sarah, you chose them before shouldn’t be that hard to leave me again.” I said and turned
on to my side and brought the quilt up with me. So I was like in a cacoon.

“I had no choice.”

“Bullcrap. We all have a choice. Now go back to them Damien.”

“Fine, I will.”


“God, you are such a little-”

“Oh am so sorry I think it’s called for. I get attacked in the middle of the night, turned into a freaking monster. Get staked by humans, then oh nearly suffocate because of you! Being angry like now is deffinilty freaking called for!”

“if you think that’s bad you should live the life I have. Then you’d have a reason to attacked angry.”

“Just go.”

I shut my eyes, so I wouldn’t have to see him. Why did my life so suddenly have to be complicated? I get attacked, I get turned and now start to get feelings for someone I don’t know. Great isn’t it? I could still hear him in my room shuffling his feat.

“JUST GET OUT!!” I screamed at him opening my eyes.

He looked at me like he was going to say something then left. A wise move. I could feel Athena in my head about so say something.

GET OUT OF MY FREAKING HEAD! I mentally screamed.

I could hear someone running up the stairs. I pulled the quilt over my head and tried to make myself seem invisible. There was a light knock at the door then someone entered.I didn’t move the quilt I kept hidden. Then I thought. How the hell did Damien leave my room?

I felt the quilt lift off of me and someone climbed into my bed. I turned my body away to face the wall. When the quilt surrounded us I smelled who it was. Ash. He wrapped his arms around me and spooned his body against mine.

“Are you okay?” he whispered in my ear.

I didn’t answer.

“Do you want me to leave?”

Yet again I didn’t answer.

I didn’t have an answer to any of these questions. Was I okay? The hell If I knew. Did I want him to leave? No idea. Why did I feel numb? Yet again another question unanswered.

“Tough week huh? First you get attacked, then changed, and then get staked then to top it of nearly die, oh and them see them. Damian, Requiem and sarah.”

“How do you know about that?” I whispered.

“I know a lot of things. Like your annoyed at Damian because he choosed to leaved you behind, and that you screamed at him to
get out of here, and that deep down somewhere you know for some reason you love him, but then you feel slightly attracted to

“And your making a lot of crap up.”

“Am I really?”

“I want to see Mckenna. I have to ask her something.” I murmured. I threw the quilt back and sat up and so did Ash, he slid his arm around my waist. I turned to face him to tell him to move but his lips came down onto mine, and he kissed me every so slightly. He moved his head back testing my reaction then came and kissed me again more passionately.

He turned his body to face me, one arm holding me close to him and the other cupping my face. I shut my eyes and responded to his kiss. I slid my hand up his chest and wrapped my arms around his neck. He started to push me down back onto the bed, and that’s when I broke the kiss.

“Sorry I shouldn’t have done that.” he murmed and took his hand away from my waist and face as I took mine away from his neck.

“No don’t appoligise, am just…….. Confussed.”

“About Damian? And Andy? and me.”

“Yeah, I need to see Mckenna.”


We both got up out of the bed and walked over to the door. He opened it for me and let me through. When we got to the corridor he went in the opposite direction compared to me and I went to Mckenna’s room. When I got there I knocked once then entered. She was sitting on the floor playing poker with Eric.

“Oh hello Violet, how are you feeling.” she asked politely.

“Hello Violet.” Erik said blankly.

“I need to talk to you Mckenna.”

“Okay what do you need to know.”

“The day I got turned, you came into my apartment and said, “Oh you found her again.” what did you mean by that?”

Eric sighed. “It’s like Déjà vu again and I’m leaving.” he placed his set of cards on the floor and then left the room.

“Okay. Right your grandma was my daughter, so your my great grandchild. Our family is an ancient race or reincarnated souls we are well were the last race of reincarnated souls. In every life you have had you have always been attacked, either before you have seen Andy or a few weeks after. Andy thinks you are his soul mate and is madly in love with you, and ever since you died in your last life he found a witch that put him under a spell only to awaken when you started your new life. When he awoke he looked everywhere for you then the night you got attacked he found you.”

“Okay.” I said and came down and sat next to her. “But how did he know my full name?”

“Well our race always has the same name as we did in our very first life. It was in your third life Andy set his eyes on you and decided you were his soul mate. So you see, every vampire has a soul mate it’s how Artemis created us and how we survive, but me and you we were never meant to be vampires, so we technically don’t need a soul mate to survive but we do have a soul mate, two in fact, our souls are spilt in to, if we were still human, we would have had a vampire for a soul mate. It is how we were made by Selene the goddess of the moon, however in becoming a vampire we got paired up with someone else so we have two soul mates. I found mine. Eric has been mine in all my life reincarnated and then there is Jonathan, who is away at the moment.”

“So that’s why Andy never let me die.”

“Yes, child. Though in doing so has made your future difficult, but in doing so made Artemis contact you. She has been keeping tabs on you all through your lives because your first soul mate was one of her first born vampires, Damian. So when you got attacked and you got turned she contacted you, and I presume you can contact her at your own will like I can to Selene.”
“Yes, how did you know I can do that and that she has been keeping tabs on me.”

“Selene told me and I have a good friend called Gretchen who is a sight witch. She can see the future and stuff like that.”

“Oh right. What am I going to do about Andy and the thing that attacked me?”

“Well try and avoid Andy, which shouldn’t be too hard, and never go out by yourself.”

“Okay thanks, and I’ve met Damian.”

“WHAT!” she shouted and looked at me with disbelief.
First comment? It was awesome!!! I like the twists you put in and how McKenna is different. And I can see it's going to get wayyyy more confusing with the two soul mate thing. Love it!! ♥♥♥
awwwwwww thank you!!!!!!! and yes your my first comment to this chapter :D yey kendra
awwwww thank you all for the comments
write more soon plz
I will


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