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Hello, Ladies and A (guy) hehe. I'm over the top excited to post the Sequel! I know you all have been waiting for this for a while. ^_^ This is my first Sequel, just like my "I.W." was my first FF. All of the questions you had for "I.W." will now be answered.


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Now.... What all you wanderful ladies have been waiting on!


Abby Black, did this! Awesome mah girl. Awesome :)




Everything was going well. I was beginning to get over my father’s death. I had nice friends and a Lovely grandmother. But most of all I had him.  He was the reason why I was becoming stronger and more confident in my choices. But things were slowly becoming undone. ... More people were dieing and I was soon to be next. My life was in danger, the notes, the warnings, the threats, were all becoming real. He was toying with me. My life was a sick twisted game to him. This wasn’t right! I knew he wouldn’t stop until he finally got his hands on me.







Chapter 1: The moving Crew, and Kalon Michaels.
I awoke that morning feeling sick to my stomach. I turned over in my sheets and pulled them over my head. I felt something chunky and squishy rising in m my stomach. I sat straight up and I placed my hand over my mouth. I ran from my bed and yanked my bedroom door open. I rushed into the bathroom and hurled my guts out. I held my hair up with one hand and kept my hair from mixing with the vomit. I hurled again in the toilet and let out a small groan. Slowly I reached for the small metal flusher. I pulled my head back and leaned against the white wall of nana’s bathroom. Dad’s dream had made me sick. I dreamt of him again, but I dreamt of the day he died. The way his dark brown eyes, just seemed to stare at nothing. The smell of his blood was unsettling. I remembered when he first died I always awoke with me throwing up. Sometimes I didn’t make it to the bathroom.
“Lena? Are you up?” nana asked from downstairs. “The movers are finally here. Come on!” she yelled loud enough for me to hear.
“Okay.” I managed to get out. I pulled myself to the sink and gargled my mouth out. I splashed water on my face and moved from the bathroom. I went back into my room and grabbed Embry’s clean jacket off of my suitcase and pulled it on. I had on a peach spaghetti strapped shirt, and men bedroom pants. The long kind. Me and Nana had cleaned everything up in my room to make space for my old stuff from Florida. Finally my stuff was here and I missed it with a fierce passion. Before I left I had everything arranged and packed for me to be shipped up here. I looked over at my alarm clock and saw that it was 12 in the afternoon. I had been up most of the night worrying about, the wolf’s safety and wondering if the wolf had killed both of those guys. I shook my head, making the thoughts scatter away and slowly I made my way down the stairs and pulled on my sneakers at the door. I felt that familiar tug in my heart and I felt a smile come on my face. Embry. I missed him. Even though I saw him yesterday morning it still felt long and torturous. Before I walked outside I looked in the mirror across from the grandfather’s clock. The mirror was oval shaped and had a unique bronze frame that looped around the glass. I looked into it and saw my eyes dark and a bit red. My black hair was down and it didn’t help but make my face look even more paler. I still had the bandage on my neck. I decided to take the bandage off  of my neck and let the wound get some rainy air. I looked at the two small dark scabs that were forming in the tiny dotted holes.
“Gross.” I whispered. My neck still felt sore, and it was red and slightly puffy. I felt my anger build towards the men who had done this to me. I wish I was strong enough to whip their narrow butt’s. but I was human. They were vampires. Incredibly strong vampires at that. I still had trouble believing they existed.
“Lena! Come on!” nana yelled from outside. I snapped out of my reverie and pulled the front door open. I wiped a shaky hand across my forehead trying to shake the nauseous feeling that was coming on. Today it wasn’t so bad. The sun was still floating behind the clouds but I could see parts of the blue sky here and there. I looked out onto the road and saw the huge white moving truck sitting on the side of the road. Nana was standing on the side of it while pressing a button to make the ramp go up slowly. I walked up to nana and smiled a little.
“Morning.” I tried to say in an even tone. Nana looked at me and her deep brown eyes widened.
“Lena, you don’t look well.” she said placing her hand on my cheek. I blushed a little and looked at her. Her silver hair was still in a braid and she had on her knitted sweater with her khaki Dockers on.
“Bad dream.” I whispered tapping her hand. I moved away from her hand and saw four people in the truck already. I could see my brown boxes and my dresser and other things deep within the truck. I smiled knowing I would be close to home a little. I moved back so nana could make the ramp go up and put the boxes on. I noticed a face within the four bodies and recognized Quil. Another face came into view and I saw Jared moving a box down to the edge of the truck. My heart did a little leap hoping Embry would be with them.
“Nana you asked Quil them to help us with my stuff?” I asked pushing my hair behind my shoulders. Nana gave me a look and she raised a silver eyebrow.
“I told you we needed muscle to move your stuff.” Nana said bumping my shoulder with hers. I laughed a little, and turned around. I began looking for Embry, wandering where he could be. I looked in front of the truck and didn’t see him. I walked to the other side of it and still didn’t see him. But I did see Quil’s blue Volts Wagon. I groaned a little and finally decided to help them with my stuff. I hopped up on the truck and stopped when I saw Quil carry a massive box inside my house. Without any help! I shook my head and moved to the back.
“Hey Seth, Collin, Jared, Paul” I said as they all pushed a box to the edge of the truck.
“Hey.” The all said while moving the boxes. I stopped in the middle and turned towards them.
“You guys really don’t have to do this. you’ve done enough.” I said guiltily. They had already saved my life once and now they were helping me move my stuff. This was too much. Seth stopped pushing the box and looked at me through the darkness of the truck.
“It’s fine. Besides Ms. Louise said grilled cheese sandwiches are in it for us!” Seth said excitedly. I smiled knowing the feeling and taste of nana’s grilled cheese sandwiches.
“Say no more.” I smiled while walking to the back. I pulled Embry’s jacket over my shoulder and bent down to grab one of the small boxes. I felt a warm hand wrap around my waist and jumped up and spun around on my heels. I swung my hand out to find it only for my hand to be caught in an even hotter hand.
“Damn you act fast.” said an all too familiar voice. My heartbeat didn’t even attempt to slow down when I looked into those chocolate chip speck eyes.
“Embry! You big goohooga!! You scared me.” I exclaimed. I unclenched my fist in Embry’s warm palm and laced my fingers through his. Embry’s face became serious and he brought our hands down to his side.
“I’m sorry.” he said sincerely. “You must be still edgy.” he stated. I knew he was talking about the other night and I didn’t say anything for a minute. I shook my head and smiled a little.
“Were you hiding in here the entire time?” I asked stepping up to him. I could see his hair was falling into his eyes and I smiled liking how he looked like a bad boy.
“Yeah. It wouldn’t have been any fun just waiting for you at the door.” he said.
“It would have been even better with you walking down the street shirtless in slow motion.” I said while laughing and liking that image. He laughed along with me.
“I’ll try that some day.” he whispered into my ear. His arm was wrapped around my waist and his hot breath sweeping across my ear was making me dizzy. And just like that Embry made me feel safe. I didn’t feel so nauseous like earlier, I didn’t feel so shaken by dad’s death.
“You took your bandage off.” Embry said pulling away from me. I could see the seriousness that was creeping into his face. I looked away and reached for a lock of my hair. I begin twirling my hair around my finger nervously.
“The bandage got wet when I showered, and this morning it started to smell.” I said meeting his eyes. He bent down and kissed my neck gently. I felt my heart kick into overdrive from his scent, let alone his lips touching my bare skin.
“Lena! What are you doing back there?” I heard nana ask curiously. Quickly Embry and I pulled away from each other. Even though we were completely hidden by the darkness of the truck, I still felt I needed to respect nana while she was close by.
“The box was hard to grab.” I lied nervously. Embry picked up a big box and I picked up a smaller one. Once I was out the truck nana gave me a funny look when she saw Embry come out behind.
“I can imagine you grabbing something else.” Nana said chuckling to herself. I widened my eyes at nana and nearly dropped my box.
“You bad lady!” I said while walking up to the house. She laughed and sat down in her lawn chair. I shook my head. I was about to go inside when I saw someone getting out of a car. Embry stopped behind me and I could feel him staring at me. The person came into view and I dropped my box. His black hair was cut short, and his native skin was toned nicely on him. His chest was wide and firm. He wore a white button down shirt and his jeans fitted his waist neatly.
“Dad?” I whispered taking a step forward. The dim glow of La Push’s sun shined on the man’s face. I felt my soul go hopeful and eager for my father to be alive again. I recognized his face. I moved my eyes up to the man’s and took a step back. His eyes were a light brown. My father’s own were a dark brown, and he had a blue line going around his irises. It wasn’t my father. But I knew why he looked so much like my father. It was my brother.
“Kalon?” I whispered.


(W/N: Remeber whe Lola Chan and Terra were telling Kayliee about themselves? She mentioned she had a brother. Well Yeah, he's back and he's making Kayliee go insane. So what do you Ladies think of the first chapter?)


P.s. Instead of Author's note. Im putting WRITERS note. Mainly because I didnt create majority of the characters. etc etc. you all know. hehe Im shutting up now!

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HAHA!  Embry knows how to get her to agree to his terms...  Loved this chapter.  Hopefully when the war starts, Embry can keep his mind on the battle and not back at home with Kaylie. 
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW:D I started crying:') I'm gonna admit, I'm so childish that when Embry started being serius and talking about his "Duties" I laughed at the word "Duty". Lol(: But I absolutely loved this chapter. I think it's my fav too!!:D
am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo loving this chappy:)
am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo loving this chappy:)

Loved it!!!

It was so sweet. <3

Lala, you warm our hearts with those sweet moments. :)


sorry.. kinda shocking there lol they're goin at it like dogs... rofl double meaning! XD

Good chapter though! :D


Favorite Parts: "“Your heart does not stop beating, until mine does.” I whispered slowly", and "“Agreed.” he whispered back. I watched as his face smooth over with another emotion I wasn’t quite used to. “But if mine does, you live on.” he whispered. I felt my face frown at that. But before I could get a word out Embry’s lips were back on mine. He gently unwrapped the sheets from around me and hitched my leg over his waist……….." 

and they're back at it... lol


Great emotion! That's one of my favorite things about your writing is the emotion you put into it :)

can't wait for more! 

lol I was surprised at the number also.  Thinking they need to slow down a bit before an unexpected blessing occurs.  I mean, with them making love at least 9 times in one night, their chances are pretty good.


Loved it, You could totally feel the passion in that. Keep it up girl

This is my favorite chapter so far because of all the emotions you put into it.

How do they keep going at it so many times?

You had me smiling as I read the entire chapter :) 

Kaylie + Embry ;)


Chapter 19- Departure of the Imprinters.

I awoke the next morning with an aching heart. Today was the day. It was the day Embry and the pack would head out to war. I could feel myself sweating as I turned my head and looked at the sun’s morning rays. I looked down and realized I was in Embry’s arms and my face was buried in his chest. I found myself leaning forward to kiss the hot bare skin that was in front of me. I felt Embry shudder from the kiss and looked up. He was staring back at me with a small smile on his lips. I blushed a little at being caught in the act.

“I have to start getting dressed.” Embry whispered as the smile disappeared from his flawed face. I felt myself frown at that but didn’t protest against it.

“We’ll get dressed together.” I stated slowly unwrapping myself from Embry’s arms. Embry got out of the bed slowly and stood up. He stood up right in the direction the suns light was coming from. He turned to face me and I felt my heart quicken. His shaggy hair fell over into his eyes causing his brown and green eyes to go ablaze. The suns light shone around his body, causing the outline of his muscles to look truly glorious and breath taking. And he was naked at that, which made this moment of sight all the more heart pounding.


 I moved my eyes back to Embry and realized he too was staring at me. I realized that I didn’t have the blanket around me anymore and I was very much exposed in front of Embry. Just faintly did the sunlight glow on my body, because Embry was taking majority of it up with his large muscular frame. I didn’t mind that at all. I could feel my hair brush against my shoulders when I turned my head to see Embry walking towards my door, with his eyes still on me. I followed behind him and walked into the bathroom with him. I grabbed onto his hand and led him into the shower and turned the warm water on. We didn’t have sex in the shower, all though it wouldn’t have been a bad idea, but we just stood there looking at one another. I was standing underneath the warm water and Embry was standing in the back watching me with careful and intense eyes.

“Your just perfect.” He whispered taking a step closer to me. I didn’t respond to his comment. Mainly because I didn’t know how to. Instead I just wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself closer to him. I felt Embry wrap his large arms around my torso and press me tighter to him. The heat coming from his body felt so good against mine. I buried my face into his neck and breathed in his scent. Embry Call was leaving me today……….

**                                                                                           **                                                                           **

Embry and I were in my room now. I was pulling on a pair of jeans and an old Tallahassee College sweatshirt when I noticed him staring at me. I looked back at Embry and noticed he was only wearing the damp jeans he had worn yesterday night to my house.

“You need a shirt.” I pointed out while moving over to my cream colored dresser. Embry moved along with me and leaned against it as I pulled open the second draw on the left. I looked down and saw a few of my dad’s T-shirts and some old pictures in the draw. A few other odds and ends were in there that weren’t mentioning.

“Is this your dad’s stuff?” Embry asked quietly. I nodded. I was looking down at the drawer and couldn’t see his expression. But I know it looked confused. I pulled out a dark green t-shirt and shut the draw quickly. I had enough to deal with today. I didnt want the memory of my father to make me feel even more awful then what I was feeling now. I looked up and handed Embry the shirt.

“When he died.” I began while walking out of the room, Embry hot on my heels pulling on the shirt, and down the steps and into the small kitchen. “I couldn’t bring myself to give away some of my fathers things. Especially his favorite things.” I pulled open the fridge and pulled out some orange and set it on the counter.

“Do you think you’ll ever be able to get rid of his stuff?” Embry asked lightly. I snapped my head up and stared him in the eyes. I knew he didn’t mean it to sound like I was crazy, but the thought of throwing away his stuff was a cruel thought.
“No. not right now.” I whispered moving my eyes away from him and staring at the carton of orange juice in front of me. I took a deep breath and forced the thoughts of my father out of my head.


I heard a familiar call outside, it sounded like a wolf yelping or something. I heard that calling somewhere….. I gripped the counter sink tightly as I remembered the thoughts. It was the sound Quil and Seth made the day I went over to Embry’s house, when I got caught in the rain.

“Already?” I asked looking at Embry with wide eyes. That sound meant they were outside. Sam and the rest of the boys were outside waiting for Embry.

“Yeah.” he whispered watching me with a guarded expression. I moved my eyes to his chest as I tried to level out my breathing. This was probably one of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life. Letting Embry go wasn’t going to be easy for me. Because every time he left me he always took a piece of me with him. I placed my hand over my heart as a sharp pain crossed it. I moved my eyes back to Embry and saw him holding his heart as well with an uncomfortable look on his face.

“Some imprint.” I whispered. I was referring to us both being in physical pain. It wasn’t easy. I heard the sound again come from outside and jumped a little.

“I have to go.” he whispered not taking his eyes off of me. I nodded my head and loosened my death grip on the counter.
“Right.” I breathed out nodding my head. Embry walked over to me and grabbed my hand gently pulling me with him towards my front door. At first I couldn’t find it in me to move my legs. I knew once I began walking and headed out the front door this whole situation would become all to surreal for me. Embry pulled on my hand gently again before I finally decided to force my legs to budge.


I kept my eyes on the back of his head as he opened the front door. We were instantly met by the cold chilly wind that La Push had created. I shivered in my clothes and gripped  Embry’s hot hand tighter. I could feel my heart hammering inside my chest with every step I took towards the men that waited for us out on my lawn. Each and every one of the guys, including Seth, wore a serious and hard look on their face. Something that also made this all too real for me again. Embry stopped walking and turned to me. I loosened my grip on his hand when I saw him wear the same hard and serious look as the others.

“I’ll be waiting.” I whispered gently as I reached a shaky hand up for his smooth and lined face. He closed his eyes at my touch and leaned into the palm of my shaking hands. He opened his chocolate chip speck eyes and placed his large hand over my trembling hand. Right here and now I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t cry in front of him. I wanted to be strong for the both of us.

“I’ll come back to you.” he whispered softly pulling me to him slowly. I swallowed hard and knew my eyes were wide at this moment. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his hot arms around my torso and pressed me close to him. I hugged him for dear life and willed myself not to shed a tear. At this moment I felt I should be saying something important. Maybe express my emotions to him, or the way I felt about him. But the words seemed foreign to me. I couldn’t think of anything to say. All though I could feel my mind heart telling me I’m supposed to say something important or whatever it was. But I couldn’t. I pulled back from Embry a little and stared into those eyes of his wishing he’d say I’ll stay with you, I wont go to war.


Inwardly I shook my head. Embry was protecting his people, his lands, his home. He had his reasons. So I couldn’t argue any further with that. But like I told him last night I understood why he was doing this. I stretched my legs and toes as far as I could so I could kiss Embry tenderly. When our lips met I felt my already rapid heartbeat smashing against my rib cage at this point. This kiss was something special, something new and yet something old. It felt like I was kissing Embry for the very first time in my life. Maybe because we both were afraid that there was a possibility that he wouldn’t come back. Or maybe he would come back as a changed warrior of the spirits. As our mouths moved over one another the feeling of the kiss felt so right, and comfortable. It felt like I had been kissing Embry Call for ages.


It felt like we shared this same kiss somewhere in another life. Maybe we were Egyptians, or maybe in the same native tribe back in the 18th century. I felt Embry pull away from me gently and release me from his embrace. I almost cried when he did that. But that didn’t happen. Instead I dropped my hand to my sides and watched as he fell into step with the rest of the boys. I had no shame of kissing Embry in front of Sam and Quil them. Embry was my imprint, they would understand. Without thinking I hugged Sam, Jared,  and Paul tenderly. Wishing them each good luck.


 I came face to face with a hard faced Quil and Seth. I wrapped my arms around both of them and squeezed them tight and ordering them to come back safely. I knew it was wrong to show favoritism but hey they were the most understanding to me. I noticed Leah was next to Seth and gave her a curt nod. I was still cautious of Leah being on her bipolar tirade. Leah gave me a nod back and moved her dark brown eyes to something on the side of me.


“Alright boys. Let’s go.” Sam ordered spinning on his tennis shoe heels and heading for the woods. I watched as they all crowded together and moved across the road. Embry stopped right before he reached the neckline of the woods and turned towards me. His green and brown eyes shown bright as he looked at me standing in front of my grandmothers lawn like a wife watching her husband go off to war. A bit ironic.


I gave my imprint a warm and sweet smile to let him know I wasn’t going to cry. And I surprised myself when I smiled that way, because it truly was a genuine warm and sweet smile. Embry smiled back at me, my fathers dark green t-shirt blended in with the luscious green tree’s and I caused his already white teeth to emanate against the green vegetation.
“I’ll be back Kayliee Michaels. Wait for me.” he said retreating into the forest backwards.


 I laughed a little and retorted “As long as it takes Embry Call.”  I whispered his last name gently enjoying the way his name caressed my tongue. He smiled again and I watched with an aching, yet proud heart as Embry’s form disappeared completely from out of sight.

(W/N: Pharohs & Cats.  Such a Sweet Line. : )

This is amazing! :)
awe! i loved it


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