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i been trying to think about what song would be the best brake song for edward and bella (even thought i hate that they brake up) so any way what song do you think the song will be

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I really like"Dont Go Away" By Buckcherry if you get at a chance listen to the words it's perfect. there are so many though im going to think of some more.
OOOOH another one is "Run" By Snow Patrol it is a beautiful song,and i love the words.
Oh god No Doubt has an awesome song.. Dont Speak.. I love this song.
Another great one is "My Imortal" Evanvescence the words are beautiful too.
Maybe they can ask Amy Lee to write a new song for "New Moon".
that was the song that i would think it would be or imagnary
Now that I see the word "pushing" there is one "Push" in acoustic from Matchbox Twenty!
I know Aurora me too it is my ring tone right now it was decode then supermassive black hole but i love my imortal and so hope it is NM!!!!
I love "My Immortal" too, but have recently fallen in love with "Tears from an Angel" by RyanDan more.

There's a youtube video by Juliaxx using that song and it's just awesome and perfect-- you guys should check it out-- it's all about New Moon and gives goosebumps when you watch it!!
That video is genius, that girl has talent...and your right that song just took me back to when I read that scene for the first time. I remember crying and feeling the way I felt with my worst break up, feeling that time just froze. I am SO going to cry during that scene...I hope they really pick a song that will complement it.
Im going to listen to that LuvTopazEyes right now,i am going to be so upset when he leaves and then to have a break up song i will go through a whole box of tissues by then. And who banned from the site??? not me i do not make any comments to get me banned from here.So don't include me.
Ok still confused about the banned thing but it is not me nor am i leaving so please quit with the rumors geez i never have even swore on here.


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