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I do not feel complete after reading the final book, do you guys? Breaking dawn was great, don't get me wrong, but it was not the end of the story. While Stephanie may feel it is over for her because she is burnt out or somehow she feels complete, I wish she would understand that we, her fans, do not feel the same way. Ending on that book is like if Tolken had ended the Lord of the Rings on Twin Towers. Even in the plot line of Breaking Dawn the characters, created by Stephanie, realize the danger is not over for them, that one day (be it years, or even centuries) they will have to face a fight for thier freedom. Stephanie, I deplore you to please consider giving us one more book, you can fast forward to the next conflict in thier lives... but we need more. Thanks for the story so far though! (didn't mean to sound un appreciative)

What are your thoughts... do you feel complete, am I off base here? Do you want more like I do?

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yes that is true, but I also feel that some closure, a bit more complete would be nice... maybe the story of jacob and res... I am not asking for this story to continue infinit, but just to be closed up a bit more... none of the stories would ever end, not really, but to know how they continue would be nice, just asking for one more book. I know that Stephanie does not feel a fight was needed, and I agree, but that does not mean our fav characters will not have to meet face to face with teh Veltori again... etc. I mean, no one wanted the harry potters to end either, but at least I felt complete with those.
i Agree. and besides we now have the movies to look forward to.
With the Cullen family having grown and it's two newest memebrs special powers, and knowing that all the other vampires are not happy with the Volturri, perhaps a book telling how the Royal Family of the vampires are done away with/ destroyed for having done something bad/breaking the rules to the Cullen family would be interesing. Of course they would be taken down by the Cullens, Tanya coven and all their friends. So would this mean the Cullens are the new Royal family? Hmmm, does sound interesting don't you think? So it's a YES, we could use one or perhaps 2 more. Star Wars and Lord of he Kings have done it! And was successful. So Stephanie can too!
i was reading a sentence somewhere in the beginning or middle of breaking dawn and it said something along the lines of "it was as final as the words 'the end' written on the last page of a manuscript" (dont quote me on those exact words buts its pretty similar)
anyway. in case no one has noticed... the last page of breaking dawn has the end typed.
i just about had a heart attack when i realised that ment she wasnt gonna write anymore.
but if she does.

i really hope breaking dawn isnt the end.
it only just touched on bella and edwards new life together... and renesmeee! gosh i cant wait to see what happens to her.

(and you just know the voltri are coming back hahaha)

please please pretty please (with cherries on top) can we have just oneeeeee moreee stephanie :)
I agrees so much! Breaking Dawn was absolutly amazing but it cant be the end! Stephenie needs to write more, she needs to understand that if she writes addictive books then she cant just stop writing. I know that she may be writing midnight sun and that lot because it is in edwards perspective and they will be great but their lives cant just end with breaking dawn. Her readers and fans want more the story has to continue! we want to know what more danger they will face, we want to know what happens to renesmee and jacob because he did imprint on her! we want more! we need more!
I totally agree there should be a lot more books explaning like the "WHAT HAPPENED AFTER...." We should probably get Stephiene's Meyer E-mail so we can beg and tell her what to write about, because she said once that Bella had no more problems so that's why she hasn't wrote more, and maybe she doesn't see the perspective of everyone's life, obviously there not going to die, but maybe is difficult for her to write all her lifetime, seriously guys I want them too but I don't think she going to ever see the side of the fans althought once she said "Until the Twilight thing is over maybe I can finish Midnight Sun and or write another book on SOME ONE ELSE'S PERSPECTIVE!!!" D= I really don't think she going to write another book to the series and that's so sad = (

- Alexia /i>s>a.k.a Alice Cullen
I agree!
BK was amazing!, but I feel that the history is incomplete,because i want that the history continue, maybe Stephenie should write another book, but telling the story of Nessie and Jake.
She left of Breaking Dawn so well that if she wanted to she could write another one.And i want her to . WE have to know how their lives together are and all about Rennesme.
yes and no
i do wish that she would write another book, because i still need more!!! i seriously cant live without edward and bella!!!! (and all the other people) i want to know what happens after they live happily ever after! but then again, what would she write about??? the volturi already came, so that's it for the major scary, and edward already left her for a period of time, so.......
and also, what other scary people would she make up that she didn't already talk about and have come??
so that's what i think! but, don't get me wrong! i still would need and love for another story of edward and bella!
I totally agree with all of you. We need at least one more book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please can you wright some more? PLEASE?!?
Does anyone here know a way to ask our favoirte author, or to let her know how many of us really do feel the need for another book? Maybe she does not understand how we feel? Or maybe she just needs more time to see how important it is to us. I will wait years if I have to, and I will be her fan again when each book comes out. I have heard the host will be good too, but it is hard for an author to come up with two amazing stories that all of us will or can connect with, the characters of twilight were a once in a lifetime thing, and it is a shame for them to end so casually.
i do want he r to but i no that this isn't her life. She has a family to take care of and be with. I would love her to but just i feel like she has done so much already. And also she even said she gets Bord really fast and she doesn't like being in the same world that is why she might not finish Midnight Sun.


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