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Well I am up to book 5 and I cant put the darn things down......WOW!!!!

I am losing sleep ...hold on to your seats they are uber uber off the chart smexi guys:D

Book 1 Wrath well let me introduce myself.....( to Beth)...
Book 2 Rhage to tame the beast onself
Book 3 Zsadist my fave so far close with Butch but my heart went to Zsadist..that shower scene was heartbreaking
Book 4 Butch..Butch!!! Butch!!!!!! who knew!!!..So proud of himself for not caving in...Havers needs a good kick up the ass...he's painful!!!!! Marissa possibly needed a learners book. Been around 300 years and no clue...oh dear!! Butch certainly can talk smexi words. He's like a little director. The man love with!!!
Book 5 Vishous I knew there was more to his life...hey mum how are you..well that explains alot!!!!

Still reading book 5. Blue Angel they ARE WOW!! books. I am impressed. Just love Zsadist. Tohr...sob.....and John . Loving Quinn , Blay and John...great trio!!!

Jr knows how to mid chapter just when something eye popping going on..she swaps to another POV....makes you keep reading. I was ravenously reading these...

J.R writes great manly characters...I ' see' these books very clearly when reading them.

I have been ranting elsewhere with an author who loves them as you have to rant when reading as they are very exciting books.

so pleased J.R is leaving the number of books in series open not stopping at 10 as I could read these for many many more books...

WRATH ...hmm I do like HUGH JACKMAN he can wear those pants with longer hair
RHAGE/ HOLLYWOOD ...Gabriel look great for him
ZSADIST ...toss up between Wentworth Miller and Channing Tatum as both could pull the emotional heartache off easily
DARIUS ..Oded Fehr..he could be Wrath too. Only guy I could think would make a great Darius.
BUTCH...only cause of the Irish...Colin Farell, he's got that blokey man thing going on but Mark Wahlberg maybe but his voice would have to come down a few notches ( if we were talking movie deal here)
VISHOUS ...he's hardcore so wow!! any of those models above as i cant think of an actor to fit him.
RHEVENGE ...hhmmm again the mohawk...a model
TOHRMENT...Keanu Reeves bulked up
JOHN ...loads of guys but that kid from Covenant movie , you could see the transition, he would have to pull a Taylor Lautner and bulk up

Just love Isla Fisher as Wellsie...


Colin = Butch

suited up!!!

he's certainly got the ablitity to pull off those uber smexi scenes...
just my opinion...

i could see Ryan Reynolds after seeing him buff in Wolverine Vishous with a bit of goatee and tatts:D

wow Cougar this is a nice surprise.. hi.. he is cute but I see him more as Phury or maybe even John Matthew... what book are you up to?
Hi BlueAngel....I am book ...but just up to his back story of Bloodletter about page 50ish... I am sooooo enjoying these books.

have you read Karen M Moning...Fever!!!!!!! Love them!!!!!

Zsadist is my fave. I knew at book one that this guy had deep issues and I wanted to cuddle him. By book 3 I was just about blubbering at shower scene with him thinking he was dirty and scrubbing his wrists etc...I liked that the smexi scenes were mentally tough it told a new story . Normally girls have see a warriour brother have such deep issues was very absorbing and deep and heart felt. I loved Butch's story too. Alot happens in bk 4. But!!!! such deep issues and not being able to...everybody thinking worst but he was infact the opposite. I hear Phury story not good. But I have respect for Phury as he has done alot to stick by Zsadist and his leg...OMG!!! thats love.

Loving Vishous and his manlove....I knew when his layers were peeled back it was going to be interesting.....but I havent read much of bk 5.

Yes he could be a Phury......but I cant see an actor that could be get the tatts and hair and bod rocking and I think he had a wee bit of potential...He can rock the 6 pack..but yes me is loooovvving the books.

i know you mentioned them like many many months ago..but I got there in the end. Awesome writing by J R Ward. I am hoping not to be disappointed by Phury story. I just find books get better and better as I read them:D
Steven Strait for John as if Oded fehr was Darius...well kinda got the look thing going..

*squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees again*

Bloody hell, somebody get the damn mop..

Could be a great Tehrror down the track:D

Just a thought:D
you have got some great ideas there. C. come across and visit us at freewriters and readers .. look for the Brotherhood group.... join the party


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