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What else could possibly go wrong??  Anira’s life has been a complete disaster this past week, and obviously it’s not going to give her a break any time soon.  The local power plant almost had a meltdown, a bunch of stupid teenagers burnt down half of the forest she lives in, the government found out that she was living in an abandoned shed and threatened to move her into an orphanage, and worst of all, HER BOYFRIEND DUMPED HER.  When she wakes up on the first school day after winter break with that same sinking feeling in her stomach, she knows something else will go wrong, but never in her wildest dreams did she imagine it would lead her on a path like this.  A story of self-discovery, this anything-but-average teenager is forced to confront a past she never knew existed, survive an encounter with deadly yet somehow civilized vampires, and juggle a secret that no one can ever know, right in the middle of the worst week of her life.

            Palo, Iowa wasn’t supposed to be this unpredictable.


Chapter 1: Get me out of this mess

            I opened my eyes groggily and groaned.  My stomach was twisting and turning again, like it had almost every other day this past week.  And almost every other day this past week, something had gone wrong.  The first day had been the absolute worst though, in my opinion.

            Hey, Anira, I need to talk to you, Nick, my boyfriend, had said.  It was the last day of school before winter break, and we had just climbed off the bus to go home.  I had looked at him and smiled, trying to ignore that gut-wrenching feeling I always got when something bad was going to happen.  I… Uh, I think we should just be friends.  We just aren’t very good together, you know?  I hope you understand.  It’s nothing personal.  We can still be friends though, right?  I had agreed with a little too much enthusiasm.

            The next day, after I had cried myself to sleep, I’d barely noticed that same feeling when I woke up- I thought it was a side effect from all the sobs- until late in the night when I caught a whiff of smoke and realized that my forest was burning.  Apparently a group of teenagers had thought this was a good place for a bonfire to celebrate the week-long vacation.  Why they had wanted to be outside in December was beyond me, but there they were, burning down the only thing that hid my house from view.

            Then, of course, after the trees had been drastically thinned, the inevitable happened: I got a notice on my door saying that my house was on government property and I needed to go to court to get a real home under penalty of the law.  Of course, as soon as I showed up and they realized I was only fifteen, they threatened to send me to an orphanage or foster home until I was legally old enough to live alone.  I had two weeks to pick a foster home of my choice before they forced me into some rotten place with the other homeless kids.

            If that wasn’t enough to take in with all I had already been going through, the local power plant was in danger of having a meltdown, and I had to work there for days trying to calm everyone down and take control of the situation.  By the time all the chaos was over, I had only three days left of my break to relax.

            And of course relaxation was an impossibility with my home being threatened and my heart completely shattered in my chest.

            Now it was the first day of the new semester, and I could tell that something else was going to go wrong.  But what else could possibly go wrong?!  After everything I’d been through in the past week, what else could go wrong?!

            I sat up grudgingly and stretched my aching muscles.  I wasn’t used to sleeping so often.  Usually I only had to sleep two or three times a week, but I was so upset during the break that I had actually slept every night. It wasn’t natural.

            After going to my closet and grabbing a dull green blouse and khakis, I went into the kitchen to get some breakfast.  It wasn’t a very big room, with only the bare necessities to keep it running: a refrigerator, a sink, a stove, and a little wooden table with one chair on either side.  The refrigerator was actually pretty unnecessary at this time of year.  Since my house had no heater or air conditioner, the food just adapted to whatever temperature it was outside, and since it had just snowed… Well, my food would be plenty cool without manmade appliances.

            I knew perfectly well that not having a heater was strange and unthinkable to any of the humans around me.  It was part of the reason why I had never invited anyone to my house.  But to be perfectly honest, I liked my house without all those silly indulgences.  I could really taste the fresh air when the musty air of a machine wasn’t in the way, and besides, the thing would be unnecessary anyway.  I couldn’t feel temperatures.  Well, I could feel when the weather changed, and I could tell when it was hot or cold, but I was never actually affected by temperature.  My skin was just the same 85˚ all the time.

            I grabbed an apple from the fridge and went into the bathroom as I ate, my feet dragging a little as I walked.  The bathroom was a little smaller than the kitchen, with a bath tub, a toilet, a sink, and a mirror. I lived in an extremely small house. 

            I looked at my reflection in the mirror without interest.  Just a little over a week ago my eyes had been bright and shining with life.  Now they were just a dull forest green, similar to my shirt color, with no emotions and no light.  There were shadows under my eyelids that hadn’t been there before.  I may have been sleeping more than usual, but that certainly didn’t mean I’d been sleeping well.

My hair was an unkempt mess, knotted and tangled from the many days of neglect.  I grabbed my brush from the sink now, not wanting to look like a zombie when I got on the bus to meet Nick.  I couldn’t let him know how much his decision had affected me.  I had to suck it up and act like nothing had changed, as if it didn’t matter in the slightest that he had broken my heart.  It wasn’t really his fault, I guess.  He wasn’t trying to be mean or anything.  He just didn’t think we were right for each other.

            I sighed when I was finally done and watched the gossamer strands flow all the way down my legs, halting just below my knees.  The name Rapunzel fluttered through my mind as I glanced back in the mirror.  I was a strange sight to see, with flawless pale skin and pale hair that ran all the way down to my calves.  Maybe that was why Nick had dumped me…

            I shook the thought out of my head and checked my watch.  7:30. I still had 30 minutes before I had to be at the bus stop, and I was already set to leave.  What was I supposed to do for 30 whole minutes?

            My eyes brightened just slightly as an idea came into my head.  I ran back into the kitchen to look out the windows at the surrounding forest- at least what was left of it.  Was it safe?  Would anybody really be out and about this early in the morning?  Ordinarily I wouldn’t be too worried about getting caught, but after those stupid teenagers had burned down the woods, I couldn’t be too careful.  The coast seemed clear, and that uncomfortable feeling in my stomach had subsided, for now, so maybe I could get some exercise in before I left.

            Before I could change my mind, I reached behind me to reveal the crease in my shirt where I had installed the zipper.  Very carefully, I pulled the zipper down until the hole was completely open and exhaled in relief as my wings slipped through the flap.  I had been too preoccupied over my vacation to stretch out my wings, but now nobody was around, I could sense that it was safe, and I had 30 minutes of free time to kill.  What better way to spend that time than to fly as fast as I could and just tune out the world for a few precious moments?

            I fluttered my wings experimentally, smiling as my feet lifted off the ground.  It felt so good to finally use them again!  I shot out the back door after a short warm-up and let the world blur around me.

            I thought about my past while I flew, all the memories I had before this week that didn’t make me want to hide in bed all day.  Before I had lived on Earth, I had grown up in a small planet called Avalon.  I lived there for eight years, but then one day our Fairy Council had come to my house and asked my parents if they could send me to Earth.  They sent different fairies to Earth every year to help the humans with their natural disasters and magical infestations, but only the ones with the best talents could go.  I was honored to be a part of their program and left immediately.  I had always admired the fairies that came to this planet, and I had hoped they would pick me, but I had also thought that my talent wasn’t good enough.  While some fairies could bend the elements or turn invisible, my only unique quality was my sense of danger.  I knew when something bad would happen.  I didn’t know what it would be, but I always knew, and it had saved my people’s lives many times.  So they sent me here, to this tiny town of Palo, Iowa, where I could live safely undetected and help those in need.

            Well, that plan was in the process of being uprooted and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.  The officials had trusted me to keep our secret, and though nobody knew what I really was, the fact that they had found my house was enough to put us all in grave danger.  Nobody could know we existed, humans and other mythical creatures alike.  We could not be discovered.  It was the law.

            I slowed to a more human speed and dropped down to the ground when I heard a rustle in the bushes.  A deer jumped out of nowhere and scampered across the path to disappear into the trees once again.  That same uneasy feeling came back as I watched the creature, and I backed away on foot.  Whatever that creature was running from had to be the danger I was to face today.  I wasn’t going to let it find me here, completely vulnerable and with no witnesses.

            I opened my wings and fled back to the house.

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:) thanks.  Here's the next chapter!  Sorry if it kinda starts out slow...


Chapter 4: Confusions and Distractions

The bell rang for lunch and I groaned quietly.  Great, time to face Nick.  I knew I could easily sit somewhere else, but then he would think I didn’t want to be friends.  And of course I wanted to be friends, I just… needed time to get over the whole break-up thing.

I left the gym locker room and walked down the hall, trying to distract myself by looking around for the vampires.  Would they really come to the lunch room and eat something?  Surely that would make them sick.  None of them were in my gym class, so I couldn’t follow one to see where they went.  I would just have to watch and wait.

“Hello Anira,” Vincent said cheerfully, stepping out of his art class to walk beside me.  Vincent was a good friend of mine that had moved here from France a few years ago.  He had light brown skin and black hair pulled back into various braids. He would’ve looked just like any other African-American from a distance, but the French accent was distinct when you actually talked to him.  I found it quite comical.  “They’re having hot dogs today for lunch.  Will you try one again?”  I scrunched up my nose a little.

“Sorry Vincent,” I replied.  “After my reaction last time, I don’t think that would be such a good idea.”  Naturally, all faeries were vegetarian; it was just part of our nature.  It was physically impossible for us to digest meat.  I couldn’t tell this to my friends, of course, so I just said I was a vegetarian by choice.  They were always teasing me about it, however, so I tried to impress them by eating the occasional hamburger.  Only Nick and Vincent knew I threw up after every attempt.

“Good,” Vincent said.  “I don’t like it when you get sick.”  Well, most of my friends teased me.  Apparently Vincent thought it was nice that I was a vegetarian.

“Uh, thanks,” I said distractedly, looking over at our usual table.  Nick was already sitting there.  “Me too.”  He noticed my change in mood.

“Are you okay?” he asked, looking concerned.

“What?  Oh, yeah.”  I nodded.  “I just, um…” I trailed off as I looked at Nick.

“Ah.”  I heard him sigh quietly.  He knew about the break-up, and he didn’t seem too happy about it for some reason.  “We should probably get some food.”  He grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards the lunch line, making me snap out of my haze.  I smiled at him gratefully.

As we waited in line, I distracted myself again by looking for the vampires.  I had caught just a whiff of that sugary-sweet smell as I walked in, so I knew they were here somewhere.  Were they honestly going to buy human food?

I heard the tinkling laughter of the one named Alice and looked in the direction of the kitchen.  Sure enough, there they were, all walking out of the check-out line together.  I stopped breathing.

There were nine of them.  All different shapes and sizes, different smells, different everything except the unnaturally pale skin.  I was too far away to see their eyes, but I was positive they were all that same gold color.

As they sat down, I noticed the skinniest of the boys, the one with bronze hair, glance in my direction.  I stiffened and looked away, searching for anything else that would hold my attention.  I didn’t know why, but I got this strange sense that I couldn’t think about them with him around.  It was as if my thoughts were no longer safe, like I was forced to hide even more than usual because of him… It was a silly thought, I had to admit, but my talent taught me to follow my instincts.

“Hey, isn’t that the kid from the car crash?” I mumbled, not entirely able to keep from thinking about the new kids.  Vincent looked over to the table I had indicated and shrugged.

“I don’t know, we didn’t pass the accident this morning.”  The line moved forward and the wall cut off my view.

After buying a salad and some apple juice, I walked reluctantly over to our table.  Nick looked up when he heard me approach and smiled.  My heart lurched.

“Hey.  We were just talking about Anthony’s birthday party last weekend.”  I sat down across from him and nodded, forcing a smile in return.

“I’m sure it was amazing.  Sorry I wasn’t able to come, but I had other things going on.”  A forest fire, an eviction notice, a nuclear meltdown, nothing unusual.

“Oh, it wasn’t just amazing,” Anthony said, planting his elbow down on the tabletop.  “It was EPIC.  Best birthday EVER.  I see why girls call it sweet.”

“Yeah, we would call it ‘sweet sixteen’ too, but that’s just for chics,” Jeremy, Nick’s cousin, laughed.  “We gotta come up with some other, awesomer name for it that’s just for guys.”  He waggled his eyebrows at me.  “Sorry Ann, off limits for you.”

“It’s Anira,” I corrected, my tone a little snappy.  I tried to mend my attitude.  “My name is Anira, not ‘Ann.’”

“Whatever,” he said, waving it off.  Vincent cleared his throat and touched my shoulder before I could get too angry.

“So, Anira, isn’t your ‘sweet-sixteen’ coming up soon?” he asked.  I forced back the annoyance and smiled slightly.  I could always count on Vincent to keep conflict at bay.

“Just two more weeks.  I can’t wait.”  Two more weeks before my birthday, two more weeks before I was forced into a foster home, and two more weeks before I stopped aging.

It wasn’t called ‘sweet sixteen’ for nothing.

Every faerie stopped aging at sixteen, temporarily.  After that milestone, we had about five years to settle into our personalities and experiences, and whatever mindset we had grown into, whatever age we acted like on the inside, became the age we looked like on the outside.  It was a gradual process, and some people looked sixteen forever, but most of us tended to age into our twenties or thirties or sometimes even forties.  The way I was feeling right now had me convinced I would be one of those rare ninety-year-olds with too much trauma and stress in their life.

“Are you gonna throw a big party?” Nick asked curiously.  He knew I wasn’t a very social person.  That was probably part of the reason why he dumped me.

“We’ll see,” I replied, hoping he didn’t notice me flinch.  “I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, so I might not have time to set one up.”  He nodded, his face unsurprised.

The boys merged back into their other conversation and left me to my thoughts.  I glanced over at the table of vampires and grinned slyly when I saw the bronze-haired boy leave with one of the girls.  As soon as he was out the door I switched my eyelids and examined the others’ auras.  They were various shades of gray, but they were all on the light side.  There was one exception to their rainbow of grays, though: at the very back of the group was a young girl who I could hear laughing with Alice, and her aura was the brightest one I had ever seen.  It was even brighter than most humans’.  It shocked me.  How could a vampire have such a bright aura?

I switched back to my normal vision and examined the girl.  She was just a little taller than Alice, with long bronze curls flowing down her back.  She seemed darker than the others, but that didn’t make any sense.  She was obviously one of them.  She looked like them, for the most part, and from what I could hear, sounded like them as well.  It must have been the lighting or something.

The bell rang for the end of lunch and I jumped up in relief.  Time for fifth period, and time to get away from this awkward atmosphere.

Lemme guess... Renesmee? :P


Awesome story so far!!

:) thanks.  Yeah, it's Renesmee, but shh! Anira doesn't know her name yet. ;)

Chapter 5: So Many Questions, So Little Time

My next class was English, the only subject I ever really had to pay attention to.  It was unlikely we would have any homework on the first day back from winter break, however, so I figured I could get away with not listening for one day.  I had too many other things on my mind.  Why did I get that feeling of insecurity when I saw the bronze-haired boy?  Why did that one girl with the long curly hair have such a bright aura?  Did she really have darker skin than the other vampires?  And why had such a large coven picked here of all places to live?  Why were they putting themselves through school, where their prey could openly see them?  And what made their eyes such a strange color?!?!

Before I could think over these questions too thoroughly, I noticed two of the vampires walk in.  One of them was the bronze-haired boy.

Great,’ I thought, gritting my teeth.  ‘Now I can’t think about anything that I need to think about.’  The bell rang and I focused all my attention on the teacher.  I took very careful, very detailed notes and analyzed everything he said.  Anything to keep my mind from wandering in the wrong direction.

“I still don’t understand how you managed to get in a car crash,” the girl- who had been introduced as Isabella- whispered.  “Aren’t you supposed to be a master mind-reader or something?”  The one who was apparently named Edward chuckled quietly.

“It wasn’t my fault, love,” he replied, luckily too focused on his conversation to pay any attention to me.  “I was caught in traffic and the gentleman behind me happened to be on his cell phone.  I couldn’t have moved out of the way if I tried.”

“But that was our most inconspicuous car!”

“That doesn’t change the heaviness of the traffic.  Don’t worry, Bella, love, it’ll be as good as new within the week.”  So he could read minds.  That’s why I felt so vulnerable around him.  Now on to the next question: how had I known?  Surely my talent wasn’t that sensitive?

I heard Bella sigh and focused back on the lesson, not wanting them to know I had been eavesdropping.

When the bell finally rang, I was the first one out of my seat.  I had actually learned something in class today, which I was glad about, but today’s lesson hadn’t given me any of the answers I wanted.  I would need a safe place to sort out my thoughts to do that.

I looked back at the vampires one last time, made sure they were focused on something other than blood, and left.

My next class was environmental education, in a room at the very bottom of the school.  The walls were lined with animal cages of all different shapes and sizes, rodents at one end, reptiles at another, and a giant bird cage in the middle of the room.  There were two cats as well, roaming around aimlessly and rubbing against your legs whenever they had the chance.  Naturally the smell was overpowering, but you got used to it after a while.

I walked into the room and smiled weakly at the teacher.  The cats ran over to  rub my legs.

“Hello Anira,” he said, returning the smile.  “I see the animals missed you during vacation.”

“They do this to everyone,” I mumbled, bending down to stroke the felines.  It was true, they did do it to everyone, but they followed me around constantly.  They could sense when a faerie was around, and they seemed to have a natural attraction to us.  My teacher often joked that I was ‘their favorite student.’

I walked over to my seat and the cats followed me eagerly, their little claws clicking against the marble floor.  After I sat down, they jumped up on the desk beside me.  Instead of begging for attention like they usually did, however, they just sat there and watched me with their big brown eyes.  They could tell I was having a bad week.

“They don’t do that to everyone,” my teacher said smugly.

There weren’t any vampires in this class, but I couldn’t blame them; animals were terrified of vampires, the exact opposite reaction of what they had for me, and the vampires probably weren’t very fond of the animals either.  This was a very good thing for me because I could think about them freely without worrying that the stupid mind-reader would hear me.

Okay, so here were the answers I needed: Why were their eyes golden?  Why were they putting themselves out in the open?  Why were their auras so light?  How could they manage to live as such a large group?  Was the one with the long curls different from the rest?  Why were they living here? And one other question that was the most vital of all: had the mind reader seen or heard anything that might make me seem suspicious?  I jotted everything down in my journal for future reference.  It was of the utmost importance that I keep my heritage a secret.  I couldn’t let them know anything, none of my talents, none of my abnormalities; I couldn’t even let them realize that I knew their secret.

What had I learned about them so far?  Obviously that they were nicer than the other, normal vampires.  Otherwise their auras wouldn’t have been so light.  I knew that their eyes were different, so maybe it was a status symbol?  Were they royalty? I’d need to add that to my list of questions.  The one named Edward could read minds, and it looked like his mate was Bella, from the way he looked at her.  I knew they were much more controlled than the others, if they could manage to live amongst humans freely without hunting them.  Even so, they could still be a threat.  I would have to observe their behavior in the next few days to see what they did.  Oh, but maybe they did their hunting at night, when everyone was vulnerable!  Could I risk following them then as well?...

One of the cats rubbed against my hand and purred loudly, making the pencil fall out of my hands.  I laughed quietly, a short, stressed laugh, and patted his head.

“Sorry Smokey,” I whispered.  “I know you don’t like it when I’m upset.”  He looked at me with his huge innocent eyes and I could almost picture him nodding in agreement.  Well, maybe I would get the nerve to talk to one of the vampires before the end of the school day, to see just how much of a threat they really were.  I had worried the cats enough for now.

The bell finally rang and I jumped up to leave.  The cats watched as I rushed out the door and down the hall, their tails twitching behind them.

My next class was art.  I didn’t know if any of the vampires would be in this class, since it was an elective, but they had to choose something to fill the empty spaces in their schedule.  Maybe I would get lucky.

I walked into the art room and scanned the class for any of the immortals.  I smiled a little smugly when I recognized the long curly bronze hair from the lunch room and walked tentatively over to the table.

“Uh, hi,” I said politely, stepping into her line of vision.  She looked up and gave me a dazzling smile.  “You’re new here right?” She nodded.  “What’s your name?”

“I’m Renesmee,” she replied.  “Renesmee Cullen.”

This. Is. Incredible! Your writing is extraordinary!! Please post more ^^


- LoveCookkies

this is gr8 can u keep me updated plz

:) thank you.  Here's the next chapter!

Chapter 6: A Whole New Kind of Blurry

“I’m Anira,” I said, trying to mimic her smile.  “Anira DeCaprio.”  I put my arm down on the desk beside hers casually, glancing to see if she was any tanner than me.  To my utter surprise, she was.  She was still a lot paler than the humans around us, but she was definitely darker than I was.  Which meant she was darker than her vampire friends too.

“DeCaprio?” she asked, her smile widening.  “You mean like the famous celebrity?”  I frowned.

“Yes, that’s how you spell it.  I’m not related to him in any way though.”  Not unless he was a faerie too.

“That’s too bad.”

“It is, isn’t it.”  This conversation wasn’t getting me anywhere.  I would need to dig a little deeper if I were to get any answers.  “So, um, what brings you to Palo?  Where did you come from?”  Her expression turned thoughtful.

“We moved here from Forks, Washington,” she replied.  “Maybe you’ve heard of it?  My parents just decided it was time for a change of scenery, so we moved down here.”

“Was Forks too big for you then?” I asked, amused.  Yes, I had heard of that little city.  It was only a few people bigger than this one.

She laughed.  “Sure, you could say that,” she agreed.  “No, my parents just like small towns.  They think it’s homey.”  Well, it would make sense that they liked small towns.  There were fewer witnesses.

“Do they move around because of their job or something?”

“No.  Car… My dad is a doctor.”  I looked at her in surprise.  Her father was a doctor?  I had never heard of such a thing.  How could a vampire have such self-control?

“Really?  You must make a lot of money then,” I said, trying to mask my shock.  Anybody’s dad could be a doctor.  I wasn’t supposed to know she was a vampire.  But was she a vampire?  Her skin color certainly proved her different from the rest.  I knew other vampires could have darker skin as well, but it was still… chalky, somehow.  It had no color to it.  Her skin looked real, and pink, and... almost human.

“Yeah, I guess.”  She shrugged.  I glanced up into her eyes and stifled a gasp.  They were brown.  She couldn’t be a vampire!  But her overall features, her inhuman beauty, the grace when she moved, they all said otherwise!  How could she look like a vampire and a human at the same time?  Could that be her talent?  To look more human than the rest?

“Do I have something in my teeth?” she asked, noticing the way I was staring at her.  I shook my head to clear my thoughts.  I was terribly confused.

“No, no, you’re fine,” I mumbled.  “Sorry, I just… Nevermind.  Who are all the people in your family?  What do they do for a living, or what grade are they in?”

“Um, well, most of my family was adopted by my parents, Carlisle and Esme.  Jasper and Rosalie Hale are siblings, Edward and Emmett are my brothers, and Alice and Bella are sisters.  We’ve been one big happy family for about sixteen years now.”  So that was the story they were telling everyone.  They had to be pretty serious about staying here if they made up a story about their origins.  “Emmett and Rosalie are juniors, Edward, Bella, Alice, and Jasper are all sophomores, and I’m the only freshman.”  She paused and made a face.  “Ca… Dad is a doctor, like I said, and Mom is an architectural designer.”  I tried to wrap my head around this huge task ahead of me.  I wanted more than anything to ask her why she was really here, why she wasn’t attacking the humans around her, but that would be stupid.  I couldn’t let them know I knew about them.  It would endanger my life, and probably theirs as well.

“So, tell me a little bit about you,” Renesmee said, turning sideways to face me.  I looked at her blankly.  Nobody had ever asked me about my life before.  “Do you have any siblings?  What jobs do your parents have?  How old are you?”  I gathered my thoughts.

“No, I don’t have any siblings,” I said.  “I’m an only child.” A very lonely child.  “My parents travel a lot, so I actually spend a lot of time at home alone.  My dad’s in the military, so he can’t really come home very often, and my mom’s a pilot, so naturally she’s always on the run.  They mail me some of the money every month though, so I can pay the taxes and everything.”  Well, part of that story was true; I got a pretty decently-sized check from the faerie court every month to pay for whatever food I might need and whatever taxes I might need to pay.  My parents didn’t even live on the same planet as me, however, and since no teenager was supposed to live alone, I had to pretend they ‘came home’ every once in a while.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” she said, wrapping her arms around me and shocking me out of my thoughts.  This girl obviously didn’t know I was the freak of the school.  She was hugging me??

“Um, it’s no big deal really,” I gasped, feeling embarrassed.  “I’m used to it.  It’s not so bad.”  Jeez, her skin was hot!  There was no way she could be a vampire.  But if she wasn’t a vampire, then what was she?

She pulled away, looking concerned.

“Okay,” she said slowly.  “If you say so.  But if you ever feel lonely, you’re welcome to come crash at my house.”  Ah, so that was their game.  Befriend a lonely, innocent human, invite them over to their house, and feed when nobody was around to watch.  What a sneaky, dirty trick.

“Thanks,” I said a little bitterly.  I tried using a gentler tone.  “I don’t really think I have time for any sleepovers right now.  I’ve got too much on my mind.”

“Well the offer’s always open.”  She gave me an encouraging smile and turned back to face the teacher, signaling the end of our conversation.

Finally, school was over.  I knew it would have been a long day anyway, what with the stress of my life so far, but the vampires had doubled its length.  I wouldn’t be able to handle this much stress for long; someday I was going to crack.  I had to get rid of all these problems as soon as possible, starting with the vampires.

I turned the hall corner and found all the vampires whispering together, some looking worried, others confused.  I realized that Edward was looking right at me and I let my mind go blank.  He wasn’t getting any information from me, whatever they were talking about.

I paid very careful attention to the path in front of me, looking down at my shoes as I walked.  I stayed that way long after I had passed him, long after I had turned the corner, until I was sure he was thinking about something else.  I couldn’t give my position away.

“Hello Anira,” Vincent said, making me nearly jump out of my shoes.

“Jeez, Vincent, you scared me!” I hissed, clutching at my speeding heart.

“Sorry,” he replied, smirking.  “You seem a bit on edge today.  I thought I would come cheer you up.”

“That’s nice, Vincent, but I don’t think I can really be ‘cheered up’ right now.”

“But you don’t even know what I was going to say!”

“Uh…”  I sighed.  I was being terribly rude.  It was the least I could do to listen to whatever he wanted to tell me.  “Fine, go ahead.  What’ll cheer me up today?”

“Well, I heard about the forest fire near your house, and I know how much you like nature, so I just thought maybe you’d want to replant some of the trees.”  He pulled something out of his backpack and plopped it into my outstretched palm.  It was a bag of seeds.  “I know it isn’t much, but maybe the squirrels will do the rest?”  I smiled sadly.

“Thanks Vincent,” I said, giving him a one-armed hug.  “You’re right, this does make me feel better.”  I couldn’t tell him that the seeds wouldn’t help.  I couldn’t say that it was pointless to try.  I wanted to fix the forest, and I knew nature would recover eventually, but the government had already found my house.  I had nowhere left to hide, and no amount of baby trees could fix that.

I packed up my backpack in a rush and hurried out to the parking lot, where the school bus was waiting.  While I was running, I saw two of the vampires whispering near the trees.  It was Edward and Alice.

“All I heard was the word vampires,” Edward muttered, his eyes steely.  “I don’t know how, but somebody has already figured out who we are.”

“Maybe it’s not a human?” Alice suggested, looking irritated.  “I mean, I can’t see anything that’s going to happen after this moment right now.  And it’s not Renesmee or Jacob; this is another kind of blurry.”  I gritted my teeth.

“Regardless, we need to speak with Carlisle.  Anybody who knows our secret is a threat.  We’re going to have to leave, and soon.”  What?  No!  They couldn’t leave!  I still had so many questions, and I didn’t know if they were dangerous or not yet!  I couldn’t let them get away if human lives were at stake!  There was only one thing I could do.

I was going to have to pay a little surprise visit to the Cullen residence.

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:) I'm glad you like it.  I enjoyed the idea when it came into my mind, but after the next chapter or two, I should warn you I will be completely winging it.  Mostly.

I'm working on the next chapter now, so hopefully I'll have it posted within the next few days. :)

OMG this just gets better & better, cant wait to read the next chapter XD


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