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The good news is that there is finally more news about the highly anticipated Breaking Dawn soundtrack. After the totally kick'n' stones, Grammy-nominated Eclipse's tracks, the fans have majorly high expectations for the kind of score and the raging tunes that have helped the entire series be the success that it is. Anyways, release is set for early Novemeber, but you can get the wicked Noisettes track now!


Breaking Dawn Soundtrack . com


Bruno Mars' amazing contribution to the Breaking Dawn soundtrack 


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This was definitely worth waiting for!

best thing I've been in like forever!

Everything was perfect! Except I miss Muse and Paramore. And. I really hoped we'd get more RPattz, but you know what? I had been listening to my iTunes download for about three days before I ever thought about him. Feeling a little guilty about that actually. :S

thanks! these are great!

it's his last chance so I definitely hope so!

Can't wait!


thnx for the info!

I loved it but MUSE werent on it that made me very upset ; (
I hope so : )


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