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Sofia and her family go to Italy on a vacation,she was never happy and bullieduntil then.But when she and her family are choosen to be the Volturi's Dinner. What will she do? How she will save her family? What will her new destiny be?.. Depress about her life she meets Alec Volturi maybeher soul mate,but when she goes on her mission to destroy the Cullens.. she finds Seth Clearwater. What will happen next?





I saw nothing, everything was blurry... I didn't care. I knew it. My life will get and got worst... Why did I let myse;f get so close to him, Why?... Why?! - I scremed in my head- but  right now, I'm silent, frozen, only tears in my eyes... Tears in my eyes, you on my mind, love in my heart, oceans in - between... I love you.... and ... you were gone.







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Volturi rule,again?? OMG..what happen next?? post more soon...

And Hi for Lexi.. long time never see you sista... :))
Sup Irmasencullens...What's cracka lackin?

okay guys.. I had a vision for this next chapter.. And you won;'t belive what Marcus will do :) enjoy!!!

chapter 10

Sofia POv

I woke up deaf. Alec was watching me, concetraiting, maybe. He let me hear and I couldn't hear Lexi's screams, maybe they moved her? I took a deep breath and dressed myself for the day. One good thing was that tomorrow I'm going back home. Everything will be different know. Alec was gone when I came back from y bathroom. So I took my black jacket and moved around the castle. Ibumped into someone. When I looked up his face was expressionless

"Hello child"

"Good morning Marcus" I said he just nonned and kept walking. i wonder what happen to him. I kept walking and finally Alec found me.

:Are you like my nanny or something:?" I aksed him when we were in the car. It was cloudy today. But still beauitiful.

"No and maybe yes. I'm in charge of protecting and guiding you for now. Aro says you trust me more" he smiled at that. i rolled my eyes

"Why?" he asked after a moment of silence.

"Did you saw me before Heidi took me and my family to you guys?" I rembered in the cafe a black shaope running around or maybe a shadow. I knew better now.
Alec looked shock

"How do you know that?" I saw a shadow in the caqfe appering and disappering at blinding speed" I smiled

"You didn't answer my question" I took a deep breath

"You didn't kill me... and you won't I hope. You are the only one besides Aro that doesn't want to kill me for their own pleasure." I shuddered rembering his petite twin sister, Jane and worse than her evil glare and smile. Was her power. After I ate and brought food for Gianna. I spent the rest of the time looking at art from Aro's collection. Aro was happy that actually someone would find his collection worth a time of day.

"How can someone not aprecciate the beauty of it" I saw the rare diamond necklace. It was huge! beautiful but not quite my style. As Aro read my thoughts he offered many jewls they were all beautiful but none cathced my real attetion.

"Sorry Aro " I smiled I walked away exploring the castle. I really wanted to go outside it was now dark enough lets see.

After getting lost a few times i finally got to the garden. It was beautiful. the moon wasn't full but it was bright enough. I could see a dark figure staring at it. I could reconized Marcus.

"Are you ok?" I asked him he turned around like he was waiting for me.. maybe he was. He sat down and i sat next to him.

"I can see relationships, Sofia. I can feel and see how strongly the bond is between each relashionship. But you- he looked at me weirdly, his face looked like a stautes, beautiful but in pain. Numb to the world, coming back to life with only worries, and fears- I can feel your relationship... with nobody. Like he is somewhere out there.(A/n PAY ATTENTION MIGHT GET HANDY IN THE REST OF THE STORIES :] )"

I was confused. There wasn't other way to but it.He continued

"But your relationship with your family, with us, with Lexi, a mear stranger to you! And still so.. protective or kind, ?i just can't figure it out" His voice wasn't raged or frustatres. It was , again, coming back to life; still in pain. His face went smoth, bored agai but calculating.

"It's easy.. it's called... friendship. Lie little kids- i smiled- they can become best friend in matter of seconds, and nothing can break them appart. tbhey have no worries. Still innocent. I try to rember that Marcus. I'm bullied....- I took a deep breath- finding someone you really trust isn't easy.

"Thats what i don't understand- he looked at me, his voice starnge, autimaticlly almost but to soft and velvet- you don't trust them but they trust you, to make a decision. Youhave a lider quality."

"You used to be a little a priest even" I acussed him he looked away pain then numbness came back his mask was again inplace he stood up he touched my face.

"You remind so much of her child. I can't bear your destruction. Hope you choose immprtality"


Dydime... my wife" I understud something from his silence, hispained eyes, Dydime was here. She was dead. And for what I have seen and heard I have no doubt in my mind she was killed.
OMG!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this! Pllease UPDATE!
Loved it! Update soon please?
I loved it!
hey love the commets but need more sorry!!!!! update ASAP i get those comments but I WILL UPDATE
LPT, S about intense. Please write more soon!
Please write more soon!

Love, Lexi
p.s. There were some grammar and spelling mistakes but not as many
hey!!!!...sorry for not being on..but u know..i am busy wit school and all!

anyways..that was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i cannot believe marcus1..anyways..keep up the gud wokr!..this is going gud so far...take carew and poast more soon!!!!!..Ashmeena!

sorry for updating so late hope this makes up for everything hope u enjoy oh and i need 10 comments so that I can update but even if not I will continue this story.. thank Ashmeena for that and never worry I understand :)

love and LPT, Sofia

Previously on Brwon Eyes Tears

"I can see relationships, Sofia. I can feel and see how strongly the bond is between each relationship. But you I can feel your relationship... with nobody. Like he is somewhere out there …your relationship with your family, with us, with Lexi, a mere stranger to you! And still so…protective or kind? I just can't figure it out

It’s called... friendship Marcus. I'm bullied....- I took a deep breath- finding someone you really trust isn't easy.

You don't trust them but they trust you, to make a decision. You have a lider quality."
You remind so much of her child. I can't bear your destruction. Hope you choose immortality"


Dydime... my wife" I understood something from his silence, his pained eyes, Dydime was here. She was dead. And for what I have seen and heard I have no doubt in my mind she was killed.

Chapter 11

Marcus and i kept quite u ntil Alec came for me.

"Aro requested presence, Sofia." I nodded and followed Alec but Marcus took my shoulder. I turned around to see again is face in a mask of boredom.

"We have much to learn,child. I from you and you from us." I nodded again, not sure how to respond but somehow In knew he ment well. But i knew I wondered more than I should and I knew Aro will know everyhting wioth just one touch. So nothing to do but wait and see what happens.

Alec walked to the same room I hated the most. the room where they feed, the room where they punish, the room where I sold my soul to them. To protect my family.

Aro took my hand, and smiled.

"Oh child if you think those thoguhts every tme you come here, well it will just sadden me." I tried to stop the sarcastic histeria that was inside of me but I couldn't control it completely.

"Yeah.. sure"

i saw jane looking at me. And just seeing her beautiful face, fear was in me. Aro smiled at my thoughts and shook his head at Jane. I sighed in relief.

"I may inform you lexi's transformation will be completed in a a day or hours so I may suggest that you have everything ready for yomorrow's departure.

"Yes master, everything will be ready"

"Alright then, off you go. And Alec- he turned to Alec- you may continue"

"Yes master" he said He turned to me and guided me to my room. I wonder what was that all about.

Alec's POV

i guided her to her room. Aro told me, my new mission. it was to protect, guide and somewhat help her keep her humananity and sanity in check. i couldn't refuse but Jane was unpleased. I still remebere what she told me after my talk with Aro.

" Don't dare fall in love with the human girl." She looked at me seriuosly " You know it will not end well, knowing she doesn't want immortality. Even with Chelsea and she still doesn't feel conected with us. She is talented, Alec. She can take our place in Aro's collection. We already have competition.. the Cullens" She said their name in disgust

"Sister do you know what you are saying?!" I couldn't believe my sister wanted to be part of a collection, she was fighting for the first place of our Master's choice.

"Sister, we are the most powerful- she cutt me off

"But we have weaknesses, We have others that can limit us, isabella with her shield, so powerful, i couldn't even break. I only tapped her- she growled- And her, that insolent human just told me to stop and I did! I did Alec!" she was fuming now. she passed my room. I stopped her and hugged her. She hugged me back and for a moment I felt somewhat human.. sane. A big brother again.

"Shhhh... everything will be alright, Jane. I promised you before and I promise you now.

"Last time you said that we were being chased with mom. By Dad and the rest of the villagers" she whispered, I chuckeld darkly

"You know why he had to do that. He loved us. Mom did too." she sighed old, dark memories on her mind. In this moment I wish we were human. So that I could protect my sister. but now I know she will neevr die, she will never be hurt, she was powerful, she was feared. I don't think this is what mother, thougt of me protecting her. But this is what happen. This is what we are. Nothing to change that. I love my sister. And even if she doens't say it i know she loves me. I still remebere when she was a baby, and I ehelped mother to raie her. she had beautiful blonde curls, her eyes blue has the clear sky, her skin a rich cream and her cheekc a soft pink. She elarned to walk, but when she fell I was just in time to cath her. She laughed and played with my face.

"I whove you!" she laughed me. Shbe said she loved me

" I love you to Jane" I remember kissing her cheek. I came back to the present and pulled back to see my sisters face I kissed her cheek.

"I know" She told me. She kissed my cheek and left

Whgen Sofia got to he room she took her cloths for tommorws flight, her pajamas and tooth brush and other things out and the rest she already had it pack. I watched in silence. Just observing. I still tried to understand why did Jane thought or warned me to not fall in love with Sofia. She wanted to die. I couldn't, I could but My sister needs me. I sighed mentally and continue observing.

"I'm going to the bathroom may I have privacy?" i nodded and walked to the hall. I waited until she was finish when she was I waited again but in her bed. When she came out she stood infront of me. Aro told me to explaine she must of notice something.

"Tell me. You already know I know something is up" i smiled and she gasped. I wonder how would I look to her. But for her heart beating fasteri might have made a impression.. just by smiling.

"Aro talked to me about my new mission. I'm your protector. i will guide you in Italy, around the castle or where Aro tells me to. "

"Why you?"

"I ask the same thing" her eyes widen and she blushed. I smiled at her and she blushed more deeper.

" I trust you enough to not kill me. To protect me. And from all the powers from the Volturi I prefer yours" I coked my head

"Why?" curiousty in my eyes. But her eyes and face harden and sadden. i didn't even knew humans can do that.

" It's the only power that makes me fell nothing. The only one I wantt to affect me when I'm being bullied." She turned around but in vampire speed I was infront of her. She gasped and had her hand in her heart.

"alec stop doing that. You are going to give me a heart attack"

"I'm sorry... Are you ok?"

"I don't know. Ask Aro. He knows me better, well at least my thoughts" She went to her bed and laid down.

" i'm sorry. I'm human. This is not the avcation i imagend when i dreamed of coming to Italy...- she whispered to herself- i guess i am a freak. No wonder I'm always alone. I tear escaped her eyes. But before i can do anything she told me i fshe could be alone. I nodded and went to the hall. Jane was there just sitting on the floor. Waiting for me. I sat infront of her. My back to the door.

" I warned you"

"I know. i don't feel nothing. If I had to decide, you know what i will decide for"

"But the question is, Will you saty with me because you love me or because you feel sorry becaus eyou are the only one I got left since father killed our mother. In a second she was gone. i tried to go after her but she left the castle. I wne tback to Sofias door. She was already asleep... What am I going to do. MArucs passed by and patted my shoulder. This is a new adventure even for the Volturi. Whjat is Aro planning now?

What is he planning for Sofia.. for the Cullens????

Tan! Tan !! Taaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn!!! Hope you like it and i'm sorry for not updating in sooo long!!!

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LPT, Sofia
hey there!!!!!!1..that was absolutely wonderful!!!!!...but then that is no alwyas is!
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