The Twilight Saga

Ellesmere Highburgs parents are murdered - necks ripped out and drained of blood - and Ella is sent to Romania to live with the Van Nells. When she recieves a letter from her godmother, revealing the Van Nells terrifing secret, they're vampires, she fleds to the woods where she meets the pack of werewolves. Ella begins to fall for Oliver and finds out a family secret. Then theres the battle between vampires and werewolves.



They were running as fast as their legs would carry them. Something was chasing them, something I couldn't see.

They turned a corner and I chased after them, tears streamed out of my deep brown eyes when I rounded the corner to find their dead bodies lying in the street.

Chapter 1: The Van Nells

I woke screaming. Tears ran down face leaving a wet trail behind them. I got up and walked into my bathroom. Leaning over the sink, I splashed my face with cold water.

I looked different now. My parent’s death -no murder- had taken a great toll on me and if it weren't for my curly, silky brown hair and olive complexion I would resemble a zombie.

I remember that night from three days ago very well..............

Mum and dad had taken me for a walk after dark. It had been a still night, but half way through our walk the winds picked up like a hurricane. Mum and dad had looked terrified. They took me to a video store and told me to wait there till they came back for me, they didn't. I waited, and waited, and waited…but they didn’t come.

I had become very worried, so I went looking for them. I heard screaming – my mother screaming – and ran towards the sound. I sprinted around the corner to find my parent’s pale figures lying lifeless in the middle of the road.

I came back to the present and found that I was crying again. It's amazing how much could change in three days, especially since just two days before they had died; we'd celebrated my seventeenth birthday like any normal family. I used to be loved and cared for, but now I was completely alone.

Staying in a hotel for three nights was boring and I was beginning to wonder if I should get my own place.

I walked to the bed and curled up under the covers.

"Knock, knock," said a voice from outside my room. "It's Mrs. Brooker, Ellesmere, let me in?" I groaned and got up to open the door.

"Hello." I mumbled. I didn't invite Mrs. Brooker in, but she pranced inside anyways.

"Ellesmere, we need to talk," she said and took a seat on the small sofa as she adjusted her glasses.

"Ella." I corrected her. I hate it when people call me Ellesmere, it was only ok when my parents called me that and Mrs. Brooker was nowhere near as close as my parents were.

"Ella," she overemphasized my name. "Come sit with me." She patted the spot next to her and I sat down. She smiled and I could see the red lipstick she'd gotten on her teeth.

"I've found you a family." I was going to interrupt saying I could look after myself, but Mrs. Brooker put her hand up to stop me. "There are six in the family. They live in Romania and sound like a very lovely bunch."

"No way! That's much too far from Liverpool," I protested.

"It's final. Your parent’s left me in charge of your affairs and I'm sending you to Romania to live with these people. End of story."

I couldn't argue. She was right and she knew it. Mrs. Brooker smiled at me when I finally reached defeat with a heavy sigh.

"Your plane leaves first thing tomorrow morning. You will be packed and ready to go. I am taking you to the airport myself so be ready nice and early. Good-bye for now, I have things to do," without another word, Mrs. Brooker got up and left the room.

I grabbed my suitcase from under my bed then started throwing random things inside.

The plane landed roughly on the ground. It rolled then finally came to a stop. I grabbed my bags, smiled at the old lady I'd been sitting next to and got off the plane into the cold air of Brazov. I groaned. I was moving from the lovely streets of England to the open wilderness of Romania. I was also unhappy about the fact that I had to leave my motorbike in England. Dad and I used to ride together for a fun pass-time.

There was a taxi waiting for me outside the airport. The driver helped me with my things then we drove away down the winding and unfamiliar road of Brazov.

"Where to miss?" asked the driver politely.

"13 Bloody Court," I answered and realized just how freaky the street name sounded.

"Good luck Miss. Some say that castles haunted," he shivered in fright as he spoke.

"Castle? Haunted?" I thought I was going to live with a lovely, happy family. I was feeling puzzled.

"Yeah. 13 Bloody Court is a castle. People say it’s full of ghosts and dark magic. I met the owners once, most definitely not happy looking people, pale with big red eyes. Gives me the hebegebees." He continued. He was serious; I could tell from his expression that he wasn't messing with me.

"Oh," I replied. Am I really going to live in a castle? Is it haunted? Question flew through my head.

It was snowing when the taxi pulled onto the curb in front of the iron gates. It was well and truly a castle, black as the midnight sky and it looked thousands of years old. It was like a graveyard. Everything was rotten or withering away. The trees all bare, the grass was brown and dead. I gulped.

The taxi driver helped me unload my bags then he got back in the car and smiled through the open window.

"Good luck Miss," I watched as he drove back down the winding road.

I tried to open the gate but it was locked. I noticed a black box on the gate and pressed the red button.

"Hello?" said a voice, like ice, through the speakers.

"I'm Ellesmere Highburg," I answered.

"Ellesmere hello! Come in! Come in!" said the voice with much more enthusiasm. The gates opened with a high pitched creak and I made my way up the cobblestone path to the castle. My palms were sweating and I felt like vomiting from my nerves. I finally reached the door, took a deep breath and gave three gentle knocks. The door flew open and a man stepped into my view. He had black silky hair past his shoulders, pale white skin and eyes of blood red. He was beautiful, scary, but beautiful.

"Hello, I’m Benjamin Van Nell," he said, probably amused by my expression.

"Hello," I squeaked out, my voice shaking.

"Come in," he said while gesturing to come inside.

Benjamin's voice was like velvet, yet it wasn't a soft velvet; more an old and poison covered velvet. I stepped inside into what looked like a 15th century ballroom. It was dark so all I could see was a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and a piano near the far wall. Everything in the room was covered in dust and cobwebs.

"I will show you to your room" Benjamin startled me because first he was next to the door and then he was right next to me, close enough for me to feel his ice cold breath put goosebumps along my neck.

He glided past me and up a flight of stairs. I hesitated for a second then followed. We walked past hundreds of doors, most bolted shut. Paintings hung from the walls containing portraits of ancient people.

Dust clung to my clothes and with every step I took on the dirty floor; I made clouds of dust fly into the air leaving a slight path behind me.

"Here you are," Benjamin said opening the door marked 'guest'. I walked inside a fairly large room. It was dark and dust covered everything. All I could see in the darkness was a huge wooden bed, a fireplace and an old dresser with a stool and mirror.

"I will come and bring you food in the morning and then you will meet the rest of the family," he said as he gave me a quick smile.

"Ok, Thanks," I said and he left without another sound closing the door behind himself.

My mind was buzzing. This reminded me of a lot of horror films I had seen starring vampires and werewolves. No I wouldn't let myself believe in such foolish things. Vampires do not exist and neither do werewolves, ghosts, zombies or witches.

It was getting cold so I went to the fireplace and kneeled in front of it. There was wood inside so I clicked my fingers over it. A small flame appeared so I blew it across the fire until it lit. Within seconds the fire was warm and blazing. Ever since I was born I have been able to control the elements fire, water, earth and air. The only people I told were my parents and they were gone so it didn't matter anymore. I'd kept it a secret because I was scared to be locked up and called a freak.

I was warm now so I went to my bag and put on my pajamas. The bed had black satin sheets with matching pillows and blankets. I lay down and curled into a ball wondering what the next day would bring. It didn't take long to fall asleep; I was so tired and before I knew it someone was knocking at my door.

"It’s Benjamin. Are you awake? Let me in," he asked. I got up and opened the door. Benjamin was still dressed in all black, the contrasts making him look even paler then he was.

"May I come in?" he asked formally.

"Yeah sure," I stepped aside so he could enter. He placed a tray containing toast and porridge on my bedside table then went and sat in one of the two chairs I hadn’t noticed up until now.

"Do you like your room?" he asked me.

"Yeah, it’s great," I mumbled. I didn’t really like the room. It reminded me of a murder scene and this house – or castle – didn’t make me feel any better.

"Good now sit. We have to talk about some things." Benjamin looked like the kind of person you obeyed no matter what, so I sat in the chair across from him. "Ok firsts things first; these are the rules Shane told me to give you.

1: No going into the attic or basement.

2: No opening curtains or turning on the lights. Candles are everywhere so you may use them.

3: If someone tells you to do something, you do it right away with no questions asked.

4: Under no circumstances do you explore the castle at night."

"Are we clear?" he said sternly.

"Crystal," I answered.

"Ok then, eat quickly and be well presented for you are meeting the rest of the family. I’ll wait in the hall." he quickly finished. Benjamin got up and left the room silently and he closed the door behind himself.

I got up and rushed to my breakfast. Not pausing to taste it, I shoved the food into my mouth. I got dressed in jeans and a black blouse – it seemed like a suitable color. Pulling a white cardigan over the top, I went to the mirror. I yanked my hairbrush through the tangles and put a headband neatly in place.

I took a deep breath as I followed Benjamin back down the hallway and stairs to the ballroom. Five people stood in the room and they were all extremely beautiful, except for their blood red eyes that the taxi driver had warned me about. Everyone seemed to revolve around the pale man with the short black hair. I stood at the bottom of the stairs not knowing what to do. Benjamin gave me a small push to make me go forward.

"Hello my dear. I’m Lord Shane Van Nell," said the man that everyone seemed to revolve around.

"This is Elisabeth," she was also pale, but had long blonde hair. Shane went around the room and told me everyone’s names. Britany has fiery red hair; Sophia has long, straight, black hair, Aristro was the man with light brown hair.

"And of course you already met Benjamin." Shane smiled, showing perfect white teeth. Two of his front teeth were abnormally long, like fangs.......

"H-hello," I stuttered. Do they all know me?

"You’re Ellesmere Highburg. Welcome to the family." I smiled a small smile. Maybe these people weren’t too bad. Shane pulled a folded piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to me.

"As you will be living with us, we expect you to do these chores." Shane smiled and then everybody left the room leaving me alone in the dark. I unfolded the paper and read:

1: Dust and clean all furniture.

2: Cook your own meals in the first kitchen off the ballroom.

3: Mop and sweep floors.

4: Light all of the candles at night.

5: Do the dishes.

6: Clean the windows.

7: Tidy the gardens.

8: Repaint the entire castle black.

9: Feed the crocodiles in the moat.

10: Fix the broken stair.

Was I some kind of slave? What was with these people and their lists and demands? Maybe I’d spoke too soon. I reread the list of chores. How could these strangers expect me to do all these ridiculous jobs? I was having lots of second thoughts about living with the Van Nell’s; they seemed cruel.

I made my way back to my room only to realize I was hungry. I turned back towards my door when someone knocked.

"Come in," I said curious as to who would want to talk to me now. The door opened and there stood Aristro. Of course, he was as beautiful and pale as everyone else with the same blood red eyes but he looked different because the smile he had stretched across his face was warmer and more meaningful than the scowls of distaste everyone else seemed to wear around me.

"Hello Ellesmere," he greeted me kindly while shaking my hand. I flinched because his skin was as cold as ice and hard as bone.

"Hello," I mumbled. Aristro seemed completely comfortable as he sat in the same chair Benjamin had earlier this morning.

"I wanted to talk to you for a while." He didn’t go on and I realized he was waiting for a response from me. I sat down and smiled.

"You don’t talk much do you?" I shrugged and he laughed. It was a warm, happy laugh.

"I just came to see if you were alright. The rest of the family was pretty mean and disrespectful. But I’m not like them," Aristro said smiling and I could see that he wasn’t like them myself. His eyes were warmer, like running liquid than the others cold frozen eyes. His face was also brighter and more cheerful.

"I’ve noticed," I said smiling.

"She speaks!" Aristro crowed and I laughed.

"So what exactly happened to make you an orphan?" He asked out of curiosity and a small tear escaped my eye.

"Don’t worry; it’s none of my business anyway." Aristro looked away.

"No it’s ok. You were only curious," I whispered and he looked at me. A wave on unwanted and untrustworthy safety swept over me when I met his gaze.

"Are you ok? You look sort of sick," He sounded anxious. How could someone so caring come from such an unkind family?

"I’m fine. Well, my parents were murdered 5 days ago. We went for a walk and they were scared of something. They hid me in a video store and told me to stay, but I heard mum screaming and went to see if she was ok. I found them dead in the middle of the road. Some people thought they were run over but they had their necks ripped out and were completely drained of blood. I knew it was murder and if I ever find the person responsible for my grief, I will kill them and I will enjoy hearing their screams of pain." I started sobbing after my brave speech and Aristro stroked my hand to comfort me. Aristro looked like he was in pain and something about his expression made him look guilty. He knew something, something important and he didn’t want me to know about it.

"What’s wrong?" I asked trying to sound as sweet as possible.

"It’s just....." He hesitated.

I pushed harder for an answer. "You can tell me. I won’t tell them," I said nodding toward the door.

"I don’t know what to tell you..... I mean I want to tell you but I don’t know if I should," he hesitated, obviously struggling with what to tell me.

I patted his hand in comfort and he smiled a sad smile that didn’t reach his eyes. "I can’t tell you, I’m sorry. I can gives you clues though....." he smiled in triumph.

Shane gave you a list of chores didn’t he?" I nodded.

"Can I have a look?" I took the folded piece of paper and handed it to Aristro.

"Ok do you ever watch or read horror stories?" he asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"Yeah all the time, especially vampires," he flinched.

I got up and grabbed the book I had just finished reading from the top of my bag. "I just finished reading ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker." I said showing Aristro the cover.

"Ok. Did you take note of everything that happened?" he asked me. I knew the book by heart because I had to study it for an English essay.

"Yeah why?" I asked.

"Let’s just say it might come in handy." He winked, trying to pass it as a joke, but I could see the seriousness in his face.

"Ok." I said, curiosity and confusion evident in my voice.

"I must be off now. Bye-Bye." He smiled and curtsied in a half bow.

"Ok bye....and thanks" I said smiling, even more intrigued.

"For what?" Aristro questioned.

"For being understanding and kind," I said with a returning nod.

He nodded then walked out through my door. I waited for the creak in the stairs then went and knelt by the fireplace. I clicked my fingers over the wood and a small flame appeared. Within minutes the fire was blazing as if it had been going for hours.

The door flung open to reveal Aristro again. I was startled by his sudden reappearance.

"Oh sorry," he said taking in my expression.

"I just remembered I had this for you. It was sent to Mrs. Brooker who sent it here. No one read it."

He handed me the faded purple envelope. My name was written on the front in a neat script I recognized immediately as my fathers and sure enough, on the back it said’ Mr. and Mrs. Highburg’. I gasped then looked up at Aristro for an explanation but he was staring at the fire.

"How did you start it so quickly?" he asked confused. I was a horrible liar, but I decided to give it a go.



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Chapter 17 – The “Perfect” Storm

A warm, soft breeze wafted through camp, making my hair sway and blow around my face. I rested my head on Oliver’s shoulder, his right arm clinging to my waist as his left hand tucked hair behind my ear while Chris drew patterns on the skin of the hand he was holding. I sighed at how perfect my life was at this very moment, not wanting it to end.

“Does anyone have marshmallows?” Lisbin asked.

I smiled at the boy as Claire stuck her head around the corner of the van.

“Nope, sorry mate, you ate them all. I'll get you some more in the next town though.” She said with a smile and a wink.

Slowly, the wind began to speed up starting to throw things around camp. The trees began to bend over at odd angles in the wind and I was sure that they would surely begin to fall over with the brutality the wind was starting to take.

I quickly covered the fire with dirt and water so the sparks that were flying everywhere didn't light anything on fire.

Trees started to fall dangerously close to the vans and rain suddenly poured from the sky, soaking everything with water almost instantly.

“Get in the vans!” Claire yelled over the noise of the storm.

“Ella?” she said as she ran past me.

“Yes,Claire?” She sighed and looked nervous.

“Could you please protect the vans?” She asked with concern.

“I'll try my hardest.” I replied with a half-hearted smile.

A tree fell towards the van Claire had just climbed into and I used a cross wind to blow it in the other direction. It took a lot of my strength. It ended up on top of the fire, but it mustn't have been put out entirely because the leaves caught fire and began to burn.

“Ugh...Great, just great!” I muttered to myself as I directed the rain towards the red hot fire that was exponentially growing. The burning leaves crackled, adding to the load noises of the rough wind and rain that was howling all around us.

That’s when the door of the van creaked open and Alexandre stepped out to join me in the storm.

“What the hell are you doing?” I demanded while stopping a tree from falling onto him. He ducked and tripped, landing in the mud. I fought back laughter when I saw his flushed cheeks and muddy clothes.

“Good one Gordon.” I mumbled quietly so he couldn't hear me.

“I thought you might need a hand.” He stated exasperated as he brushed the mud from his pants without much success. I could tell he was feeling proud of himself for coming out and facing the storm.

“And how are you gonna help me, Spirit boy?” I replied a little too harshly. I knew I needed help; I was beginning to feel weak and if I continued to use the elements it wouldn't be long before I passed out, but I didn’t want to accept help from Alexandre. To me, it felt like losing, giving into him when really he totally freaked me out.

“Moral support?” He grinned.

I groaned and threw my hands in the air in surrender.

“You are such an idiot!” I spat but quickly I continued to fight off trees and spot fires that kept lighting from the lightning.

Alexandre didn't help at all; he gave a few snarky comments here and there but mainly just observed me and my power. I could feel his eyes following my every move.

I was absolutely soaked to the bone. My hair was everywhere and pieces were stuck to my wet face. I'm sure my shirt would have been pretty see through, but it was a dark blue so it wasn't too bad. It clung to every part of my skin it touched, showing off the few curves that I had and showing the lines where my bra was.

The stormed finally died out as morning approached. I sighed with relief when everyone emerged from the vans unharmed but a little worse for the wear from the loud and worrisome night.

“Are you ok? You look like a drowned cat.” Chris chuckled. I smiled at my brother and nodded between chattering teeth. I had realized how cold I was until Chris touched my shoulder and his coldness added to mine and I shivered.

“A drowned cat is better that a squished vampire, which is what you would be if I hadn’t stayed out here all night. Of course, you could have probably come out and helped hold a few trees up if you wanted to ya know unlike Spirit boy, who was no help at all, just saying…” I stated with a smug smile as I looked from Chris to Alexandre who was quite drenched himself. I smiled to myself at how he really did try to help at least and he was kind of adorable with his wet clothes clinging to his chest and his hair all matted to his head framing his face.

What the heck am I thinking?? Focus Ella….and I looked over at Claire as she came rushing towards me.

“Oh thank you so so much Ella!” Claire gushed as she hugged me.

“No problem.” I mumbled against her now wet shoulder.

“You did a great job!” Oliver said, kissing me lightly on the lips then taking my cold hand in his warm one.

Wow, he felt so good. So warm and his scent was intoxicating.

“She didn't do great; she did amazingly!” Alexandre exclaimed.

“You should have seen her!” I almost smiled at Alexandre; mostly I just rolled my eyes.
I was so weak; I did not even have the energy to give a smart remark back.

“I have to lie down” I said, disengaging myself from Oliver and heading towards the vans slowly as I was barely able to put one leg in front of the other.

"Good idea." Claire nodded and waved me toward the closest van.

I barely made it three steps when I fell. I hit the hard damp ground and everything went black, again.

I was slowly starting to regain consciousness and I could hear worried voices around me talking and whispering.

"Is she ok?" I heard a familiar voice ask…Chris.

"She's just exhausted." Alexandre replied and for some odd reason, my heart skipped a beat at the sound of his voice.

What the hell? I asked myself warily.

"Ella? Ella can you hear me?" I heard Oliver ask.

My eyes fluttered open to see the three boys standing around me with concerned expressions plastered on their faces just staring down at me. They looked so worried and tired, well except Chris. He was worried, but not tired.

"How long was I out this time?" I asked sarcastically. I was getting real sick of the ‘passing out all the time’ thing. It made me look and feel weak. What would happen if I fainted while fighting Shane? I'd probably die and so would others, all because I’m weak and vulnerable.

"Three or four hours. You okay?" Chris answered with a smile.

"Yeah, I guess." I replied while attempting to sit up. Oliver put his arm on my back to support me as I sat up and dangled my legs over the seat edge.

"What happened?" Alexandre asked hesitantly as he sat down beside me.

Was that real concern in his voice? Huh? Interesting.

"I lose heaps of energy when I summon the elements. I used them all night so by morning, I was ready to pass out. Do you get drained using Spirit?" I whispered.

"Not really. I don’t get it as bad as you do, but I do feel the loss of energy." He answered with a warm smile.

"Is she awake yet?" Andrew asked as he jumped into the van.

Then he spotted me. "Ella! Are you okay?" he asked. I smiled and nodded. He returned a purely happy smile that only Andrew could give.

"I want you to teach me Spirit." I said to Alexandre after Andrew got done almost hugging the life out of me then hopped back out to get me something to drink.

We were sitting in the van as we drove through the unusually bright and happy looking woods. It was odd to me, that it was so beautiful after such a dark and scary night. It was like seeing things through completely different eyes.

Alexandre hadn't been paying attention to me earlier when Andrew returned with some crackers and juice and then seemed to be ignoring me completely once we all loaded up and got back on the road, so I repeated myself.

"I want you to teach me Spirit." I commanded more sternly.

Now I had his attention.

"Why? You can already control fire, water, earth and air. Why do you need to learn another one?" He asked me with a smirk and cocked eyebrow as if to intimidate me.

"I want to learn more. The more I know, the more I can be helpful to the pack besides just my knowledge of fighting." I answered suddenly reduced to begging with my eyes.

What is going on with me? I am actually ‘begging” Alexandre to teach me Spirit when just a few days ago, I would have kicked dirt in his eyes before asking him to do anything for me or anyone else here for that matter.

"If I teach you what I know, will you teach me what you know?" He turned his head so he could look me straight in the eyes when I answered him.

"Okay, deal." I nodded then smiled. He returned the smile.

Wow, he really does have a nice smile and his eyes light up when he does…Ella…you need to focus….what are you thinking?? You don’t even like Alexandre, or at least you didn’t before he came to your rescue last night….Idiot…you need to stop!

"How much do you actually know about Spirit?" He asked raising an eyebrow and thankfully pulling me from my thoughts.

"Only what I've read in here." I told him and pulled my elements book out of my pocket. It wasn’t a very big book and I handed it to Alexandre. He flipped through the pages, scanning the contents quickly, I wasn’t even sure he was actually reading it or just humoring me.

For the rest of the car ride Alexandre read, occasionally looking up from the book to gaze at me causing me to get an uneasy feeling.

Henery fell asleep in my arms and I absentmindedly stroked his hair as I let my thoughts just concentrate on him and his sweet scent.

We pulled over into a small camping area to take a lunch break and stretch our legs. I was leaning against a tree, watching Henery and Oliver play catch and was mesmerized by my boys when I heard someone say something.

"Expand your mind... do you hear them?" Alexandre suddenly spoke and instructed me.

I looked questioningly at him as he led me into the woods where we would have a little more privacy. I then relinquished my fears and closed my eyes, concentrating on expanding my mind. I let everything around me disappear and concentrated on nothing but my breathing and the smells around me.

Slowly I could hear a soft murmuring all around me, like hundreds of tiny, quiet conversations but it was impossible to tell what they were actually saying. They spoke too quickly.

Finally, I opened my eyes and gasped. Around me were the faces of people I knew, whispering to each other and smiling. Lilly's parents stared at me with sympathy in their eyes. May Belle was glaring at me and I winced, sending her a small smile. Eric looked proud; he was grinning.

My grandparents gazed at me in wonder. And finally, my eyes rested upon my parents. They stood together in a loving embrace. They didn’t look human. They looked like what I imagined higher beings to look like; all shiny and glowing with bright light surrounding them. I reached out as if to touch my mother and her hand met mine halfway but instead of connecting and feeling her warm skin, her hand disappeared inside mine. A tingling sensation ran through my arm as we “touched”.

Slowly, one by one, the people I once knew began to fade away leaving only a shadow of speckled dust behind them.

They're gone! No, Please, Come back!!

My legs collapsed beneath me and I started to fall but Alexandre caught me before I hit the ground. He stared into my eyes with his face inches from mine. I could feel his warm breath on my face. Suddenly, he flew back while diverting his gaze and he seemed to snap out of it then he helped me stand.

"Did you see them?" He asked me while still not looking me directly in the eyes.

"Uh, Yeah." I only realized that tears were running down my cheeks when Alexandre wiped them away gently with his thumbs.

He smiled at me gently as he looked in my eyes once again.

"I saw my parents" I said between sniffles.

"Yeah. I see mine a lot too." He said with a sweet, longing look.

"What happened?" I asked him, still trying to wrap my thoughts around what had just happened, but curious what happened to Alexandre and his family.

"Vampires." He whispered.

I nodded knowingly.

"What do you want me to teach you first?" I asked with a smile as I wiped the last tears from my face.

"Well, I've always had a thing for fire" He smirked.

I thought about the best way to explain to him how to create fire out of nothing.

"Hold your hand out, palm up. Focus hard on your hand, empty your mind and fill it with the image of your hand being on fire. It doesn’t burn you, but it gets warm." I explained.

Alexandre closed his eyes.

"Concentrate." I encouraged.

It took him a couple of tries but eventually he got it. By the end of the day, he could make his whole body a flame and I had mastered seeing the spirits of dead people.

We decided to head back to camp early so we got there safely before dark but unfortunately we had gotten farther away than we suspected and Alexandre got us lost.

"I swear it was this way!" I'd argued, pointing in the direction I knew the camp was in but Alexandre argued, pointing in another direction. At the moment, we were walking the way I said but I could see Alexandre out of the corner of my eyes trying to see if anything looked familiar.

"So, does Shane think you're dead?" Alexandre asked me.

The question took me off guard. I hadn't even thought about it yet.

"Ummm, I guess...." I said unsure.

Alexandre was about to say something else when he tripped and began to fall. I went to grab him but instead I ended up falling with him, which resulted in my landing right on top of him. He hit his head on a log and I saw some blood gathering on the ground next to us.

"Oh no...” I started to panic and reached for his head.

Alexandre’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and he started going limp.

"Alexandre!" I yelled in his face. I hovered over him; my nose practically touching his.

"Damn it! Alexandre, wake up!" I yelled at him. He stirred a little and I resisted the urge to slap him.

His eyes suddenly flew open and he tried to sit up, which caused his forehead to bump mine.

"Ow!" I muttered and rubbed my forehead.

"What are you doing lying on top of me Ella?" He asked with a smirk, eyeing me up and down. Then his gaze met mine and I was momentarily caught in the blueness of his eyes.

"Ella?" He chuckled at my momentary silence. I snapped out of it and mentally shook myself.

What are you doing! You have a boyfriend Ella! Get control of yourself!

"You fell and I tried to stop you and ended up landing on top of you, then I saw the blood-" he cut me off.

"Blood?" He reached behind him and felt the back of his head. "Oh." He said as he looked at the blood on his hand.

It was then that I realized that I was still lying on him.

"Sorry." I mumbled as I rolled off and stood up. Alexandre reached up, took my hand and I helped him stand. He swayed and almost fell again but I caught him.

"Are you okay?" I asked him genuinely concerned.
"Yeah." He said as he shook his head like he was trying to shake out cobwebs or something.

"Come on." I pulled his arm around my shoulder and wrapped mine around his waist.

After what felt like 2 hours of walking and small talk we finally reached camp exhausted and bloody.

"Oh Ella! I was so worried!" Oliver exclaimed. He jumped up from where he was sitting at the fire and ran to me. I quickly gave Alexandre to Seth so he didn’t get knocked over.

Oliver pulled me to him and kissed me passionately. Wind swept through the area, ruffling our hair. When we pulled away, we smiled at each other as if we were the only people there.

"You two need to get a room." Daniel said, pretending to gag. Everyone laughed.

"I'm glad you two are okay but whose blood is that Ella?" Lilly asked as she hugged me.

As she said that, I remembered Alexandre, who looked just about ready to pass out.

"Alexandre! We fell and he hit his head." I explained as I ran to his side and checked the back of his head. It looked nasty.

"Can someone get me some water, a clean cloth and a bandage?" I looked at Seth who nodded and went to fetch the things I asked for.

I dabbed at the wound with the wet cloth, trying to wipe away as much blood as possible, but it was hard since it had dried and was all matted in his hair.

Once I was done fixing Alexandre, we all sat around the campfire and we explained what we had been doing and what happened before we got lost.

"Ella?" I turned around to find Lilly standing behind me with a stressed look on her face.

"Yeah Hon?" I asked as I looked up in wonder.

"Can we talk... in private?" She asked. I nodded then followed her out of the others hearing range.

"What’s wrong? I am so sorry if I worried you today." I said with concern plain on my face.

"That’s not it Ella. You knew." She accused as she glared at me with her hands on her hips.

"Knew what?" I asked, totally confused. She nodded in the direction of Andrew who was sitting by the fire just staring at the flames.
"What? About Andrew?" I asked.

"You knew he loved me and you didn’t say anything." She said with obvious disappointment in her voice.

"Lilly, it wasn’t my secret to tell." I said simply.

"I don’t care! Now I have to choose! You are supposed to be my friend!" She practically yelled at me.

"Excuse me? I am your friend! Now, do you love Seth?" I asked calmly.

"Yes, he's everything I ever wanted." She said much calmer now.

"Do you love Andrew?" I asked as I put my hand on her shoulder as she started to tremble.

"Yes... but not in a romantic way." She admitted.

"It's your decision to make, but it seems obvious.” I said again as I half hugged her.

"Ella...." She pleaded with her eyes.

"I can't get involved. Sorry. You are both my friends and I love you, but you have to decide." I told her then turned and walked back to the fire. I took my seat next to Oliver. I leaned my head on his shoulder and he stroked my hair and whispered he loved me in my ear.

I watched Henery's peaceful face as he lie asleep in Claire’s arms across the fire. I smiled.

That’s my little boy.

And once again, I was grateful for the people in my life and marveled at how lucky I truly was, for now at least, even if just for now.

What do you think????

Luv you guys!!
Thx Amanda!
Great!! an update!! yeay...ella is falling 4 alexandre, i dont like that, though,hahaha...just kidding, but i deffinitely prefer oliver!! i love him, hahaha!! awesome DD!! please update soon, please!!!:D


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