The Twilight Saga

WHO wants to drool over these boys... come and chat.

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AHHh Greek American..nice:D

Oo I do love Diane Kruger but I can see her as Marissa as well:D Cormia just seemed younger , more hmmm not sure.. OOo Trez sounds yummy:D

Lets face it they are all just damn fine really.....especially their version of kissing....hubby has had much side effect...loL!!!!! Tis rather difficult not to chase your husband around after reading some of these books...LOL!! bit naughty...hee...hee....
ooo just had Rhev and Ehlena getting oneself:D Loved how she ended up on wrong side of top floor and saw V getting on his table...LOL!!!
Hot're making me want to start re-reading this series for the 9th
Hm....perhaps you're right. She does fit the Marissa part nicely. Your choice is nice. I've seen Taylor Swift and Scarlett Johanson for Cormia too somewhere. They're gorgeous. XD

Yes, the books have a...nice effect on one's libido, don't they? *snickers*
Yup!!!! TRUE!!!
HI Buffy !!! forgot to say that:D
*waves @ Cougar*

Hi yourself....XD
* waves back* um tis rather enjoyable series:D

have you read Karen m Moning fever series currently 4 books 5 th out in january.
Shadowfever not released yet and author put me on to them and BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are on stanza as I told Jenine about them....

i highly recommend...dont expect BDB naughty but in saying that...expect something:D
oo 9th you do enjoy them...loL!!!! i can see me rereading them...they are rather ..well you know:D
Started Lover Eternal (before Crescendo...he he) last night up to chapter 22 which is where Rhage has just got burned by the sun at Mary's and told her he is a vampire....

I've downloaded it onto my phone as well so I can read it at work without the funny looks ;D

That's like....the BEST part! I've never been able to eat vanilla ice cream again without thinking of Rhage. I believe that it was wise of you to download it to your phone. Those covers are quite the the titles don't exactly help cover up any suspicions either...>.>

*snickers @ you for reading this before Crescendo*


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