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I do not feel complete after reading the final book, do you guys? Breaking dawn was great, don't get me wrong, but it was not the end of the story. While Stephanie may feel it is over for her because she is burnt out or somehow she feels complete, I wish she would understand that we, her fans, do not feel the same way. Ending on that book is like if Tolken had ended the Lord of the Rings on Twin Towers. Even in the plot line of Breaking Dawn the characters, created by Stephanie, realize the danger is not over for them, that one day (be it years, or even centuries) they will have to face a fight for thier freedom. Stephanie, I deplore you to please consider giving us one more book, you can fast forward to the next conflict in thier lives... but we need more. Thanks for the story so far though! (didn't mean to sound un appreciative)

What are your thoughts... do you feel complete, am I off base here? Do you want more like I do?

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I'm not complete at all.. acctually I'm still waiting something to happen. Becouse all the non fight and the new characters like Nahuel just made the story stay even more open!! don't you think so?
Please Stephenie!! please!!!
I mean.. really if we think about it.. what happened in the book that really finished something.. there was not even a fight were the Volturis and the Cullens fight for what they loved/wanted...
We need more...!!
But really maybe not a book that starts after the ending of breaking dawn.. Maybe, many, many years later, when reneeesme has her own life ore something... But there is just soo much to still write about!!
good point with Nahuel, didnt even think of that!
i agree

i loved the ending of breaking dawn it was amazing, i was sat there crying like the saddo i am cos it was just ded nice

the story cant be over there is so much more than can happen like..

the whole plot with jacob and renesmee -- what happens there when renesmee is fully grown
bella still has so much to learn about being a vampire i know she ended up using her skill properly but come on..
and like u sed the vampires could all end up having to fight for their existence!!
and they could even find another group of vampires who want to destroy bella and i reckon that the volturi could have another return

i really did love the ending tho it was really romantic <3 dont u just wish u could be bella for a day just to be like that with edward ohhhh

anyway...defo not the end

I TOTALLY AGREE! ! ! ! ! !
I really want there too be another book sooon to. I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who felt depressed and incomplete when the book was over. I really hope Stephanie decides to finish Midnight sun & add a sequel to Breaking Dawn. I know it's alot to ask from someone. But I know alot of people would be greatful for all the creativity and effort she puts in to it. Lets just hope and pray.
ya your right i dont feel like i am complete because you know that there is a fight coming one day but we will never hear about it or know who will live throught it and not. Also i want to see well hear about renesmee when she getts older and then stops growing.
I've read the saga so many times and every time I'm like "This can't be the end..." And every time I get uber bummed. It's like, I've become so attached that every time I even talk about Twilight or the other books, I cry. :\
i know hopfully Stephanie Meyer sould make another twilight series
i totally agree that I just dont feel complete like I would like to know how they plan to assimilate in to the real world. How do they plan to fit in with a child that grows rapidly and Jacob that is going to have to be with her at all times? I mean they cannot stay in Forks for the rest of well forever. So what happens?!?!? I feel like the story jsut got really good and then no more. I dont mean to sound like I do not appreciate Stephanie for writing the whole Saga because I really do I absolutely LOVE the Saga. I just want more.
i totally agree with you! i loved the books all of them, but after i was done reading i was like " if she hadn't written THE END or even the last couple of pages she could have continued." i don't feel satisfied with the end. bella needs to go to college, reneseme and jacob's story needs a little more depth, and the volturi needs to come back
I really want to know if Bella goes to college to. Why not go???
Breaking Dawn is absolutely not a good ending, yes..
I really need to know what happen to renesmee, jacob, and the rest of the cullens..
anyway, steph'll write midnight sun again or not?
just asking~


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