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WHO wants to drool over these boys... come and chat.

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Yup yup. It's called Father Mine. XD

Definitely a MUST read.
it makes z's story complete true..
Okay I must read father Mine...better late than never, thanks!!!. I am reading Lover Avenged now.....nearly 200 pages in:D

Book 6 I didnt mind it. Some cool stuff you find out...oooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Qhuinn and Blay.............oooooooooooooo!!!!! didn't see THAT ONE COMING with Blaylock.....J R sure surprises the reader. How sweet though:D

Oh father Mine is that Z and Bella's story, novella?? or another separate one???

Phury is Phury and maybe a bit slow the back and forwards of him and Cormia but all the other stuff going on around their story...LASH!!!!

I like the way J R keeps tacking on new avenues to carry storyline...wickedly clever:D

I am liking Rhevenge now......awwwwwww when he and Elehna are yelling at each other on the phone. Im not understanding why somebody just doesnt take out that hidious woman Princess thing...problem solved!!!! Trez could do it!!!! Scorpion yuk...ewwwww sounds not to good and the licky licky of scorpion yuk....why put up with it if you eliminate her. I know it helps his Sympath side but surely another way??
I think people shouldn't miss the book out completely..on Goodreads a reviewer was missing it you find out about Lash and Blaylock. Xhex and John little sexy banter is funny.

And hi girls:D
See? I told you Rehvenge would grow on you. I love him. He is an incredible study in contrasts – his symapth side so evil, and his vampire side incredibly noble. He does such evil things to protect those he cares for. He's just....*drools* yeah....he's nice...REAL nice... XD

It's not just to keep his sympath side in check that he sleeps with her, though. In exchange, she does not reveal to the vampire world that Rehv and Xhex are sympaths. Still, you might say. Why doesn't he just get rid of her? I'm assuming she must have threatened to have him and Xhex exposed if anything ever happened to her. I won't write more in fear of spoiling stuff for you, though. Enjoy the rest of the book!

Yes I am now wondering about Xhex and her little thoughts about hospitals and clinics...bodys in laundy hampers etc...hmmmm I dont believe she is as rock hard manly underneath...i think its a protection thing she uses....I think she must have had some terrible stuff once done to her.

Yes I know that thing threatens to reveal Xhex and Rhev and get them sent to colony...but thats a good angle what you said that she may have them exposed if something happens to her...good point!! But Trez is keen!!! Still not sure what Trez is....and iam....hmmmm...but yes cant wait for Rhev and Elehena smexi..especially as he is a sympath. Jr certainly knows how to make all guys individuals:D

I shall enjoy rest of book...then I must wait about a month to get Lover Mine...sadly on preorder:(

have a good to bed...:D
Ah yes...the mystery of Trez and iAm.

I don’t know much about the Moors other than that they are the Reverend’s personal bodyguards and friends.They are both royal members of the s’Hisbe of Shadows (suh-HEEB), but I don’t know what that means yet, other than they are both very strong and very powerful.

In Lover Avenged, Rhev goes to the Princess' cabin with Trez waiting outside. It mentioned Trez "dissolved back into a cold gust of wind, shooting forward out of sight." So the Shadows are mysterious paranormal creatures, something to be feared, even by vampires...but they still have fangs. I think JR Ward plans to explain more in later books.

Rest well Cougar.
Yawn!! I am rested...but have lunch and a glass of champas with girls today for lunch before school pick up so a bit more reading this morning:D

Ahh thats how you pronounce suh-heeb..Also Trez comment made about eating Sympaths??? or something like that when it came to Trez wanting to knock off the Princess thing.

Hmm I have idea for Cormia, maybe you guys have thought of her already...let me see if I can find her...or a good pic. Are Trez and iAm black dudes..i saw a pic somewhere where they were depicted as black dudes. I suppose they are shadows. But I am intrigued as Trez especially keeps popping up if J R will use the boys alter on somewhere. Also kinda wondering as the brothers are normally having a book to themselves with other goings on going around the characters back story. Rhevenge isnt a brother?? but is having a story done on him. I am assuming due to Payne and Manny getting it on in bk 9 that Payne will be fist female brother ( so to speak) as times are a changing and Payne was a fighter according to mummy dearest.

Love the names Muhrder and Payne that 'h'makes a great name. I doubt Rhevenge is going to kill Wrath as if you even mention the idea its death for you. This Mortag or Montag hmmmm bit confused with the safe and the note ?? Must read more to understand that.

Now Princess is actually getting it on with her Uncle..and Rhev...both Sympaths but they too are bro and half sis...ewwww * shakes head* I can't help wondering if trez couldn't work his shadow mojo and find out what is going on with Princess and her bribery back in her home place . As in spy on her. I just don't like her at all , all over Rhev..its disgusting!!!!! Im hoping medically he finally gets his act together and gets fixed up as he is just a walking mess at the moment:(

Have a great day:D

Buffy you are in Greece...and American , yes?
BlueAngel are you USA?

I was going with that whole chosen thing look with Teresa palmer Adelaide OZ girl from Bedtime Stories:D Cormia
Hey Coogar,

I'm currently reading J.R. Ward's Fallen Angels series, wherein she has brilliantly used some characters from the BDB series. Trez is one of those characters. He is described as coffee toned, very very VEEEEEEEEERY handsome and he is quite the gentleman with ladies, I assure you. *sighs*

I honestly just love the names and the whole world J.R. Ward has created. There are parts in these books that I didn't particularly like reading since they were really cruel and whatnot, but it just made things more real. I didn't particularly like the incest thing going on with Rehv and the Princess either, but it's not like he was doing it out of choice. Also, we need to take into account that these are really old vampires. In old times, incest was really not a big deal. *cringes*

Anyway, this is my Cormia. It's Diane Kruger who played Helen in Troy:

Yup. I'm Greek American. I've been living in Greece for 8 years come this Christmas. XD


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