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I read on a web site that they are gonna make the battle more lethal and that some cullens and wolves will die has anyone else heard or read anything about this. Do you think that they would actually do that.  It pains me to think that they could kill even one of them just to make it more exciting I like the book the way it is and don't want it changed in that way

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I agree with you, no one will try to upset the audience, right?

That is stupid spoiler. Don't believe them. Are you read the news from Leaney Gossip? Well,dont ever believe to them again. Their news always not same with reality. Last time they also make a stupid news about Rob's and since then I never trust their info again.

I hope they dontt:( i dont really think stephenie will allow that but u know in new moon in the book there was no action but in the movie to make it interesting they had somee at the endd, so its possible. Still i dont thinkk that anyone will die maybe they start to fight and the voulturi back off or somethingg i reallly hope they dont kill any cullen neither wolves:( or maybe they fight and they all win but that wiill be so not realistic since edward say that if they fighted alot of them were going to die most possible everyone:S


It was from leaney but it was on a twilight web site which is why i became so concerned with what i was reading but after reading what everyone had to say here I am not as worried I am thinking now that maybe it is a vision that Alice has and not the actual final battle.  Thank you all so much for helping me because two years is a long time to be wondering about it.  I would have gone crazy and been put in a nut house and totally missed the last two movies. lol

Yes i have heard that but what you are talking about ends up being a vision from alice BD will not end like that. Alice has  quite a few visions even in the book she does but in the book it does not give us the details on her visions I mean edward does not even catch all of it but what you read will probably happen but they will be showing it as a vision from alice but it will not end that way

THEY DONT I'VE SEEN THE MOVIE AND I OWN IT TOO ALL OF THEM LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   YAY   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me too! Whys hould anyone die in the movie  while the book is a happily ever after?? I so prefer the book better, no cullens nor the werewolf shell die!

that would be sad T^T

but I think it was the director that said he wants the movie to be like the book ... :P


I have heard nothing of that yet, I just guess that we will have to wait and see the movie for ourselves! I hope that they wont do the idea in the movie though because it will just pain me to see one of the vampires or the wolves get hurt, since their like real life characters to me, and it would really hurt. I know the characters well, so if they get hurt I would cry!! :D I hope that they won't. If they do, its just a crazy idea!!

i dont believe that.

they will be goin by how the book has been written

and probably stephenie wont let that happpen..

I agree..... I perfer the book too. I don't think stephanie would want the movie portrayed in a gory awful way either. I hope he leaves it the it is in the book. Who cares about excitement in a love story movie?


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