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WHO wants to drool over these boys... come and chat.

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Have you got a link for that BlueAngel...not sure how to find that group?
here it is...
look for group within this.. you may have to join but thats ok.
Cougar do you know Buffy she , like me has really not been here for a while.. take a look at this guy... is he Butch or Tohr?

hmmmmm.....He looks too old..possibly Tohr to me is gentler looking obviously now without knowing anything I think he is going to be madly revengeful . I see where you are going with this...possibility of Butch not Tohr in my head...but still Butch to me ..hmmm is better looking..oops!! sorry. The hair is Butch, he is manly and has pecs..check!!!! if I didnt read the books and somebody said this guys name is Destroyer..yes I could see it. If that makes sense. But reading and knowing Butch character..eeeekkkk not sure. But he looks like a Brother!!!! definantly.
I agree regarding Tohr. He should be gentler looking. This guy is just bloody scary... *hides* XP
He's more of what I imagine Tohrment to be:

OOOOOOO !! Nice Buffy ...I like very very much...almost perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well done!!!!

I'm so happy that this thread has some activity and people are discovering the brothers. I first started reading these books 2 years ago and they are my favourite vamp series, ever. I absolutely love them... XD
From what I've heard the next book in the series. I recently found out that the book will be called Lover Unleashed. It's due to come out on March 29th 2011.

I freaking love J.R. Ward. Her characters have such passion and just....personality. I realize that most of the other series I've read are YA and the protagonists are teenagers, but I was so sick of their dimwittedness. J.R. Ward's female characters ROCK! XD XD XD XD XD
Buffy carefull don't spoil it for cougar.... maybe that is too much taking away anticipation put a SPOILER ALERT at top before talking about abook someone has not read or up to yet... cougar is only up to phury and vishous...

talk later books here... and look for brotherhood group
Crap let me just edit that post out, then.
Hi Buffy ,

I am lovvving BDB series.!!! BlueAngel told me about them months ago...but I just started and WOW!!!! J.R Ward is incredible. Obviously the smexi helps..but a book can't stand on it alone. I love the fleshed out characters. She knows how to write mid chapter and just when you are like getting into it she stops and writes another POV then comes back to it. Some authors write the whole chapter on a POV or subject . J.R. Ward is very clever the way she keeps you reading cause she stops your exciting POV you are on , starts with another character then comes back to the original one she started off in the chapter.

The Guys are very well thought out and the women they choose are not necessarily your typical woman. I like that!!! I am nearly finished book 5. I am on Goodreads so I know Lover Unleashed is bk 9!! I didnt know the information above though. Not that I know who they are...loL!! . I am so pleased to know that she isnt stopping at 10 she is doing however many as she can think up as long as the ideas come. I am excited to know this:D

Brilliant the way she thought up their names and can bring new blood into the stories to keep the books in the series going...excellent!!!!

Zsadist is still fave guy...Butch is second I think:D


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