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The good news is that there is finally more news about the highly anticipated Breaking Dawn soundtrack. After the totally kick'n' stones, Grammy-nominated Eclipse's tracks, the fans have majorly high expectations for the kind of score and the raging tunes that have helped the entire series be the success that it is. Anyways, release is set for early Novemeber, but you can get the wicked Noisettes track now!


Breaking Dawn Soundtrack . com


Bruno Mars' amazing contribution to the Breaking Dawn soundtrack 


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Hey guys! The music video for It Will Rain comes out tonight at 4 pm (I don't know where but I expect it will be on youtube soon) and the music video has unseen scenes of Breaking Dawn!
Did that streaming actually workout?
all right!
I love Flightless Bird.... and the new version makes me want to cry!
this gets more excited about music but makes me want to see the movie more too... I'll be baby sitting the entire weekend the movie opens so everyone I know will see it before I do... this list almost makes me wish I had turned down my sitting assignment.

the Theophilus London clip was fun to watch!

I like the Bruno Mars video but I don't see why they stuck Edward and Bella in there. It looks like a last minute addition that Twilight fans don't need. The snippets are too random. Might have worked if the couple had been sitting in a movie theater or in front of their tv watching Edward and Bella. A fiction within a fiction, ha! Anyway, I like the video but E&B don't belong there.

Sorry hon. 

Now we know why the release of the video was delayed: it wasn't going to please Twifans

I think I have all the lyrics memorized now.  LOL

I LOVE IT!!!!  All songs and instrumental pieces are great!  I liked a lot that some music from the other movies were also included :)   Got them all in my ipod already xD  


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