The Twilight Saga

Ellesmere Highburgs parents are murdered - necks ripped out and drained of blood - and Ella is sent to Romania to live with the Van Nells. When she recieves a letter from her godmother, revealing the Van Nells terrifing secret, they're vampires, she fleds to the woods where she meets the pack of werewolves. Ella begins to fall for Oliver and finds out a family secret. Then theres the battle between vampires and werewolves.



They were running as fast as their legs would carry them. Something was chasing them, something I couldn't see.

They turned a corner and I chased after them, tears streamed out of my deep brown eyes when I rounded the corner to find their dead bodies lying in the street.

Chapter 1: The Van Nells

I woke screaming. Tears ran down face leaving a wet trail behind them. I got up and walked into my bathroom. Leaning over the sink, I splashed my face with cold water.

I looked different now. My parent’s death -no murder- had taken a great toll on me and if it weren't for my curly, silky brown hair and olive complexion I would resemble a zombie.

I remember that night from three days ago very well..............

Mum and dad had taken me for a walk after dark. It had been a still night, but half way through our walk the winds picked up like a hurricane. Mum and dad had looked terrified. They took me to a video store and told me to wait there till they came back for me, they didn't. I waited, and waited, and waited…but they didn’t come.

I had become very worried, so I went looking for them. I heard screaming – my mother screaming – and ran towards the sound. I sprinted around the corner to find my parent’s pale figures lying lifeless in the middle of the road.

I came back to the present and found that I was crying again. It's amazing how much could change in three days, especially since just two days before they had died; we'd celebrated my seventeenth birthday like any normal family. I used to be loved and cared for, but now I was completely alone.

Staying in a hotel for three nights was boring and I was beginning to wonder if I should get my own place.

I walked to the bed and curled up under the covers.

"Knock, knock," said a voice from outside my room. "It's Mrs. Brooker, Ellesmere, let me in?" I groaned and got up to open the door.

"Hello." I mumbled. I didn't invite Mrs. Brooker in, but she pranced inside anyways.

"Ellesmere, we need to talk," she said and took a seat on the small sofa as she adjusted her glasses.

"Ella." I corrected her. I hate it when people call me Ellesmere, it was only ok when my parents called me that and Mrs. Brooker was nowhere near as close as my parents were.

"Ella," she overemphasized my name. "Come sit with me." She patted the spot next to her and I sat down. She smiled and I could see the red lipstick she'd gotten on her teeth.

"I've found you a family." I was going to interrupt saying I could look after myself, but Mrs. Brooker put her hand up to stop me. "There are six in the family. They live in Romania and sound like a very lovely bunch."

"No way! That's much too far from Liverpool," I protested.

"It's final. Your parent’s left me in charge of your affairs and I'm sending you to Romania to live with these people. End of story."

I couldn't argue. She was right and she knew it. Mrs. Brooker smiled at me when I finally reached defeat with a heavy sigh.

"Your plane leaves first thing tomorrow morning. You will be packed and ready to go. I am taking you to the airport myself so be ready nice and early. Good-bye for now, I have things to do," without another word, Mrs. Brooker got up and left the room.

I grabbed my suitcase from under my bed then started throwing random things inside.

The plane landed roughly on the ground. It rolled then finally came to a stop. I grabbed my bags, smiled at the old lady I'd been sitting next to and got off the plane into the cold air of Brazov. I groaned. I was moving from the lovely streets of England to the open wilderness of Romania. I was also unhappy about the fact that I had to leave my motorbike in England. Dad and I used to ride together for a fun pass-time.

There was a taxi waiting for me outside the airport. The driver helped me with my things then we drove away down the winding and unfamiliar road of Brazov.

"Where to miss?" asked the driver politely.

"13 Bloody Court," I answered and realized just how freaky the street name sounded.

"Good luck Miss. Some say that castles haunted," he shivered in fright as he spoke.

"Castle? Haunted?" I thought I was going to live with a lovely, happy family. I was feeling puzzled.

"Yeah. 13 Bloody Court is a castle. People say it’s full of ghosts and dark magic. I met the owners once, most definitely not happy looking people, pale with big red eyes. Gives me the hebegebees." He continued. He was serious; I could tell from his expression that he wasn't messing with me.

"Oh," I replied. Am I really going to live in a castle? Is it haunted? Question flew through my head.

It was snowing when the taxi pulled onto the curb in front of the iron gates. It was well and truly a castle, black as the midnight sky and it looked thousands of years old. It was like a graveyard. Everything was rotten or withering away. The trees all bare, the grass was brown and dead. I gulped.

The taxi driver helped me unload my bags then he got back in the car and smiled through the open window.

"Good luck Miss," I watched as he drove back down the winding road.

I tried to open the gate but it was locked. I noticed a black box on the gate and pressed the red button.

"Hello?" said a voice, like ice, through the speakers.

"I'm Ellesmere Highburg," I answered.

"Ellesmere hello! Come in! Come in!" said the voice with much more enthusiasm. The gates opened with a high pitched creak and I made my way up the cobblestone path to the castle. My palms were sweating and I felt like vomiting from my nerves. I finally reached the door, took a deep breath and gave three gentle knocks. The door flew open and a man stepped into my view. He had black silky hair past his shoulders, pale white skin and eyes of blood red. He was beautiful, scary, but beautiful.

"Hello, I’m Benjamin Van Nell," he said, probably amused by my expression.

"Hello," I squeaked out, my voice shaking.

"Come in," he said while gesturing to come inside.

Benjamin's voice was like velvet, yet it wasn't a soft velvet; more an old and poison covered velvet. I stepped inside into what looked like a 15th century ballroom. It was dark so all I could see was a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and a piano near the far wall. Everything in the room was covered in dust and cobwebs.

"I will show you to your room" Benjamin startled me because first he was next to the door and then he was right next to me, close enough for me to feel his ice cold breath put goosebumps along my neck.

He glided past me and up a flight of stairs. I hesitated for a second then followed. We walked past hundreds of doors, most bolted shut. Paintings hung from the walls containing portraits of ancient people.

Dust clung to my clothes and with every step I took on the dirty floor; I made clouds of dust fly into the air leaving a slight path behind me.

"Here you are," Benjamin said opening the door marked 'guest'. I walked inside a fairly large room. It was dark and dust covered everything. All I could see in the darkness was a huge wooden bed, a fireplace and an old dresser with a stool and mirror.

"I will come and bring you food in the morning and then you will meet the rest of the family," he said as he gave me a quick smile.

"Ok, Thanks," I said and he left without another sound closing the door behind himself.

My mind was buzzing. This reminded me of a lot of horror films I had seen starring vampires and werewolves. No I wouldn't let myself believe in such foolish things. Vampires do not exist and neither do werewolves, ghosts, zombies or witches.

It was getting cold so I went to the fireplace and kneeled in front of it. There was wood inside so I clicked my fingers over it. A small flame appeared so I blew it across the fire until it lit. Within seconds the fire was warm and blazing. Ever since I was born I have been able to control the elements fire, water, earth and air. The only people I told were my parents and they were gone so it didn't matter anymore. I'd kept it a secret because I was scared to be locked up and called a freak.

I was warm now so I went to my bag and put on my pajamas. The bed had black satin sheets with matching pillows and blankets. I lay down and curled into a ball wondering what the next day would bring. It didn't take long to fall asleep; I was so tired and before I knew it someone was knocking at my door.

"It’s Benjamin. Are you awake? Let me in," he asked. I got up and opened the door. Benjamin was still dressed in all black, the contrasts making him look even paler then he was.

"May I come in?" he asked formally.

"Yeah sure," I stepped aside so he could enter. He placed a tray containing toast and porridge on my bedside table then went and sat in one of the two chairs I hadn’t noticed up until now.

"Do you like your room?" he asked me.

"Yeah, it’s great," I mumbled. I didn’t really like the room. It reminded me of a murder scene and this house – or castle – didn’t make me feel any better.

"Good now sit. We have to talk about some things." Benjamin looked like the kind of person you obeyed no matter what, so I sat in the chair across from him. "Ok firsts things first; these are the rules Shane told me to give you.

1: No going into the attic or basement.

2: No opening curtains or turning on the lights. Candles are everywhere so you may use them.

3: If someone tells you to do something, you do it right away with no questions asked.

4: Under no circumstances do you explore the castle at night."

"Are we clear?" he said sternly.

"Crystal," I answered.

"Ok then, eat quickly and be well presented for you are meeting the rest of the family. I’ll wait in the hall." he quickly finished. Benjamin got up and left the room silently and he closed the door behind himself.

I got up and rushed to my breakfast. Not pausing to taste it, I shoved the food into my mouth. I got dressed in jeans and a black blouse – it seemed like a suitable color. Pulling a white cardigan over the top, I went to the mirror. I yanked my hairbrush through the tangles and put a headband neatly in place.

I took a deep breath as I followed Benjamin back down the hallway and stairs to the ballroom. Five people stood in the room and they were all extremely beautiful, except for their blood red eyes that the taxi driver had warned me about. Everyone seemed to revolve around the pale man with the short black hair. I stood at the bottom of the stairs not knowing what to do. Benjamin gave me a small push to make me go forward.

"Hello my dear. I’m Lord Shane Van Nell," said the man that everyone seemed to revolve around.

"This is Elisabeth," she was also pale, but had long blonde hair. Shane went around the room and told me everyone’s names. Britany has fiery red hair; Sophia has long, straight, black hair, Aristro was the man with light brown hair.

"And of course you already met Benjamin." Shane smiled, showing perfect white teeth. Two of his front teeth were abnormally long, like fangs.......

"H-hello," I stuttered. Do they all know me?

"You’re Ellesmere Highburg. Welcome to the family." I smiled a small smile. Maybe these people weren’t too bad. Shane pulled a folded piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to me.

"As you will be living with us, we expect you to do these chores." Shane smiled and then everybody left the room leaving me alone in the dark. I unfolded the paper and read:

1: Dust and clean all furniture.

2: Cook your own meals in the first kitchen off the ballroom.

3: Mop and sweep floors.

4: Light all of the candles at night.

5: Do the dishes.

6: Clean the windows.

7: Tidy the gardens.

8: Repaint the entire castle black.

9: Feed the crocodiles in the moat.

10: Fix the broken stair.

Was I some kind of slave? What was with these people and their lists and demands? Maybe I’d spoke too soon. I reread the list of chores. How could these strangers expect me to do all these ridiculous jobs? I was having lots of second thoughts about living with the Van Nell’s; they seemed cruel.

I made my way back to my room only to realize I was hungry. I turned back towards my door when someone knocked.

"Come in," I said curious as to who would want to talk to me now. The door opened and there stood Aristro. Of course, he was as beautiful and pale as everyone else with the same blood red eyes but he looked different because the smile he had stretched across his face was warmer and more meaningful than the scowls of distaste everyone else seemed to wear around me.

"Hello Ellesmere," he greeted me kindly while shaking my hand. I flinched because his skin was as cold as ice and hard as bone.

"Hello," I mumbled. Aristro seemed completely comfortable as he sat in the same chair Benjamin had earlier this morning.

"I wanted to talk to you for a while." He didn’t go on and I realized he was waiting for a response from me. I sat down and smiled.

"You don’t talk much do you?" I shrugged and he laughed. It was a warm, happy laugh.

"I just came to see if you were alright. The rest of the family was pretty mean and disrespectful. But I’m not like them," Aristro said smiling and I could see that he wasn’t like them myself. His eyes were warmer, like running liquid than the others cold frozen eyes. His face was also brighter and more cheerful.

"I’ve noticed," I said smiling.

"She speaks!" Aristro crowed and I laughed.

"So what exactly happened to make you an orphan?" He asked out of curiosity and a small tear escaped my eye.

"Don’t worry; it’s none of my business anyway." Aristro looked away.

"No it’s ok. You were only curious," I whispered and he looked at me. A wave on unwanted and untrustworthy safety swept over me when I met his gaze.

"Are you ok? You look sort of sick," He sounded anxious. How could someone so caring come from such an unkind family?

"I’m fine. Well, my parents were murdered 5 days ago. We went for a walk and they were scared of something. They hid me in a video store and told me to stay, but I heard mum screaming and went to see if she was ok. I found them dead in the middle of the road. Some people thought they were run over but they had their necks ripped out and were completely drained of blood. I knew it was murder and if I ever find the person responsible for my grief, I will kill them and I will enjoy hearing their screams of pain." I started sobbing after my brave speech and Aristro stroked my hand to comfort me. Aristro looked like he was in pain and something about his expression made him look guilty. He knew something, something important and he didn’t want me to know about it.

"What’s wrong?" I asked trying to sound as sweet as possible.

"It’s just....." He hesitated.

I pushed harder for an answer. "You can tell me. I won’t tell them," I said nodding toward the door.

"I don’t know what to tell you..... I mean I want to tell you but I don’t know if I should," he hesitated, obviously struggling with what to tell me.

I patted his hand in comfort and he smiled a sad smile that didn’t reach his eyes. "I can’t tell you, I’m sorry. I can gives you clues though....." he smiled in triumph.

Shane gave you a list of chores didn’t he?" I nodded.

"Can I have a look?" I took the folded piece of paper and handed it to Aristro.

"Ok do you ever watch or read horror stories?" he asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"Yeah all the time, especially vampires," he flinched.

I got up and grabbed the book I had just finished reading from the top of my bag. "I just finished reading ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker." I said showing Aristro the cover.

"Ok. Did you take note of everything that happened?" he asked me. I knew the book by heart because I had to study it for an English essay.

"Yeah why?" I asked.

"Let’s just say it might come in handy." He winked, trying to pass it as a joke, but I could see the seriousness in his face.

"Ok." I said, curiosity and confusion evident in my voice.

"I must be off now. Bye-Bye." He smiled and curtsied in a half bow.

"Ok bye....and thanks" I said smiling, even more intrigued.

"For what?" Aristro questioned.

"For being understanding and kind," I said with a returning nod.

He nodded then walked out through my door. I waited for the creak in the stairs then went and knelt by the fireplace. I clicked my fingers over the wood and a small flame appeared. Within minutes the fire was blazing as if it had been going for hours.

The door flung open to reveal Aristro again. I was startled by his sudden reappearance.

"Oh sorry," he said taking in my expression.

"I just remembered I had this for you. It was sent to Mrs. Brooker who sent it here. No one read it."

He handed me the faded purple envelope. My name was written on the front in a neat script I recognized immediately as my fathers and sure enough, on the back it said’ Mr. and Mrs. Highburg’. I gasped then looked up at Aristro for an explanation but he was staring at the fire.

"How did you start it so quickly?" he asked confused. I was a horrible liar, but I decided to give it a go.



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Oh dear...
I loved it tho! How could I not?
Sorry I made you guys wait soooo long!!!! And im about to say something you might ot like but the next chapter could be a while.... i hope this doesnt loose any of my readers!!
Anyway... heres chapter 16

Chapter 16 - A Small and Surprising Discovery

Shane stepped out of the shadows, flanked by two unfamiliar vampires. Oliver and I both jumped to our feet.

"Shane!" growled Oliver.

"Shut up boy or I'll kill every pup in those two vans before you could get out a scream," Shane threatened. Oliver stayed quiet but I could see the rage in his eyes.

I took a step closer to Shane. Oliver refused to release my hand, so I dragged him behind me.

"Brave isn't she?" Shane muttered to the female vampire on his left. Then to me he added "You're outnumbered. Don’t even try it Ellesmere."

"I don't care and Do.Not.Call.Me.Ellesmere!" I spat with a disgusted growl.

"So brave, yet so stupid." Shane clicked his tongue and shook his head lightly while smirking.

"If I'm stupid; that makes you a coward. You're too weak to face a stupid little girl ‘all by yourself’," I laughed and mocked him as I pointed at the other two vampires.

Oliver squeezed my hand in warning.

Shane’s hand shot out and wrapped around my throat. I gasped for air as he lifted me off the ground as if I didn't weigh a thing.

"Really?" The other two vampires advanced on Oliver. He phased quickly and attacked the women. Shane placed my feet on the ground as we watched to fight; never letting go of my throat as if to prove he was in complete control. It didn't last long and finished when Oliver phased back because he was cornered. The male vampire had him in an unbreakable hold and the female gripped his hair, pulling his head back and giving herself full access to his throat.

"No! Let him go! If you want me, take me!" I yelled, practically throwing myself at Shane pushing me closer to him in the process but causing him to loosen his grip.

"Ella!" Oliver said in almost defeat.

"Hmmmm, very interesting, are you really that selfless?" Shane studied the situation then threw me to the ground and faced Oliver.

"You let me take Ellesmere quietly and I let you live to fight another day." Shane stated with a grin.

"No! Don't you dare touch her!" growled Oliver fighting to get away from the vampires grip.

"You say that, but you don't really want to die boy. Let Ellesmere go and save your pack. Sacrifice one for the multitude." Shane stated, almost sweetly

"I don’t care about myself or the pack! Just don't hurt Ella." Oliver pleaded though the hurt in his eyes when he said he did not care for the pack was too obvious for Shane to miss.

"Come companions; let little Ollie live for now." Shane taunted. The vampires grinned and turned into their demon forms and flew into the sky. Shane was changed in a split second and his claw-like feet wrapped around my waist digging into my flesh. I winced from the pain.

"Ella! No! I will find you love, do not give up!" Oliver screamed when Shane took flight.

"Oliver" I mumbled, gazing at him for what could be the last time.

"Ella!" Oliver knelt down onto the ground shaking from his uncontrollable sobbing.

"I love you and Henery." I whispered, just as everything went black.

I was cold. I was lying on a dirty concrete floor. I rolled onto my back and sat up, gazing at my surroundings.

The small jail cell I was in was about the length of me and I didn't have much space to move. It was dark and I knew immediately from the stench that I was in Shane’s castle once again. I shuddered from the memories of my last visit to this place and my brother, Chris. My brother, that Shane turned into a vampire and I had killed. The tears started to flow.

I wrapped my arms around my knees and started sobbing. All I could think about was my family. Poor Henery; he already lost his parents and now if he loses me, all he has left is Oliver and I don't believe he would be the best of company if I died here.

I heard a door creak open and immediately jumped to my feet wiping the tears from my face.

"Good afternoon Ellesmere" Shane startled me as he said my name mockingly as he spoke from the dark shadows.

"Why am I here?" I asked. "I haven't tried to kill you again and Chris is dead. I am of no threat to you." I stated, trying to sound calm even though my insides were reeling from the stress and fear of what could be coming.

"I want Chris to kill you." He laughed and suddenly Shane was right in front of the bars to my cell, his face inches from mine. I refused to flinch away.

"Chris is dead! I killed him!" I yelled, the tears trying to come again.

"Oh, dear Ellesmere, you'll find he's very much the opposite. Well, he's still undead but that’s beside the point." He laughed once again, like he had some private joke he was remembering. I stared at the madman incredulously.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I demanded.

"I have the power to raise the dead; including vampires and other demons." He cooed.

Chris is still alive! I thought to myself.

"Is...... is...Chris. Is he a vampire?" I muttered. I already knew in my gut; Shane only verified the answer.

"Very much so," Shane grinned.

My heart shattered to a million pieces.

Chris is a vampire and I'll have to kill him again. No! Maybe if I just gave up... let Shane kill me, then I would not have to relive that pain...

Then I remembered Oliver and Henery and I knew I had to hold on and keep fighting. For them, and for my brother.

"Shane?" I asked as innocently as I could manage.

"Yes dear?" he replied sweetly, almost like a father to a daughter.

I groaned inwardly

"How did you become a vampire?" I asked never letting my gaze drop from his.

He paused, startled by my question then answered. "I was cursed."
So Alexandre was telling the truth.

"I already know that. Why were you cursed?" I asked. He seemed hesitant to answer but did anyway.

“When I was young, my brother, Corbin, and I used to attend lots of carnivals. That was in a time of witches and fortune telling. Corbin thought the whole witch thing was ridiculous but I believed. I went to get my fortune told. I look back now, amazed at how accurate she was. The witch claimed that my brother and I would be monsters. I disagreed. See, whether you can believe it or not; I was a good, young gentleman of the age of 20 then. I had my beautiful wife Elisabeth and our son. The witches and I argued and eventually I began to destroy their belongings in an attempt to escape. They cursed us to live forever in a world of only hate and hunger for blood. They said that we would never love again. It was a painful transformation and we began to get very lonely.

I tried to return home, but Elisabeth hated the sight of my blood red eyes so I kept my distance. Then, we discovered we could make others like us, to have companions. That is when I created Benjamin, as a trial run of sorts. When his change was successful, I changed my Elisabeth. My son, whom we left human, had a child 20 years later. That child was your father.”

I gasped.

Wait, that makes Shane my... oh God!

My son and his wife died years later as they were given the choice of eternal life and chose to stay human and raise your father.

Your father discovered me and came to kill me. He almost succeeded too. He told me he had been to the witches who cursed me. He said that only family of my blood could kill me. I laughed in his face, but then he staked me.

Thank God he had no experience, for he missed my heart by inches. This was all just after your seventeenth birthday. I decided that your parents were too much of a threat and killed them. Your brother is no longer a threat, so all I have left to do is kill you and I can live forever.” Shane finished with a sly smile.

“Well, isn't that a lovely story great grandpa.” I mumbled as I stood stunned in disbelief.

“Oh yes, I agree.” Shane continued.

“I just don't understand one thing, Why am I still alive if you want me dead?” I asked confidently, hiding what I truly felt.

“You ask a lot of questions dear Ellesmere.” Shane muttered darkly.

“Answer my question” I insisted, crossing my arms and tapping my foot on the concrete floor.

Shane shrugged then stated matter-of-factly, “Because it’s fun watching you suffer.”

He then added, “Now, get some sleep Ellesmere; you have a busy night ahead of you.” With that Shane left.

I collapsed to the ground, pulled my legs to my chest and started sobbing again. I was completely awestruck at this recent revelation.

Chris wasn't dead. Although this brought me some sense of happiness on a small level, it would be easier for me if he wasn't undead. Now ,if what Shane said about him wanting Chris to kill me was true, I wouldn't have a choice but to let him or kill him again. Both were unbearable. I couldn’t leave Oliver or Henery. In reality, I couldn’t fathom leaving anyone at this point, to be more specific.

Eventually, I couldn't cry anymore and somehow I fell asleep. It seemed like minutes later my cell was being unlocked.

An unfamiliar vampire with long dirty blond hair reached in and wrapped his hand around the collar of my shirt. He dragged me down loads of corridors that I'd never seen before. I thought I'd seen most of the castle but I was so wrong, I'd seen nothing compared to what there was to see in these winding corridors and rooms scattered throughout. Not that the castle was fun to look at; it was all just black stone walls and huge wooden doors. This must be the area I was warned to never enter before I had left so abruptly.

The vampire stopped in front of yet another wooden door and pushed it open.

Inside was filled with vampires with crimson eyes, all focused on me. Shane sat in a chair at the top of a small platform. To his right stood Elisabeth and to his left, my brother. I fought back my tears.

The vampire that had fetched me threw me across the room as if I weighed nothing and I skidded to a stop near Shane's feet. Pain seared up my side and I let out a gasp of pain.

“Ella?” A familiar voice broke through the pain. Chris bent down and helped me up. He was surprisingly gentle and even held my arm once I was standing so I didn't fall again. We stared at each other for a long while. Chris ran his hand up and down my arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps where his cold fingers touched my skin. Rage filled his eyes as he turned to face Shane.

'I can't believe you!” he yelled

“Not many people can, I tend to surprise lots of people.” Shane smirked and turned his attention to me as I practically screamed at him.

“You told me he was a vampire! How come he had color in his cheeks? Brown in his eyes? Why does he act as if he cares about me?” I was screaming at this point. As I'd starred at Chris, I'd noticed things about his appearance and the way he looked at me.

“Because bringing him back from the dead has its downsides.” Shane answered sadly.

“What sort of downsides?” I queried, unable to take my eyes off my brother.

“He has the same feelings he had when he was human. He has all his memories, which can be tiresome and somewhat taunting at times.” Shane continued, now smiling again.

“He is a half breed now?” I responded as I composed my shocked expression.

“So what you’re saying is that my brother is now half leech, half human?” I asked. I didn't know whether to feel happy or sad. There was no way I would kill Chris now though. I almost felt relief.

“That’s it!” Exclaimed Shane. “You're such a smart girl”

I smiled sarcastically then turned to Elisabeth.

“You're half as well? I killed you.” I stated. She nodded.

“Ellesmere, I'm going to give you a choice, so choose wisely.” Shane continued, again in that creepy father-like voice.

I turned back to Shane. Chris's hand still rested on my arm.

“What sort of choice?” I asked.

He smiled. “I will either change you; you will be young and beautiful forever, or I will kill you.”

I didn't even hesitate. “Kill me.” I whispered. I'd been so distracted by everything that I'd forgotten to search for my stake. I reached discretely into my jacket, and sure enough, my stake rested in his hidden place. I almost screamed with joy but tried desperately not to draw attention to myself.

“Are you sure Ellesmere?” Shane asked. He looked a little disappointed when I nodded.

“Very well then, Chris, kill her.” he commanded.

We looked at each other for a moment and I mouthed the words, 'Please don't' and he nodded.

Then, I realized he could be nodding at either Shane or me. I panicked thinking, Please be me.

Chris came closer, still holding my arm and I tried to take a step back. I was sure he'd nodded to Shane because all of a sudden, one of his hands gripped my waist pulling my closer, while the other grabbed my neck. He placed his nose to my ear and inhaled. I could hear my pulse as it quickened.

'I'll get you out of here. I love you. Trust me and do as I say. Scream.” He mumbled quickly into my ear and I did as I was told. I screamed and thrashed. He pressed his mouth to my neck but made sure no contact was made between his fangs and my skin.

“Now, shhhh. Close your eyes and be dead.” I closed my eyes as Chris 'lapped' the 'blood' from my neck. Then, I felt a warm wetness on my skin and it smelled like blood. I was positive Chris hadn't bitten me though. I stayed still. Chris pulled away from my neck and then I heard Shane laugh and clap his hands together
“Very well done Chris!” He exclaimed excitedly.

“Clear out everyone! Time to go hunting! Watching Chris drain Ellesmere has made me very thirsty!” I heard lots of flapping and then silence.
“Ella!” Chris hugged me to his chest and I began to cry. He stood me on my feet and I saw his face. Blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

“Whose?” I asked.

“Mine. I put on a good show huh Lil’ sis.” He said, wiping away the blood with his sleeve. I hugged him so tight that he gasped. He stroked my hair while I stained his shirt with tears.

“I-th-thought-I-k-kill-led-you!” I mumbled between sobs.

“I was dead, but Shane is selfish and didn't want to get his hands dirty. He brought me back to kill you.” he stated as he wrinkled his eyebrows at the thought.

“Will you kill me?” I asked quietly, hiding my face in his chest.

“Of course not!” Chris almost yelled. He pulled back to look at me. “I would never hurt you Ella. I hoped I proved that just now.”

“Forgive me?” I asked almost silently.

“What for?” He asked.

“I hurt you. I killed you Chris! What sort of sane person kills their own brother?” I demanded.

“Ella. Settle down. I was going to kill you. You did the right thing, the only thing you could.” He said as he cupped my cheek and gently kissed it reassuringly.

I shook my head. “Do you remember?” I asked.

“Yes. Everything.” He said with a sigh.

“I'm sorry.” I looked down at my feet.

“Don’t be ok? You really did not have any other choice.” He stated as he hugged me tightly.

I nodded. “Ok.”

“Come on. I'm going to get you out of here before they return from their hunting trip.” Chris said with another sigh. I nodded again.

Chris grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the set of doors on the outside wall. He pulled them open with a loud creaking noise and pulled me to him.

“Climb on my back.” He ordered. I glanced out the door; we were about 20 stories up in the air.

I gulped. “Chris..”
“Ella, don’t argue. We don’t have much time” he insisted.

I hesitated a moment more then climbed onto my brothers back.

Chris stepped towards the edge, then without a thought, he launched us out into thin air. I screamed as we fell. The air rushed past my face, blowing my hair behind me and I clutched onto Chris for dear life.

We landed with a thud. Chris was standing on his both feet. Legs and feet that should have been broken. The impact made me lose my grip and fall from Chris’ back but he caught me before I could hit the ground.

He held me like a baby in his arms and began running. He wasn't running like a normal person though, it was more like he was flying. Well not flying, his feet touched the ground, but be sped through the trees.

So he still had vampire speed...

Chris stopped behind a tree so I could rest for a moment.

“What else can you do?” I asked excitedly.

“Excuse me?” Chris looked at me confused.

“What other vampire powers do you still have? What happened to you?” I asked again.

“Well... when a vampire is killed; they sort of become human again. It’s almost like the vampire in them drains away with their pierced heart. Well, when Shane brought me back, I was human. I am human. But I have certain vampire abilities from when I was previously a vampire, being raised again by a vampire. It is kind of confusing. I have inhuman speed and strength. I’m pale and have a red tinge to my eyes like a vampire. I have the ability to drink blood and I have fangs like before.” he showed me his pointed canines and I flinched.

“I don’t have to drink blood though. I also have the choice of consuming human food.” He continued. When he finished, I hugged him relieved.

“I thought, when Shane said you were a vampire, I would have to kill you... again. But that would kill me. I don’t think I could have done it a second time.” I whispered.

“Stop beating yourself up Ella. It’s painful to watch. I'm fine and I'm gonna get you back to the pack.” He said confidently.

I nodded.
“Do you know where about the pack is?” Chris asked.

“Somewhere between here and Russia” I answered with a laugh and shrugged my shoulders.

“In that case, climb aboard.” He motioned towards me.

I smiled and climbed onto my brothers back. He ran through the trees so fast that they were just a green blur around us.

“I can smell them.” He said after running for what seemed like forever.

“How far?” I asked, trying not to bounce with joy.

“Not far.” He replied.

I smiled. Chris stopped running and I climbed from his back. I could see the smoke from their fire rising through the trees and I could hear them talking.

“Come on.” I grabbed his hand and went to walk forward but he stopped me.

“Ella, they might not be happy to see me again. I was…am…a vampire still.” He whispered sadly.

This caught me off guard but I replied, “Of course they will. You saved me?”

“I’m different now Ella. They'll smell me, probably already can, and they'll know what I am. They might not be ok with that regardless of me saving you.” he mumbled.

“No! Chris.” He looked down, away from my face. “Look at me.” When he finally did, I spoke.

“They will accept you. I promise or they no longer accept me.” I whispered. He smiled but it didn’t reach his eyes.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the camp. I lead us through the trees but as soon as I was in the light of the fire, Chris’ hand slipped from mine.

“Ella!” Lilly screamed, running to me and hugging me tight. The whole pack followed and I was passed from person to person as they touched me, making sure I was real.

I finally reached Oliver’s arms. He picked me up, spun me in a circle and kissed me enthusiastically. I smiled against his lips then looked around for Chris. He was nowhere to be seen. I pulled myself from Oliver’s grasp and went back to the trees I’d just come through.

“Chris.” I whispered.

“Ella.” He answered back.

I extended my hand in the darkness towards his voice and his hand clasped around mine.
“Come on. It’s ok. I'll protect you.” I pulled him from the darkness and into the light of the blazing fire.

Some people reacted with screams and gasps, others just stood there staring. Claire was first to snap out of it.

“Ella! What have you done now!” she screeched. I moved so I was standing between Chris and the pack.

“He isn't a full vampire. Chris, can you explain to them what you told me?” I asked, gazing at him over my shoulder. He nodded and repeated what he said to me in the woods.

“He saved my life. Shane wanted him to kill me but he saved me.” I mumbled, mainly to Claire.

I looked around at the people that I had grown to love so desperately and pleaded with my eyes.

“Ella..” Claire said, looking between me and Chris. Her eyes lingered on his hand on my back and she whispered, “He can stay. But if anything and I do mean anything, goes wrong, I will stake him myself.” She quietly stated, and I knew the last part pained her. I turned and hugged Chris then ran to Claire and hugged her.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I exclaimed.

“Chris.” I turned around to see Oliver approach Chris. The pack was going back to their own thing now and I walked over to Oliver and Chris.

“Oliver. How have you been looking after my girl?” Chris asked. I slid my hand into Oliver’s and squeezed his fingers.

“He did a great job.” I said with a smile.

“Then how did you end up at the castle?” Chris demanded. Oliver squeezed my hand and pulled me slightly away from Chris so that he was between us.

“I was stupid.” I mumbled.

“Oh. That explains it! Ellesmere was being stupid, so she nearly got killed!” Chris was getting angry, I could see the red getting more dominant in his eyes. I was also filled with fury.

“Do not call me Ellesmere! What is it with you and Shane…do you do it just to irritate me?” I exclaimed. People were staring now.

“Fine then, Ella, tell me what the hell happened!” Chris demanded.

“Oliver and I were around the campfire talking and enjoying the warmth. Shane came and we were outnumbered. He would have killed Oliver if I hadn’t have gone with him. Don’t tell me you wouldn't have done the same thing if I were in Oliver’s position and you in mine.” I explained, now angry myself.

“Okay,” Chris mumbled. “Yes, I would've. I’m sorry Ella. I am still learning to control the vampire side that gets angry at the drop of a hat.”

“I don't have the energy for this right now. I'm going to bed. Goodnight!” I sneered and stomped my feet. With that, I climbed into the van, kissed my sleeping Henery on the forehead, curled up next to him and drifted to sleep.

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