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I read on a web site that they are gonna make the battle more lethal and that some cullens and wolves will die has anyone else heard or read anything about this. Do you think that they would actually do that.  It pains me to think that they could kill even one of them just to make it more exciting I like the book the way it is and don't want it changed in that way

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ok that makes since if they do it like that would have everyone flippin if they do

what? nonononono i hope this news is wrong..


That is absolutely FALSE. Bill Condon has said that he is sticking to the book. and Stephenie is there so that is just the most silliest thing I have ever heard. And I bet the you got ur information from is a gossip site. these sites are soo false. And the battle scene on BD isn't a fight. the Cullen's and their witnesses convince the Volturi that Nessie and Bella are not dangerous. End Of Story.

I hope you are right!!!  I would be shocked (and sad and upset and mad and...) if they changed the storyline of the book in that way.

exactly what I was thinking!!!!!  I do think there will be alot of upset fans if they do change the endings!!!  after all the director said he will be sticking very closely to the book... so therefore that means same ending RIGHT????!!!.... plus I believe that Stephenie knows that there will be alot of "uprisals" on that!!!



If this is true,then I would probably believe what XOEdwardXo said.(the reply is in the previous page). That makes sense!

It's all made up. Alice has a vision of what could happen, but then that doesn't happen in the end. The Cullen's, wolves and their witnesses convince the Volturi that Nessie isn't an immortal child. No offence to you Amanda, but no one on the crew would leak that kind of info! and No one has seen the script. That is confidential. And Stephenie would NEVER allow that to happen. Why people put that on the Internet. There are sites and people out there who want to worry the fans and make them think that they are changing BD.

And no one knows what Stephenie thinks. She would never change the ending of BD. And Summit knows that if there are any major changes in BD, the fans will go nuts. But that is not going to happen. Everyone here knows that Bill Condon and Stephenie are sticking to the book.  You will see that when BD part 2 comes out that the end scene will be the same as the book. END OF STORY.

Right I have looked all over the Internet and there is NOTHING about changes to the final battle scene in BD. So this info is FALSE. And we all know it is not true. Alice had a vision of what could happen and then it doesn't happen in the end. Bill and Stephenie are sticking to the the book.

KT I do believe that you are right :)  I don't think Bill would want to upset fans LOL


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