The Twilight Saga

This story takes place after Edward left Bella. They had sex which caused Bella to be pregnant with triplets. They meet again after 30 years. See what happens.

I started this story in the OFF TOPIC group but they deleted the story so I'm starting again.

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love it
Thankyou............I will start my other story ASAP
Thankyou to everyone that has been reading this story .....

This story is official finished ....

I am starting on my next story ....ANOTHER LIFE....

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did edward ever fing out about his kids???? Like does he know that they are his???? Cause i dont think i read that in the story.... but please anwser my question if you can!
yeh he did go back and check the story out............ anyhow this story is done..........
*Down by the bay where the watermelons grow...* LOL I LOVE IT! 8D XD
I just finished reading your story. It was really good. I was kind of sad though because as I was reading it I couldn't find chapters 10, 11, or 12 anywhere. It went from chapter 9 to chapter 13. So I don't know who the Cullens found out the truth about Bella and the triplets. Could you please tell me this? I am just so curious as to how they found out!! Did they figure it out because one of the triplets slipped and thought mom in front of Edward or did they finally tell them? I hope you can either tell me this or repost those three chapters so that I can find out what happened. Other than that, I loved the story. I am going to go and read your other one later.
All: love it please keep us updated :)
Hi everyone ....
wow its been a while...
As i said dat dis story is official finished

Anyhow some of u r saying dat ders no chapter 10 to12
I dont noe wht happened to those chapters ... but i remember posting em
oh well.... dis problem problly ruined da story
anyway .. i'
ll post chapter 10 - 12 now.
i noe its late but better den never
So here is chapters 10 to 12
Chapter 10 ~ Moving in
Bella’s POV

So enough later, Saturday came. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to move in and live with the Cullens. Like seriously. I don’t know what to do. Although we already decided to move in but I still wasn’t ready. I wanted to stop my family but I didn’t want to ruin the fun for them. They had the right to live with their whole family. They should live with their whole family. So I decided I’ll just move in with them and see what happens.

I was packing all my things to take with me. I wasn’t planning to take any furniture with me, I could just buy new one. I was just taking things that were very important to me. I packed all my books, clothing, make up, guitar, and lots of other belongings. I was done packing. I went downstairs and sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. I flipped through channels until I found something interesting.

After a long time I heard Kimberly coming downstairs.

“Hey mom! I’m done my packing and so are my brothers. How about you?” She asked me.

“Honey, I was done long time ago.” I answered back.

“So what are we waiting for?” Adam asked coming down the steps.

“I believe we are waiting for Alice to call.” I answered back.

“Oh yeah.” Kevin

Right then my cell rang. It was Alice. I wonder where she got my cell; I didn’t give my number to her. I looked at Kim and she gave me an apology smile. She obviously did give my number to her. I took my phone and handed to Kim.

“You gave her the number so you are going to talk to her.” I said in a hard voice. Kim knew she was in trouble. Kim answered the call.

“Hey Bella.” Alice said in an exciting voice before letting Kim to say hello.

“Alice it is me, Kim.” She said in a small voice.

“Oh…..well you guys can come now. We have your rooms set.” Alice

“Okay we are on the way.” Kim

Kim ended the call and handed the cell phone back to me. I gave her a hard look.

“I’m sorry mom. Aunt Alice asked me to give all the cell numbers and I forgot about everything. I’m very sorry.” Kim.

“You should have thought before you gave her the numbers. You knew better. Its okay, I forgive you.”

“Thank you mom. I really am sorry.” Kim

“Okay let’s get going now.” I told everyone.

We loaded all our stuff in our cars. Kim went in her Mercedes. Adam went in his Lexus. Kevin went in his Ferrari. I went in my Jaguar. We had another car which was a family car, it was a Porsche.

“Wait a minute.” As I said this everyone turned to look at me. “What about our Porsche?” I asked

Everyone started thinking about that. Of course I could tell that they forgot about that. Finally Adam spoke.

“How about we just go right now and then later I will come back and get the car?” Adam.

“Okay. Now let’s go.” Kim

We all started our cars and went off to the Cullen’s house. After ten minutes we were at their house. All of them were waiting for us outside the house. They all greeted us and lead us into the house.

“Kevin and Kimberly’s rooms are at the second floor. Bella and Adam’s rooms are at the third floor.” Alice told us.

My room was at the third floor. Edward’s room was also at the third floor. I had a deep feeling that Alice did that on purpose. Oh well if I’m going to live in this house then it doesn’t really matter which floor, my room would be because I would still see him some how.

Kevin and Kimberly took their stuff to their rooms, while Adam and I took our stuff. When we reached upstairs, I noticed that my room was straight across Edward’s room and Adam’s room was a little farther away from mine. Great! My room had to be straight across his room. Now I was getting angry. Alice so planned this out. Did she not know how I felt? How uncomfortable I will feel with him right across my room? Now what? Oh well I have to deal with it.

I walked over to my room and I saw Edward’s room’s door open. He smiled at me and I returned the smile. I didn’t look at him for so long. He would notice the anger in my eyes. I entered my room and shut the door quickly.

My room was so unbelievable. It was just so perfect. Everything was a light shade of blue. The walls were painted in light blue while the furniture was light blue or white. There was a book shelf at the very end of the wall. The shelf was pretty big that it could carry all my books. It was white. There was a three piece sofa set. One single sit, one love sit, and one couch. The set was of leather and it was light blue. There was a small coffee table in the middle of the set. The table was white. At the other end of the room there was a round white bed. It was as if it was made for a princess. The bed was unnecessary for the obviously reason but it still was very useful. When I read my books, I’m mostly lied down on my stomach. Across the bed there was a study table. Beside the study table there was a walk-in-closet. This was already full of clothes that didn’t even belong to me. I could tell that Alice went shopping for me. Oh well. There was a dresser against the wall. My room was just amazing. I actually liked it.

I started unpacking my things. I stored all my books on the shelves. I stored all my clothing into the closet. I stored my dresser with my entire make up and fashion kits. After I was done, I sat at my bed. I didn’t have anything else to do. Should I read a book? Or should I go downstairs? I didn’t know what to do. With the last thought I grabbed my guitar and started playing.

After a while there was a knock on my door. At first I didn’t notice because I was so concentrated on my music. I finally rose up from the bed and went to open the door. I was kind of shocked to see everyone standing there except the triplets. All the Cullens were there. I just stood there with a blank expression on my face. It was quiet for a few seconds but then finally Emmett spoke.

“Wow Bella, I never knew you could play the guitar.” Emmett

As he said that I realized that I never told them I played a guitar. Oh! Now they know.

“Oh yeah I do. Umm… I forgot to tell.” I answered back looking down at the floor rather then their eyes.

“So you want to play something for us? Please?” Alice said.

I didn’t want to play anymore. Thank god Kim called me.

“Umm… Maybe later… I’m sorry… Kim needs me.” I walked away to Kim’s room.

“Yeah what do you need?” I asked Kim.

She just stared at me. I stared back. She raised her eyebrows. Oh I had to put my shield up. I instantly put it up.

“Kay my shield is up.”

“Mom don’t you love it when I save you?” Kim.

“Thank you so much. I really appreciated.”

“Mom since we moved here I won’t be able to call you ‘mom’ anymore and I hate to call you by your name.” Kim.

“Hey don’t worry. I don’t mind. I know you don’t like it but you have to. You have to call me by my name until we tell them.”

“Well when will you tell them?” Kim.

“Not sure but I will. Not now.”

“Kay. Now what do we do?” Kim.

“I don’t know.”

“Where is Adam anyways?” Kim.

“He went to get the Porsche. Where is Kevin?”

“He went hunting and we are left to do nothing.” Kim.

“Let’s do something interesting.”

“Like?” Kim asked.

“I don’t know.”

“I got an idea. Let’s go shopping.” Kim.

“Yeah let’s go shopping but don’t tell anyone.”

“Kay then hurry up. Get ready.” Kim

I quickly went to my room and got dressed into grey skinny jeans and a dark blue blouse with black high heals. I didn’t do anything with my hair just let them out. I made my way to Kim’s room and saw that she was ready. We went to her Mercedes. There stood Alice and Rose against the car. I still had my shield around us when I heard Kim.

“Mom we forgot that Alice could have seen.”

“Watch you language young lady.”

“Sorry mum.” Kim

“Stop calling me that.”

Alice and Rosalie started walking towards us and smiled.

“You guys can’t honestly think that I would not see. I didn’t see Bella since she is a shield but I saw Kim.” Alice

“We didn’t mean to hide it from you it’s just that we wanted to go. And we forgot about everything else.” Kim lied.

“Well can we please come?” Rosalie.

Kim looked at me for an answer. I just nodded my head. There was no way out with Alice. We got into the car and went shopping.

Chapter 11 ~ Truth
Bella’s POV

It has almost been a week since we moved in with the Cullens. This week was amazing but at the same time hard. It was amazing because it was so much fun. The triplets were having a great time with the family, with our family. It was hard because of Edward. I didn’t want to talk to him so much but he kept trying. I did say that we are friends but still they way he talked to me… was as if he was trying to get me back. Of course he wanted me back but I needed my time.

Today after so long we – as in the triplets and I – were going hunting. It was nice to finally have a chance to be alone with our family – not that the Cullens weren’t our family – it’s just that they didn’t know everything about us yet that we could talk about in that house or near any of them. They didn’t know that the triplets were my children and I was their mother. Their real mother.

“Mom it’s so nice to be out here alone.” Adam.

“I know honey. I understand. I feel the same way.”

“Mom you know how hard is it to call you by your name?” Kevin

“I know and I feel bad about that part as well. I really like when you call me ‘mom’”

“Why can’t we just tell them the truth?” Kevin

“Yeah mom why can’t we?” Kim

“Why aren’t you telling them about us?” Adam

I stared at them. They all had a confused faces. I didn’t know how to answer them. I’ll just tell them the truth.

“I don’t want to tell them because I don’t know how they will react. I’m afraid of the reactions.”

“But mom, I think we should tell them now. We have been living with them for one week and we have known them for two weeks. You have known them longer. It won’t be fair not to tell them. They have a right to know. If we are living with them then we should tell them the truth.” Kevin

“I don’t know. I don’t think that would be right.”

“No mom you tell them.” Adam

“We are going to tell them today or we are not going back to them.” Kim

“We don’t have a right to live with them if they don’t even know the truth yet.” Kevin.

I thought about it for a while. I agreed with my kids. I should’ve told them early, before we moved in but I didn’t. They had a right to know.

“Kay we will tell them today. Now let’s finish the hunt and hurry back” They all nodded.

Edward’s POV

I couldn’t believe it that Bella and her family was living in our house. Bella’s room was in front of mine. Alice planned it to be in front of mine and I think Bella knows that. I was so happy. Bella had forgiven me, she does love me, and she now lives with me in the same house.

I was also very sad. Bella loved me but she never came near me. We never hugged or kissed. We had different rooms when I really wanted her in my room with me. I wanted to get down on my knees and tell her how much I love her and ask her to marry me. I wanted to give her my mom’s ring. I wanted to slide the ring in her finger. But…she didn’t trust me yet. She doesn’t believe me. And we are just friends. I hated this part, of not being close to her when she is just 1 feet away from. I want to hold her in my embrace but I can’t. It is my fault. I should have never left her. Now I have her back but not the way I want to have her. She stays away from me as much as possible. This hurts me more. If we are friends then we can at least have a good talk but she keeps her distance from me. I promise I will have her trust back and I will have her back as well. I promise.

My thoughts were interrupted by Alice.

“Can everyone come down here? I mean everyone.” Alice said lowly but I could here the shock in her voice.

This wasn’t going to be good. Something was wrong. With in seconds everyone was downstairs standing in front of Alice, who still had a shocked face. I tried to read her mind.

*Edward I don’t want you to read my mind right now. Please wait for me to start.* Alice.

“Everyone lets sit down.” Alice.

She walked over to the living room and sat down on the love seat. Jasper sat beside her. Everyone took their seats and waited for Alice to start. Everyone was curious.

“Baby, what’s wrong? Did you have a vision?” Jasper asked Alice.

“Yes I had a vision. It was about Bella and…” Alice stopped to look at me.

“Alice what happened to her?” I asked in a worried voice.

“I saw… Bella… Kim… Adam… Kevin… call… mom… truth…” Alice struggled for words.

Everyone was confused.

*What had she seen which makes her so worried? What happened with Bella and her family?* Esme.

*What the hell? I’m so confused?* Emmett.

*What happened with Bella?* Rose.

*I hope everything is okay.* Carlisle.

*Why is Alice so worried?* Jasper.

“Alice calm down. Explain slowly. What happened to Bella?” Esme.

“I saw Kim, Kevin and Adam calling Bella… ‘mom’” She shuddered at that.

Everyone was frozen where they were. What??? They called her ‘mom’? Mom? Mom? What? Bella is their mother? After a while I decided to listen to my family.

*MOM?* Rosalie.

*Bella…Mom?* Emmett

*How is Bella their mother?* Jasper

*Bella can’t be their mother.* Esme

*Bella is a mom?* Carlisle

“What … are… you… saying?” I asked.

“I saw them hunting and then…” Alice

Alice told us everything and I even saw the vision.

“They didn’t tell us what?” Rosalie.

“Bella can’t be their mother.” Emmett.

“What’s the truth?” Jasper.

Everyone kept on asking questions more to themselves. I stayed quiet. I was think hard. How can that be possible? Of course it is possible. Bella had a right to have kids but she was turned into a vampire after a month we left. How can she be pregnant? Was she a vampire that was pregnant? No, that is not possible. Maybe she is just a step mother or something. Maybe she adopted them. It was quiet for another while but Carlisle broke it.

“I guess we wait for them to come and explain because we have no clue.” We all nodded our heads and went back to whatever we were doing. Everyone was waiting for them to come back.

After an hour they came back. As they entered, all of us stared at them and they instantly stopped where they were. I couldn’t read their thoughts, maybe because Bella had her shield around them.

“Umm… what’s wrong?” Kim asked in a worried voice.

They started to walk again but were frozen again when Alice spoke.

“I saw a vision of you guys calling Bella ‘mom’ when you guys went hunting.” Alice

No once was moving. All of them had a shocked face but Bella’s face was less shocking. She was staring no where. As is there was no one here. It looked like they all went to a shock, if that is possible. We waited for them to be back.

Then all of a sudden I saw Bella falling. I caught her before she could hit the floor. Her eyes were closed. Right then everyone unfroze and were at her side. I was worried that she would faint but she opened her eyes.

“OMG mom what happened?” Kevin asked in a worried voice.

My family stared at him as he said that. Bella started to get up and was standing now. Her face was mixed with emotions that I could not understand.

“I…umm… had a headache… or something… my shield broke… and then… I collapsed.” Bella

“I think you should tell them the truth, mom.” Adam

Again my family was staring at him as he said that one word. ‘Mom’

“Okay… well… Alice your vision was right… I am their mom. I’m not their step-mom or I didn’t adopt them. I actually gave birth to them.” Bella

As she said that we stared at her. We were all shocked. I was too shocked to her my family’s thoughts. I was just so lost in her words.

“What… do… you… mean?” I asked in a horrified voice.

“What do you think I mean? I mean is that I gave birth to them.” She said in an annoyed voice.

“He didn’t mean it that way, he meant as in how that is possible? I mean… they… are half human and half vampire…. Like how?” Rosalie backed me up.

“You guys can’t seriously be that stupid enough to figure it out. Half human, this means that I was their human mother. Half vampire, this means that their father was a vampire… ” Bella didn’t finish.

She was with another vampire. She had another vampire’s kids. Those were some vampire and Bella’s kids. I felt jealousy running wildly down my spine. How could she? Didn’t she love me at all? Didn’t she know how dangerous that was? What was she thinking?

“What were you thinking? You… gave… birth… to… vampire’s… kids? I left you to protect you and then this? What were you thinking? And who…?” I shuddered at the thought.

“Edward what are you saying? How could you even think that I would go in bed with some other person or vampire? Do you not know me at all? Do you seriously think I’ll do that?” She almost yelled at me. She was angry at something I didn’t know.

“What do you mean? I don’t understand? I’m confused.” I said or slightly yelled.

Bella started at me in the eye for a few moments and then sighed and fell to her knees. She had her head in her hands.

“Edward, they are your children. Their full names are Kimberly Anthony Mason Cullen, Kevin Anthony Mason Cullen, and Adam Anthony Mason Cullen.” She said each word loud and clear.

I heard seven gasps around the room and one of them came from my mouth. What was she saying? They were my, our children? What? Is that possible? Yeah it is. Before we left, Bella and I shared our physical love. I broke all the boundaries and gave in. And that day was amazing. I still remember it. But vampires can’t have children.

After a long moment of silence Bella looked up to stare at us. She got up to her feet and just kept staring but now she was only staring at me. I didn’t know what to do.

I was happy. We shared our love. We made each other happy and now we have those three amazing kids. She gave birth to them. She loved me enough to give birth to three babies of mine. I had always wanted to have my own children but since I was turned into a vampire I knew that was impossible but Bella, my angel, gave birth to them. She had always made me happy but now she had no clue how extremely happy I was. I had my own children and I had Bella. No not quite. I had to have her back but how?

Out of no where Kevin spoke. “We can leave if you like us to leave.” Then everyone in my family almost yelled at him. “No ways, you guys are staying here.”

My family wanted to have them to stay. They accepted them. They accepted my, our children. They were our children but they still belonged to Bella since she still didn’t trust me. I still had no right on them.

“Umm… Bella please stay with us. We will all want you to stay with us. We all want you to stay with our family. Please?” Carlisle almost begged and everyone in my family nodded.

“Please Bella?” Esme.

“Bella give us a chance to be with our family?” Rose.

“Bella I know we have never been close but I would love to know you and them better. Please?” Jasper

“Please?” Emmett

“Please Bella stay.” Alice sobbed.

Everyone in the family spoke their feelings except me. I knew that it will make a difference if I said something but I couldn’t find my voice. After a while Bella spoke again.

“Fine. We will stay.” Bella.

“Thankyou so much.” Emmett.

“Thank you for accepting us back in your life Bella and as well as their lives.” Esme.

Everyone gave hugs to each other. Everyone was happy.

“So mom can we call them by the relationship?” Adam asked.

“Of course you can.” Bella answered.

“Thank you Bella” Esme said again.

Everyone was talking to each other. Everyone was interested in knowing more about the triplets. I was still standing here in shock that they were my kids. I didn’t know how long I was standing here but eventually Bella pulled me out of my frozen zone.

“Are you okay?” Bella.

“Bella, do… I… have… a… right… on… them…?” I asked in a shuddered tone.

Bella didn’t answer for a long time. It was so quiet. I noticed that everyone was staring at us. Wait for Bella to speak. She finally spoke.

“Yes you have a right on them but… you don’t… have a… right on… me… I still don’t trust you.” Bella said that while looking at the floor.

“Thank you I really appreciated. And I promise I will get you trust back.”

Everything went to normal or at least some what normal. Without Bella nothing was normal but still I had my – our three beautiful children.

Chapter 12 ~ Shopping
Bella’s POV

Everything was almost back to normal except for my relationship with Edward. We kept a distance between us. He enjoyed his time with the triplets but I could see that he was sad because he didn’t have me. I was sad too but I didn’t know what stopped me from having him back. I’m just being so stupid.

Today all the girls were going shopping including Esme and me. The boys were staying home and playing games including Carlisle. Alice convinced everyone to have a day to enjoy them. Not that some people didn’t like; Carlisle didn’t like playing, Esme didn’t like shopping the way Alice did it and I didn’t want to go shopping today. I was not in the mood. I was just thinking about my relationship with Edward.

The morning started with a dull weather. It was snowing. Out of all the things it had to be snow. I still hated snow.

“Adam, Kevin and Kimberly come here right now.” I called for them in a hard clear voice.

They were instantly in front of her. Behind them there were Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Esme, Carlisle and Edward standing. They were curious about they way I called them.

“What? Don’t worry; I just had to tell you that you have to eat human food today, three times.” They thought they were in trouble.

The triplets groaned and everyone laughed.

“Did you guys eat your breakfast?” I asked them.

They didn’t answer back. I looked at them in horror. They didn’t. How could they not.

“You guys didn’t eat yet?” I asked in a hard voice.

“No mom.” Kim answered looking down at her feet.

“Look up in my eyes.” They all immediately looked at me. “How dare you guys not eat? How many times have I told you that you have to eat human food, weather you like it or not”

Everyone was staring at me. They never heard me speak this way. Right now I was a mother and nothing more. The all of a sudden Emmett busted into a laugh. I shot a hard glare at Emmett and his laughter was shut. I continued to talk to the trips.

“Now go make something and eat. It better be the normal amounts if you ate any less then you don’t know what I’m going to do. Now go.” I told them.

They quickly made their way to the kitchen. I walked behind them and behind me were the rest of the Cullens. They were obviously shocked of me. Kim went to the fridge and grabbed two eggs then she walked over to the closets and got a frying pan. She went to the stove and started cooking. She knew I was very angry so she didn’t say complain about cooking. Adam and Kevin just stared at her.

“What are you waiting for? Grab something to eat right now.” I ordered them.

They quickly did the same thing as Kim. When they were all done cooking, they went to the dinning table and sat down and started eating. I sat down in front of them and waited for them to eat. Behind me were standing the Cullens. They didn’t say anything the whole time. The triplets were almost done.

“Don’t leave anything on your plates. When you are done, wash your dishes and dry them up and place them back where they belong.” They nodded.

Finally after a long time they were done. Then I heard a voice behind me.

“Umm… Bella…you are… a tough mom…” Emmett wasn’t even done when I shot him a look. “I mean in a good way.” He quickly defended himself.

I laughed. “Well it’s been thirty years of that.”

“Now can we go shopping?” Impatient Alice.

“Yeah let’s go” I answered her back.

All of us – the girls – went shopping and the boys went in the living room to play their games.

Shopping was never my thing. Not that I didn’t like fashion but still they way Alice did shopping – was defiantly not my thing. Alice is always hyper for shopping. Kimberly was like her as well.

We finally came back. The cars were full of shopping bags – we took my car and Rosalie’s car. As we enter – each of us holding so many shopping bags – all the boys came over and took the bags from us. Edward came over to me and held his hand out for the bags. He had his crocked smile and I couldn’t refuse him. I gave him some of the bags. Together we both went to my room. We placed the bags on my bed.

“I never knew you liked shopping.” Edward smirked.

“Actually I don’t, but you can’t stop Alice.” I answered back

Edward chuckled. “But I thought you do. I mean you changed, you like fashion. I guess.”

“I do but still, shopping is never my thing.” I answered honestly.

Edward chuckled again. After a while he stopped. “I guess… umm… I better get going.” He turned around and left.

I knew he hated this part and so did I but I just don’t know what the problem between us is. We still love each other, we still trust each other and we belong to each other. But why? Why can’t we be together? Why?

I went downstairs and joined the rest of the family. Everyone was in their conversations. I noticed that Edward was in a conversation with Jasper but after a while he got up and went to his piano. He started to check the keys. It seemed like he didn’t touch the piano for a long while. Then after I while he started playing Esme’s song. So enough later the song changed into my lullaby. It still sounded the same and beautiful. It was perfect. I couldn’t stay here; I went upstairs to my room and just sat their staring at the wall. Why can’t we be back together?



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